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Topic: Kongregate APIs / HTML5 Games


I joned Kongregate yesterday and got my game working very fast – sort of. It is a HTML4 + JavaScript game with background music player depending on HTML5 or Flash 8+. I’m using Firefox 17 and game plays properly outside of Kongregate, but it occassionaly happens here, on a first ever game loading – browser cache empty, that music just don’t start. Refreshing the page fixes the problem, but that is not the right solution. Game is loaded through kongregate_shell.html and it works flawlessly except the music issue. Can someone tell me what issues with HTML5 Kongregate has?

If you have some time, check the game yourself and let me know if music started on first attempt or not, thanks!


Fixed. For some reason unknown to me, music player was occassionaly failing to properly initialize at window.onload after parent.kongregate.stats.submit(“Played”,1);