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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist (Moon - Closed Beta) / No export/import

From game description:
“Please note: you will not be able to transfer your progress in and out of the Beta! But though your Beta progress will be lost, please be filled with fuzzy feelings for helping us make the game good.”

So no, no export/import.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / New Event: Nate's Birthday 2015

EDIT: Literally i posted this and then walked down into the event area AND THERE SHE WAS. Sorry. >>

I’m having trouble with the “Sibling Rivalry” quest. I have the frogs, it says “Take the Frogs to Natalie in the Commons”, but when I go, she just tells me about trophy items… :c

I hadd a trophy item when I completed the quest. Do you think that this is the reason I’ve messed something up? Any help would be appreciated.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Favorite Pet

It depends on my current goal for me. During the Kaine adventures, I usually do the “Odds to win puzzle pieces” ones (I like my Ghostly Horse). But general purpose, I do “Odds to win nothing” – Right now it’s the Reindeer for Christmas. With PAGAS quests and pet treats, I usually don’t lose anything by switching to a new pet.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Feedback and Bug Reports

So… Went to check my profile… It didn’t crash the game so to speak, but it did stop everything… And I still haven’t seen my profile. D:

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Add Me Thread V3

Add me, too!