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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Granted, But you Apparently Died From Touching them.

I Wish For Tops! And the Corrupter Of this Wish Would have their Wish corrupted.

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Topic: Chains of Darkness / Bugs & Requests

I have this bug, When i finished Sulutuh 7 It Stopped the game And it didnt let me finish.

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Topic: Sonny 2 / (READ FIRST POST) Make your own Sonny 3 Enemies

ZPCI Juggernaught







Mega Slam:Uses 100% of Instinct to Deal Damage and a 3 Turn Stun. (Physical,0 Focus

Body Guard:Uses 2500% of Instinct to Protect One Ally From Damage. And Takes the Damage. (Physical,0 Focus)

Shield Charge:Deal Damage to The Entire Enemy Team. (Physical,0 Focus)

Energy Blast:Use 300% Of Ins To Deal Harsh Damage To the Enemy. (Physical,100 Focus)

ZPCI Medical Assaulter







Focus Shield:Uses 2500% of Ins To Protect An Ally. Stunning them for 13 Turns And Healing 50% Hp in those Turns. (Healing, 250 Focus)

Surgery:Heals An Ally For 1000 Health. And Healing 250 Health for 3 Turns. (Healing, 125 Focus)

Multi Shot:Use 250% of Ins To Deal damage To the Enemy, Along with a Stun. (Ranged,50 Focus)

Stab:Uses 150% of Ins To Deal Damage to the Enemy, And Deal 100 Each Turn With a Max of 5 Turns. (Physical,25 Focus)

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Potential Sonny 3 Superbosses

Riko, Mighty Ice dragon of the East.






When First Met he Says:“Why are you here!?” He then gives a Loud Snarl.

At 75% Hp he Says:“How Dare you Attack me?!”

At 50% Hp he Says:“You will die!!!” He then starts Using Most of his Powerful Moves…..

At 25% Hp he Says:“Ugh….” The Players then Reason with him And he Responds with “Fine..” The Fight ends.


Ice Roar:Deal 90% of instinct As Damage to 3 Opponents. If there is only one the Blasts Heal The Boss. (Ice, 350 Focus)

Water Pulse:Heal Self For 100% of Hp. (Water,2500 Focus)

Icy Bite:Deals 90% of Strength To Attack The Enemy. (Ice, 0 Focus)

Ice Pillar:Uses 120% of Instinct to Attack 2 Enemies. And Stunning one for 3 Turns. (Ice, 999 Focus)

Ice Summon:Summons An Heavily Upgraded Version of Ice Zombie From Sonny 2. Having the Same Abillities But 25000 Hp. Max of 2. (Ice,1250 Focus)


Cold Veins:When at 0 Focus. He Drains 10% of His Hp to Restore it. Also Stunning him and Making Damage Go 10x For 3 Turns.

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Topic: Sonny 2 / (READ FIRST POST) Make your own Sonny 3 Enemies

Shooter (DIFFICULTY: Easy)





1.False Shot:Uses 100% of Instinct to Shoot. Dealing no Damage it Frightens the Enemy Unallowing them to Do a move for 1 Turn.

2.Slam:Uses 100% of Strength to Hit.

3.Stab:Uses the Blade on the Gun to Stab the Opponent. Dealing No Damage it Applies The Debuff “Gaping Wound” it takes 1% Of health each turn.

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Topic: Sonny 2 / (READ FIRST POST) Make your own Sonny 3 Enemies

Xavier Blood Drinker (DIFFICULTY: Extreme)



1.Blood Bite:Uses 100% Of Instinct To Bite the opponent. Draining 250 Health and Healing Itself with it. (N/A, Focus:0)

2.Blood Roaches:Uses Focus to Create Blood Roaches (250 Hp) When hit by Blood Roaches. Xavier Gains Hp from the damage Dealt. (N/A, Focus:90)

3.Blood Rush:Uses 300 Health to Burst into Rage. And When this Attack Lands it hits again at the same opponent. (SHADOW, Focus:0)

4.Blood Terrify:If this Attack Hits. It Disables the Players Abillities, And Xavier Gains Hp (100) For 3 Turns. This Cannot be Dispelled And Stays for 3 Turns. (SHADOW, Focus:250)


1.Blood Drinker:When at 0 Focus. He Drains 10% of his own Health to restore all of his Focus. and Regains 50% For 3 turns.

2.Blood Waves:When at Half Hp. His Speed Doubles.

3.Blood Counter:When Hit. You Take 9% Damage Back.

4.Blood Spew:When hit With An Critical It has a Debuff “Blood Spew” It looses 1% Hp Each turn. This Stays Forever.

5.Blood Taking:This Debuff Makes it so that When a Skill is used. Focus is Used up 2x But the Power is Doubled.

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Topic: Dragons and Titans / Make your own dragons


Breath Abillity:Omega Pulse:Creates a Green Pulse Around Him, It Heals Nearby Allies For 5 Hp Per Second. And it Damages Enemies for 3 Hp Per Second.

Special:When Used it Drains Hp from Shanktooth. If you can fill him up With Aura (From Not Attacking) The Pulse gets Stronger. And Damages And Heals More.

Cooldown: 0.10 Seconds.

Mana Per Pulse: 10/15/30


Lifetime: 1.2/1.5/1.7 sec.


Pulse Length:1.9 Sec. (MAX LVL AND AURA)

Low Chance of Increasing Speed At Pulse.

Special Abillity:Shank Drive:Charges At the Enemy Spinning Like a Torpedo, If this Hit Lands it Siphons Hp From his Enemy. Hp Siphoned:10/20/30

Special:When he is Spinning his Speed Increases Double.

Range: 125/175/230


Duration of Shank Drive: 10/25/50

Chargeup of Shank Drive: 10/5/1.2 seconds.


Mana Cost:120/300/500

Dragon Role:Crowd Control/Attacker/Speed

Very Low Speed when Not Charging. Very High Health normally.

When you Play as Shanktooth. You are pretty slow. so make sure you inform your allies your healing. Also At low Aura Do not try to use the Pulse. You Should Atleast escape and go back to base. Shanktooth Relies on His Health To Stay alive. So dont Drain it up!! His Passive Abillity Makes him Angry. When he gets hit he deals more damage for 1.5 Seconds. The more hits the More Damage. But his Defense Gets lower along with that! So unless you wanna keep alive. you can go Crazy and Deal damage by Takin hits! Awesome Right!?

Any Tweaks are Good. Its Max Hp is about 5600 at level 15.

Keep Note this Dragon is an Tank. And Keep it. The Stats…..

Damage: 50/100
Defense: 99/100
Support: 75/100
Difficulty: 100/100
Health: 77/100

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

Wack Bloon

Hits Taken:25

Speed:Pink Balloon

Appears on:Round 36

Specialties:Disables Turrets when nearby. Its Also Always Camoflauged.
When Popped it releases 2 Lead Balloons.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Class Ideas / Boss Ideas / Dungeon Ideas / Item Ideas

Dungeon Name:Lair Of Draconis. Dragon:Ephidas Dragon of Dark Magic. To get to this boss. you must say Evil. And when you do. you teleport into the room. theres a bunch of pure evil that surrounds Ephidas. Dont step in it! The rest are just patterns of Dark Spots. When you first see him he will say:Mortals! you shall fall Within my power!!! He then starts shooting bombs everywhere, and he also shoots Lazers rapidly. Lazers Deal 100 Damage. The bombs Deal 125 (Piercing) but they are slow and the range is big. The lazers are huge and slow. The boss also has 200k hp. When you survive 25 seconds. he stops and says. Why arent you destroyed!? Then Chaos Skeletons rise From Graves around the Area. They have 670 hp and 100 def. They form a circle around the boss Shielding him completley. They also Shoot Shields. Long ranged shields that deal 125 damage. So keep away unless you wanna die. The last phase is that he says. DIEE!!!! He turns Red. (He was purple) And he rapidly moves around the room shooting Melee attacks that armor pierce and deal 150. he also shoots lazers rapidly that armor pierce and deal 100. To avoid these bullets. you need to run away. the lazers shoot away to other players. when this phase stops He repeats phase 1,2,3 He does this untill death. When he dies he says:NOOOOO!!! He Drops These in Purple Bags:t11 Items: Armor Leather And Robes Weapons:T11 Sword,Dagger,Staff. Chance for uts:5% Uts:Draconis Leather. Def:23 Spd:25 Dex:10 Desc:This armor is made from the scales of Ephidas. Dark Armor: Def:75 Spd:-10 Wis:25 Health:65- Desc:This armor is so cursed and forbbiden Even Oryx Wouldnt dare to use it. Robe of Wisdom Def:0 Wisdom:65 Hp:250. Desc:Providing No Defense. This Robe is Powerful Even though it isnt what it seems.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Stop making fnaf worlds!!!

:D Thread Dismissed.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Banning one troll.

Originally posted by ProfEvolution:

me after seeing this idiot forum I love carrots!

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Banning one troll.

Wario you to pro for that hacking. YOU ALREADY TO MLG

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Stop making fnaf worlds!!!

Well its odd, That battleship even started this crap.
And i haven’t seen him in a While :P


Topic: Everybody Edits / Stop making fnaf worlds!!!

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Stop making fnaf worlds!!!

Originally posted by Battleship203:
Originally posted by L7awesome2:

i dont mind it i love fnaf worlds and i get happy to see one(cus i dont have the req fnaf-_-)


Dont blame him its his Opinion XD
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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Noob Life

Never maxed a Single stat.
0/8 For me ):

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Stop making fnaf worlds!!!

Originally posted by Destroyer80:

lets start again

Dont even think about a Flame War!


Topic: Everybody Edits / Stop making fnaf worlds!!!

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Wish Granted. My Wish Was Anti Corrupt. I wish for Milk.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Stop making fnaf worlds!!!

Originally posted by Battleship203:
Originally posted by KAKTOSUS:

If you don’t like something,
don’t do it.

Holy fucking shit.

I got that covered but how about more like “Don’t hear it”?
Can you PROPERLY teach me how not to hear fnaf the most shittiest game in all history?
The Shit man? SOME PEOPLE LIKE IT!!!
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Topic: Everybody Edits / Stop making fnaf worlds!!!

Mentioning FNAF. Its Their Idea. SO you cant judge people who like fnaf. its your opinion so dont go Raging your Ass off about it. By the way. Are you the owner of EE. Can you judge people Because they make those types of maps? NO Problem Solved. NOW NO MORE ARGURING!!!!

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Class Ideas / Boss Ideas / Dungeon Ideas / Item Ideas

Portal:Animal Land. Drops From:May happen When Oryx castle comes. If this happens he says:HUH! FOOLS you arent in my castle!!! The First part of the Animal land is a bridge where Cow Men Will come. Cow men shoot Paralyzing bullets that deal 20 dmg each hit And armor Pierce. they also Shoot milk that deals no dmg but slows. After you defeat 10 of them the Wall for the bridge will open and the King will say:Come in Come in! your so welcome! A few enemies will stand still till you go past the doors and they will shut you then get Charged by the Froggies. They Have melee attacks that deal 60 dmg and armor pierce. they can aslo stun you with a Wave (of knight shield t0 but 3 of them) They have a 1% chance of dropping the Frog leg. CONTINUED

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Class Ideas / Boss Ideas / Dungeon Ideas / Item Ideas

Dungeon:Manor of Doom (Looks like a red Manor) Drops from:Kagi Kamur: Kagi Kamur Appears when a Kage kami dies 10% of the time only 1 spawns each realm and the dungeon has 5 graves. If you find him he will say: You killed my brother! Kagi Kamur Starts Shooting Shields randomly around him Silver Shield In All-around patters Straight patterns and 3 at a time patterns. He has 7000 hp and 50 def the shields deal 100 dmg…When he gets to 6000 hp he stops the phase and then Shoots White bullets in patterns that go like a djinn’s He keeps doing this untill 5000 hp the Bullets do 50 dmg armor piercing. at 5000 hp he says:i WILL avenge him! He stars shooting bombs in a circle 1 at a time with a big range. he is also invincible and he spawns Kagi Spirits they shoot slow bullets that slow for 3 secs and also shoot white bullets 25 dmg rapidly armor piercing. once you kill 10 of them he goes to his next phase it switches to bronze shield. He Starts shooting Big white bullets at the nearest player with a long range. it armor pierces and deals 300 dmg but are really slow. and he shoots one evrey 5 seconds. and he also starts spawning Kagi Spirits….at 3000 hp he says:You will die! He starts spawning knights Named Kami Knights that looks Like Lord of the lost lands exept Red. They Have 1000 hp and 99 Def. They are incredibly hard to kill but killing them at this phase will do nothing they only drop a bag with 3 hp potions and 3 Mp potions. also have a Miniscule chance of dropping the Kami shield. Stats:Shots 5 Effect:Armor break Dmg:300-400 Mana cost:250 Def:20 when you get him to 2000 hp he says:Huh…! He becomes sluggish and starts shooting weak bullets slowly. But he also spawns Kami Knights in a circle like a shield. and Kagi spirits. at 1000 hp he says:I…I am sorry brother…..He then starts running away slowly and his def turns into 0 but he spawns Swarms of Kagi Spirits. 1 swarm at a time and when the swarm is active He goes invincible. at 0 hp he says:Noooooo! At this point RUN FOR YOUR FREAKING LIFE. He starts flasing for 5 seconds shooting His Big white bullets Evreywhere at high speed but short ranges he then may have a chance of dropping the portal.

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Topic: Mecha Galaxy / HONOR GUARDS

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Wish Granted, But you died do to Evreyone granting a wish in 3 seconds. I wish for a Warrior with tops.