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Topic: General Gaming / Black hawk mines alarming report: “online gaming worsen”

“We take responsibility in our action; things like this can be avoided if all gamers know their limit and how to make our hobby much fun and enjoyable”

From the words itself, addiction, imagine how bad can possibly be? Like many other addiction like alcoholic addiction and drug addiction, gaming addiction is as serious. Many have lost their jobs, their spouses and even their lives for playing online games. They are literally living in the virtual world.

In late July, a 21-year-old online-gaming addict was found dead in his home in Inchon, South Korea. He’d played intensely since graduating from high school, rarely sleeping or leaving his room, according to family members. In 2005 a 28-year-old man collapsed and died from organ failure after playing for 50 hours straight. He had apparently just lost his job because of his online-gaming habit. Both incidents prime suspect is online gaming.

A gaming shutdown law is now being implemented in Korea where it aims to demolish the addiction.

The country thought of another strategy to abolish the online game addiction or at least lessen it. “Cooling Off” system is introduced; this is to regulate the students of the amount of time they spend in playing online games within the 24 hours. Soon the video games addicts in South Korea will have limited hours to play online games.

Cooling off will work like this, their games i\will be switch off after two hours, where they will be given ten minutes to rest, and then they can only log again in once for a maximum two hours in the following 24 hours.

The newest strategy of Korea is this new law where allow parents to communicate with online game providers and set time limits for their children’s online gaming. This comes as South Korea struggles to deal with rampant Internet addiction among young people in South Korea. And only shows how serious this online games addiction truly is. Online game addiction is not a laughing matter; it is as deadly as alcohol and drug addiction.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash of the Dragons] Bug on joining a clan

maybe they have a moderation policy that’s why can’t enter that easily.

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Topic: The Arts / An Ode to Art and Masterpieces.

They are actually cute; simple yet denotes a meaning in different perspective.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] how to increase happiness

It is available on facebook right? (though I can’t still find it) anyone help where can I get this game