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Topic: Astroflux / WHY & How to fix the PvP - a message to the developers.

Originally posted by LocknRoll:

I love pvp and im only lv7 :) it adds a thrill!!!dont wanna be pvped???go back to a lower level where ur overleved

EX:ur below lv7 goto the newb planet then once ur lv7 u can goto the next planet and NOT be PVPED simple

I think the first post is talking about later systems where there is no limit. He said (if you bothered to even read the first post) that a lvl 70 can attack a level 15. Not a very good limit to have to stay in an area that gives you 1 xp per kill.

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Topic: General Gaming / Gemcraft: choose color

Originally posted by Blizzard2000:

GemCraft Labyrinth allows you to select which color and grade you want.

All right cool, thanks.

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Topic: General Gaming / Gemcraft: choose color

I’ve looked through a few and I can’t find any gemcraft games that let you choose the color of the next gem you want.

I’ve decided to not play chapter 0 because after a dozen low grade gems it wouldn’t give me the one color I wanted, so are there any that let you choose which color the next gem will be?

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Topic: General Gaming / The legend of zelda rants

Originally posted by KingMinge69:
Originally posted by JokerJ061398:

The Legend Of Zelda is an All-Time Fan Favorite because it introduced Saving. Yeah, Trolls, you heard me. The FIRST Home Console game to have a Save Feature. The dungeons were always expertly crafted, side quests are a blast… Second Quest is always EPIC. If you don’t like TLoZ, then why are you visiting this thread? Lay off, and stick to your war stuff. We’ll be having a blast actually USING our brain solving various puzzles. :p

But the puzzles in Zelda are really trivially easy. And there hasn’t been a new puzzle in the game since OOT. Honestly, I’ll be having fun with my innovative and interesting avant garde auteur video games made by small developer teams, which have actual gameplay to boot.

Have to ask, have you played phantom hourglass? when I found out that I had to close the ds to get past one part I flipped. I never thought of it and it was accidental that I did it.

The reason I’m saying this is because you said there hasn’t been a new puzzle since oot. When there have been many.

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Topic: General Gaming / Pingy the Ping Idle RPG - Hints 'n Tips

Originally posted by ahyu:

Any1 know how many boxes there are b4 i use the key on the school?

I’m pretty sure that’s the only box. Or at least the creator didn’t release another box yet. I’m kind of worried that he might with an update, but if he does he’ll probably add another way to get a key.

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Topic: General Gaming / Any console RPGs with good multiplayer?

I personally think that borderlands is good for multiplayer, but that’s if you can play it enough to just play multiplayer, otherwise one ends up higher level than the other so the lower level person is almost useless.

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Topic: General Gaming / Best and Worst Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters

Kind of curious how this keeps being revived? It went from April 1st to 15 hours ago, (April 21 and 11:00 pacific time)

anyways, it really depends on the player, not the character. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses so it’s whoever uses their strengths better without leaving openings for their weaknesses who wins in the end.

My favorites: Mario, luigi, pickachu, ness/lucas.

worst: ice climbers, C. olimar, jigglypuff.


Topic: General Gaming / Pingy the Ping Idle RPG - Hints 'n Tips

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Topic: General Gaming / Pingy the Ping Idle RPG - Hints 'n Tips

Originally posted by GucciGirl:

i have read that to free the penguin from the swimming pool, I need to hit the keys 25,000 times. Does anyone know if that has to be continuous or can be done in segments? Thanks anyone for your help xx

It can be done in segments, but I’ve heard that it’s faster if you do it continuous.

It might add up to more or less depending on how long you do it each time is what it sounds like to me. Just be careful and if your wrist starts hurting STOP!

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Originally posted by josex33:

I use to play this game with 3 factions humans elves and orcs ( or Goblins i cant rem.)…anyways you started at the bottom and won battle’s that led to the top of each factions city( or just to the top of the tree) every-time you won a battle it gave you more options on who to attack, and every-time you won a battle you got better things and troops , by upgrading human tree or elev tree or orc tree,the point of the game was to destroy each others tower by waves you sent out.

Sounds a bit like epic war 2. Not sure thought because I don’t think the map goes from bottom to top though… worth a look though.

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Topic: General Gaming / Pingy the Ping Idle RPG - suggestions?

Originally posted by knowitalljohn:
Originally posted by greenking13:

Okay my idea is a simple one which has probably been asked before but… how about an upgradable bucket in catch-a-snail? That way we can get more snails and complete the 50 combo.

Oh and also a way to make where you hit the seals and gain more than $2, maybe an upgrade where we could make it into $3, then $5 and then $10?

greenking I was able to get 52 combo and guess what at 40 the snails were far apart.

Sometimes ( alot of times) they are far apart consecutively making it impossible to continue with a combo. The far away snails make it hard. It’s not a big deal because you’ll still get a possible situation to get the 50 ever few tries and one that’s only hard at least once out of ten, if you practice to find where the edge of the bucket has to be to catch a snail, then it shouldn’t be too hard.

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Topic: General Gaming / am i a bad person???

Originally posted by 12grayson:

it was free for any one to take and about 6 months later he started to want it back it was him who put his info on the website not somone else.

In that case I don’t blame you for not giving it back to him, however I still think that next time you should make your account from scratch to avoid this problem not to mention that’s how it should be.

Maybe the person thought you would be stupid enough to not change the email and he could take it back after you leveled it up for him. I’ve thought of doing that before ( No! I never did and never tried) but if I’ve thought of it then someone else must have, and more than likely it’s been done before.

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Topic: General Gaming / am i a bad person???

I agree that you shouldn’t have taken it int he first place. You should have started your own. I don’t know how the account transfer was made so I can’t say who should have to suffer more.

If he left it up for anyone to take, then I don’t think he really has any right to complain, if you bought it from him, keep ignoring him.

If you didn’t ask him for permission though, then it’s pretty much stealing and you should give it back anyways. I’ve never bought or received any type of mmo from anyone, but I would want to get as close to proof as possible before playing on it.

I don’t know the exact situation of the event, so I can’t tell you my complete opinion on the matter, but in the future ALWAYS make it all yourself, never take (buy trade for etc.) someone else’s.

Seriously though, did you contact him before taking it? someone could have posted his info without his knowledge or he might have been taking a break from it.

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Topic: General Gaming / Pingy the Ping Idle RPG - Hints 'n Tips

Originally posted by SPIFF1:

A small tip for the snowman :
When you start the game , hit some snails first so he gets small , then only hit snowflakes to get a higher combo .

I’ve tried getting a high combo like that a few times and just can’t seem to get to 300, after 250 I don’t even think it’s possible to dodge all snails and it’s a bit dependent on luck, like the snail combo quest. My best is about 280 or so.

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Topic: General Gaming / Pingy the Ping Idle RPG - Hints 'n Tips

Originally posted by StaraviaVT:

I don’t know… but 2 days ago i wish to have much money, now i find it useless, I have 89 million $$ and I’m at lvl 48, I need lvl up faster, and money don’t help yet

leveling does end up being quite slow. some advice I can give is do whatever quests you can. fish enough to keep all four of your whale farms going. and idle at catch a snail so you can make burgers. I’m sure that you’re probably already aware of all of this, but that was just in case.

good experience for level 50 (which you will be soon enough) is at the target range, if you can slow down your computer enough where pingy slows down a lot. you can rack up quite a combo in the target range.

It’s 20 exp every shot adding 20 every consecutive hit.

hit 1: 20
hit 2: 40
hit 3: 60
hit 4: 80
hit 5: 100

if you don’t get past five, that’s 300 total exp you just earned, not to mention the fastbar.
if you get a combo of say… 100, that ends up being 101,000 exp total. If that’s not good enough for you, then know that 200 gives a whooping 402,000. That’s probably the best way to level up until you get massive amounts of money to give to emperor ping (level 55) so find out how to slow your computer down enough, and get the best combo you can get. (Please, somebody check my math)

p.s. also you can leave it on overnight to rack up some additional exp :)

p.p.s. sorry forgot to mention with the new snowman map thing you can get it big and I think that increases your fast bar exp, so whenever you got on I would recommend doing that soon.

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Topic: General Gaming / Pingy the Ping Idle RPG - Hints 'n Tips

Originally posted by StaraviaVT:

I’m happy I got my first million $$$$$

before long you’ll be getting over a million in interest alone. Before my file was lost I was getting where the interest showed a decimal point. I think I counted it to be 17 zeros, so that means every whatever (5?) minutes I’d get over 100,000,000,000,000,000. I really miss that file :(

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Topic: General Gaming / Why Do People Hate Smart Runescape?

2 weeks ago? then you missed out on all the bots. Most players believe that runescape had more bots on at any given time than players. It was commonly referred to as botscape.

If you don’t know what bots are they are macros. Programs used to play the game instead of a player themselves. The bot would collect resources fight or whatever the program was made for and all the player had to do was keep the computer on.

This made it extremely tedious to get any resources and train many different skills since bots were everywhere, and a large amount of them.

Also another thing was that when they got rid of bots they started having issues which made it so that many players could no longer log on.

The other reasons are for its “attacks” on F2P players The two biggest I remember are:

1. Veterans cape: “That winning veteran cape design will soon be available to all players who have had a RuneScape account for at least five years.” -May behind the scenes.
Then the very next day when we tried to go get our capes we couldn’t figure out how and discovered members only. To make matters worse MMH or whoever blamed us for misinterpreting it and said it was unintentional despite the fact many players asked if it would be free on the capes forum.

2. Hi scores no longer for free: Later after the bot nuke they decided that they wanted to change the hi scores. They said this was to get rid of bots and inactives from the high scores. What they did was make it members only. It has a huge F2P player base that has alway had access to being on the high scores list as long as they meet the requires of having a skill high enough. Many great runescape players who have stopped playing (or at least paying) had maxed out skills and they would now lose their spots forever. Many complained this would reduce f2p competition, but they went ahead despite much negative feedback.

Me myself? don’t hate runescape, I hate things like this that they do. They boast a good community when they call themselves the best free mmorpg while they twist their own words and redirect the blame. That could be a major reason that people hate runescape. I hope I’ve been informative.

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Topic: General Gaming / screw league of legends

I’m a noob at LoL (and pretty bad for a noob… which means I REALLY suck at it). but still when one person is disconnected from a 5 v 5 match it’s a pretty big burden. We almost lost after almost 5 minutes when 2 people disconnected at once.

I would suggest looking in the requirements to make sure your computer has enough to handle it, also try playing at times of the day when you get the fastest internet, put the graphics on the LOWEST possible setting and don’t play while others are online in your house.

If your computer and/or internet isn’t good enough for LoL, then sorry You ether have to get something better, or not be able to play LoL. I know how it is to have to play low end games. I had a computer with a 32 mb video card up until probably about 18 months ago. (minimum for LoL is 512 which tells you how bad my old comp was)

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Originally posted by Raximus:

I once found a game where you had to make a robot and give it a sequence of orders to do.
These orders could be something like “Move forward”, “Rotate right”, “shoot”.
You were then faced with levels, in which you had to kill the opposing robots by perfecting the sequence.
What was the name of that game?
It has to be around 6 years since I played it…

I don’t remember having to kill opposing robots… but other than that it sounds kind of like light bot. Even if it’s not right it sounds similar and probably worth a try until you can find the game you’re looking for.

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Topic: General Gaming / Monster Hunter

Originally posted by Captain_Catface:

I don’t think it’s a matter of requiring much (Read: Any.) skill; but of dealing with a badly designed UI and broken gameplay.

The skill in which he is referring to is the skill needed to play with their “badly designed UI” If you don’t like the challenge of trying to get used to another type of control system go back to god of war or whatever you are used to.

I’ve only played tri for the wii, haven’t beaten it yet (I will eventally) and it’s a very challenging game I enjoy it more than many others that have recieved good reviews.

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Originally posted by calvin_hobbes:

What was the pixel game where you’re a miner, you go into mines, there is a creepy mayor, and the first slime you get, the mayor calls it “Lunch”? PLZPLZPLZ HELP ME!!!

cave hero or something like that, but it was taken down.

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Topic: General Gaming / Space Game

This sounds more like starfighter disputed galaxy to me. I think there were some hacker issues with that game so it’s not really played with others anymore. I don’t know if you played with others a couple years ago or not, so I figured that I should warn you.

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Topic: General Gaming / Is anyone actually still playing MW2?

mw2 is wat? 2 years old? (GUESSING!) Even with the sequel out the other one is still a very popular game. It’s not like everybody will just leave at once after a new game comes out in a year.

I still play super smash bros melee once in awhile even though I have brawl, there’s some things I like with melee more than brawl, and I’m sure that some or many people are the same with mw2 and 3.

btw, now mw2 is cheaper, so maybe they are playing it now.

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Topic: General Gaming / Stupid Things That We've Done in Games

going the wrong way on purpose to make sure I’m not missing anything, ending up dead and turning the game off so I don’t save the death. Then I remember it’s been awhile since I last saved it… whoops, 2 hours gone.

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Originally posted by Magnum_Opus:

It’s a flash game I (think) played on Kongregate. It’s a top down strategy defense game. WW2 setting, you’re given six soldiers that you position and build infrastructure for
you can obtain more troops (I think) and have to hold off waves. I remember it being pretty hard

Sounds similar to mud and bood 1 or 2. ALthough I haven’t actually played either for long.