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Topic: Kongregate / Growing Kong

We have all noticed this, but no one has addressed it… Kongregate is a great website, but it’s basically the gamer little brother of Facebook.
Kongregate is a gaming Haven, but it has so much potential to become a leading competitor in social networking. I have a few Ideas how to make my vision a reality:

*First, we need to have some type of video tool, like youtube, but different, more suitable to Kongregate ((( Kongretube doesn’t count, it needs to be apart of the My Kong tab )))

*Second, we need to advertise Kongregate a bit more, maybe on Pandora, or kik

*Third, we need to have a system to invite people from other social networks, such as IMVU, Fanfiction, kik, Instagram, Twitter, and if necessary, Facebook

That is all I have for now.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Ok, Kongregate is doing great as it is, but let’s face it, It’s not a major competitor. By competitor, I mean a website that has almost as many users as Facebook. There are simple ways we can do this really, all the programmers need to do is:

*First, get some type of video tool, like you-tube, just a little different.

*Reward Users for inviting friends to Kongregate (( successfully inviting them, not only sending, the friend must sign up for the sender to be rewarded ))

*Make more social Mobil apps, so far, chatting has not been accessible in Kong Arcade (( the mobile gaming app for Kongergate, the Multi-player games are not accessible though ))

*Begin to advertise more, make commercials, but whatever you do, do not be cheap about it. Make the advertisement clear, but not aggressive.

That is all, i hope you at least consider what I have said.

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Topic: Kongregate / Resident Evil on Kong

What he said ^

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Topic: Kongregate / Resident Evil on Kong

Don’t get me wrong, i Think that Resident evil Is basically the BEST ZOMBIE RPG ever, but getting it on a free basis will be difficult for Kong. First they have to decide weather it’s gonna be unity based, or regular, then they have to get the licensing agreement with the company who developed Resident evil in the first place, then they gotta get it copyrighted and Trademarked by the company behind Resident evil. After that, they have to write the code for the game, the controls, the objective to the game, setup the weapon stores, setup the experience settings, setup the exp settings, music, and enemies. And finally they have to decide weather it’s going to be fully co-op like ROTMG ( realm of the mad god ), Switch based, where you can attack another user in the press of a button, or switch back and attack a zombie like Dead Frontier ( ), or make it like TDP4 where you focus on killing other users, rather than killing programmed enemies. Some Developers are just too busy ( or lazy ) to go through all of that

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Topic: General Gaming / WHY CAN'T WE CHAT ON KONGREGRATE MOBILE!?!?!?!

When i try to access the chat on kongregrate mobile, for people who don’t know wut that is it’s a app/website that lets u use kongregrate on the go, it wouldn’t even show up. i’m not begging or whining but can a Moderator or someone tell the person in charge about this?