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Topic: The King of Towers / "Wait" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by pvslbell:

To KOT team …..

I want to say….“FXXX….bugs again”
Spend half day to try and get a change to pass a difficult chapter, When my tower setup become better and better. The game bug again

a “Wait” in the middle of game interface.

Although Ican press shortcut 1,2,3 a,s,d… move hero, I can’t upgrade tower…..and lose finally

Do you know that how angry I am…..I broke my keyboard….

Tower skill have bugs, Tower defending have bug…..Can you fix this problem quickly. Don’t just push discount event…Useless.

I send the bug report …“Wait” issue actually start from day 1 and I keep to send them report….

So you spent half a day with this game and broke a keyboard, raging over a crappy game? Another all-time low for the players’ community. You could have done physical exercises, could have studied foreign languages, could have found a job and stopped wasting your parents’ money on this game. All this in the context of developers’ caring only about your money, not comfort. Yet you still dedicate your life to this game. The level of failure at life is certainly excessive in this particular case, though not unprecedented.

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Topic: The King of Towers / % scam or bug?

Originally posted by mammaof283:

So much shadyness !

Not really ranting, I’m a vip 3 and have around $400 in to the game, but the developers of this game have gone to far, every aspect of the game cost.. every event cost a ridiculous amount of cash. Lanford’s riches costs around $80 to complete…. having an event that a player cant complete or even come close to completing from grinding is just stupid. Don’t get me wrong I know the game needs to make money but make your cash on the leader boards, like with hunting the raider, if you want that little extra you’ll have to pay for it. And have events for your average player’s…

I only complain because I like the game and want it to do well so they keep updating content. Build the game with having new players that want to keep playing. $20 from 1000 players is better then $100 from your top 10 vip’s who are only paying to stay at the top. I could go on with with all the shady things the developers are doing but if you play for a day its so obvious, mislabeled sales, lack of info on upgrades and fixing the outcome of chance are just a few.

Get your head out of your @&& KOT and see you have a good thing here, grate game, grate content, but your greed is only going to cost you in the long run.. heres 1 vip you wont get a cent out of till you make a few changes.

Mammaof, are you serious about spending $400 on a flash game? I haven’t had such a good laugh in ages. You have basically taken a sum worth a brand new PS4 and given it away for a few game bonuses. And I emphasize, it’s a flash game with very cheap design. You could have bought loads of games with insane graphics and gameplay. The developers are sure lucky to have such milking cows. I bet they will be opening new servers real soon.

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Topic: The King of Towers / % scam or bug?

I’ve already said before: the game is rigged. It’s impossible to keep getting the cheapest prizes at all luck-based features of the game (tavern, daily spin, etc.) all the time, according to the simple probability theory. The game was designed to make money, so no surprise here. And you cannot prove existence of any scam, unless you crack the server of the game and find the probability code of the game. The developers can always say that you are just extremely “unlucky.”
If you are unaware, games like this all have a very similar pattern: you drown in prizes and free stuff when you start the game. Developers of MMO games always use that trick to hook you up and keep you playing. Then, when you have already wasted time and effort, the system does not treat you as generously as before. You will still play, at least for some more time, because you do not want to make all your previous time seem wasted and you still hope that there will be a reward in the end. There are loads of other tricks some people never notice.
Personally, I just play this as though it were Kingdom Rush with extra content. People who actually waste real cash on MMO games will always have a big advantage and get the highest ranks.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / About Russia...

As a Russian I can assure you guys that Russia won’t defeat the USA. Russian population is much lower, the healthcare is very low, the living standards are awful, the country is drowning in alcohol, the patriotic level is low, the country’s corruption level is almost the greatest throughout the world. And I’m not exagerating. Today China is to be feared with it’s economy developing at insane rate.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is god a sadist, since god allows horrible things to happen to people?

Maybe it’s satan that causes all the horrible disasters. Or maybe some people pay for the sins of others. We will never know God’s intentions.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is homosexuality a mental illness?

I believe it to be an illness. I haven’t heard animals practising homosexuality, so it’s rather unnatural. And the government is indifferent to this as long as there’s no antisocial behaviour.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / the death penalty.

Death is a release. I would prefer death than being sentenced to life.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life is to survive.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How do we get rid of human greed?

Originally posted by Peaceful_Chaos:

Human greed corrupts Government, ruins lives, and steals from needy people. We get so obsessed with shiny things, and money.

How do you suppose we can get rid of human greed? And what would it take for the world to realize it’s negative effect?

We can’t do anything about it. Greed is natural, like any other trait of character. So it is impossible to rid the whole world of it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Cloning

What I fear most about cloning is that a clone can actually replace a real person. Imagine if opposition tries to put a clone instead of a real president.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / AX: Your closest friend tells you they are Jesus what do you say and think?

Originally posted by Kirex:

Why lock this thread?

Anyways, I’d ask him if there is a god, and if yes, then why doesn’t he help those who need it so much?

Dude, because this is a very childish question.

Also, if your friend tells you he’s Jesus that doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Which is a better government?

Communism is a Utopia. No country has ever reached it. The highest they could get is a socialist country. Besides, communism implies people working for the sake of society. But as we all know, people work first of all for their own sake, not society. So Democracy is the best choice.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Did Jesus fake his own death?

There is no evidence about Jesus faking his death, so there’s nothing to discuss.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / AX: Your closest friend tells you they are Jesus what do you say and think?

I would tell him to chill and lock this thread.

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Topic: Off-topic / A.B.C. (anti boxxy campaign)

Originally posted by kingzak13:

and many people will feel more deppresed and even more pathetic

i seen here videos and i felt like killing myself after the second one

Why would anyone get deppressed after watching it? Actually, after watching her I reconsidered my opinion about some people. They don’t seem to be such idiots compared to her.

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Topic: Off-topic / A.B.C. (anti boxxy campaign)

But many people will find themselves less miserable and pathetic after they watch boxxy

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Topic: Off-topic / A.B.C. (anti boxxy campaign)

I would join.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What is your job or what do you want it to be

I just want to be the Master of the Universe, that’s all.

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Topic: Off-topic / when you are on level 65 this happens


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Topic: Off-topic / END OF THE WORLD 21/12/2012 (animation video)

A meteor of such size would approach faster and i think it would break the Earth into pieces.

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Topic: Off-topic / What Would You Do if You Saw Raptor Adolf Norris?

Originally posted by pivotman99:

What would you do if you saw Raptor Jesus + Hitler + Chuck Norris?

I would lock this hoping no stupid topics would appear in the future.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Truth About Greg!!!

Originally posted by limpy_jacob:

Im crying when i tell you this fokes but im going to tell you the truth about Greg. I had a chat wid ma main man cpasley. We dicused a lot. Gregs been arested 17 times under the acts of
.indecent exposure to a 78 year old woman
.murder to a man
.theft at the liquor store as hes an achoholic and the poor sod will do any thing for a sweet drink.
.possession of 918g of cocain.
.cutting down his neighbours tree
.eating a fence
.spray painting my name is greg over a fat old lady’s face

And 10 more cruel acts, but i no what your thinking, how is Greg not in prison well the 2-4 million he got for kongregate off of the Amazon founder he used to pay off the judge and also buy some new moderators there cheap any way, well if you could buy mods greg would of got is cheap.

a lot of people don’t know he also glows green and is 9ft 4, he is also the ancestor of Jesus. Hes also wired to a computer my sources told me.

I hope you get punished if any of what you said is false information. It is time you answered for your words.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Somalia

Originally posted by dctaco12:

We recently had a ship jacked by more somalian pirates. luckily, no one execpt them were harmed. Many countrys have had the same problem. Do you think we should form a coalition and invade there arses to be done with them. Fox said that the country is made up of mostly of these pirates

This problem definitely needs decisive actions.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Meaning of Love

Love is just a chemical reaction. It was created by nature for humans to breed. There is nothing supernatural, magical or miraculous about it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Death Penalty

I’m against death penalty, whatever crime a person committed. Death is good riddance. A real torture for a criminal would be living in a tiny room with nothing to do.