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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Events for April!

Great if We were on the AERIA server but unfortunately not so dont get your hopes up until it goes live on R2 forums.

Remember some different places like have different events as well.

It does look good as we have the login 1 already but i find nothing on R2 main site….

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Yet another pathetic night with GB lag seriously it is ridiculous now.

4 different browsers all with caches cleared what does it take to actually be able to play the game normally the way it was before the patch. Had no problems then now its all f####d up.

Way to go R2 please keep up the good work.

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Topic: Wartune / Solo Arena Rewards

Server 4 Oceanic paid out at 18.00 server time. If it says reedemable when you look at days possbily it will get paid out when your server hits 18.00.

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Originally posted by donseptico:

I’ve had some issues with lag, but nothing as drastic as you’re describing… a few seconds at most. At this time might it be worth contacting R2 direct so they can look into your individual issues?

Hi Don but given R2s great customer service relationship with there customers i think we could work out the Forthcoming suggestions from them… THAT IS IF THEY EVEN BOTHER REPLYING TO THE TICKET !!

1. clear your Browser Cache…..did this no help. Even changed browser.

2. Try contacting your ISP as the network may be busy at times you are using the game. To many Users for your connection.

3. Your PC spec is not to he required standard. Maybe upgrade drivers or even your system.

You get the general idea its not the fault from R2 end its the fault of the paying customer. Maybe people should take a look at this and stop paying.

Sorry if i sound a bit sceptical or even but this is the standard of service that i am used to from R2. Have sent various tickets for various things and its never the fault or problem of R2 Games.

Maybe this time they need to sort there crap out and do something about it. There are enough posts about these lag problems on R2 forums.

As Landys said hopefully the next patch will fix this. But seeing as how most of these problems have developed since the last patch then i would not hold your breath as you may die from lack of Oxygen.

Gratz on position of Forum mod.

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Topic: Wartune / [Activity] Custom Player Designed Mounts, Wings and Clothing

Jet Ski Mount to go with the Surfboard and Beachwear look.

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Topic: Wartune / Rush week Guild style!

lol we got them to lvl 5 as well in Server 4 in the first week of our server that was back in December….so dont hold your breath after numerous tickets with image support we still didnt get them.

About the level of service we have all grown to love from R2 games. Keep up the good work R2……

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Totally agree with you here. But this will fall upon deaf ears. The typical answers that will come back is that it is computer end not server or R2 fault. Failing that it will be because we have not cleared out caches or some other problem that has nothing to do with the supplier but simple the fault of the User.

Quite a few post on R2 forums about this as well. But again no answers forthcoming there so i wouldn’t expect a response from r2 on these forums.

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Topic: Wartune / [Activity] Bonus Login Pack!

Less for non vip. You got to admire R2 games Ethics for trying to get more people to pay up.

Keep the poor down there and reward those that pay :)

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Topic: Wartune / Stolen Therion-Sand Rider

Originally posted by Jufrag:

Even if it wasn’t intentionally , most of players lost something in some ways because of one silly guy.
It should be fixed as soon as possible.

Most people understand what you are saying but dont hold your breath on getting anything out of it. The way R2 look at it is this is a game and if someone chooses to disband a guild then that is up to them entirely.

It is 1 of the hardest things to combat. And it has happened in other server with no recompensation.

Best just getting on with it and forget about it. Hard pill to swallow but not much gonna be done so may as well forget it.

Submit a ticket and wait for the response no use bothering with it on forums as no 1 really cares.

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Topic: Wartune / Ridiculous honor gaining in BG

Its a sad fact but you are correct. Not only us but other servers will be suffering. Bg should have made the game more interesting cross server but really its not worth it. People camping lvl 59 and getting excessive honor. The amount you loose far outweighs what most can gain.

But it is a game and nothing that is said will change it back. Either forget about Bg or simply log in for the quest exp and move around spawn point trying to snipe a couple of kills. Main problem i have is the uber EW and Crusaders cashers that can simple anahilate me and take all my honor. But not worth moaning about it as people have no sympathy.

Should have made it 5 lvl difference may not have been just as bad then but still wouldn’t be great.

Also the exp gain from world prosperity on the R2 servers is insane so ppl are camping lvl 59 to increase Talents either way Kong and smaller servers are on a loosing battle.

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Topic: Wartune / Are free players important?

Originally posted by spell_binder:
Originally posted by BlancoS1:

You don’t think that the designers are deserving of a payment for their efforts? It may appear unjust, or unfair even, and outright frustrating, but it’s just the same when you see a newcomer whom just begun playing hit it big with a yellow astral. It’s not as if the Buyers are favored, it’s just rewarding those whom reward them.

Any reasonable person would agree that you can’t expect developers to release a game that is completely free. Having said that, the same applies to the opposite. Developers shouldn’t release a game where the only focus is making money while ignoring its effect on the balance of the game. Offers should be limited to aesthetics and player convenience.

Totally agree with you about teh P2Win factor. In Saying that there are some good F2P games that have a payment structure but the payments are purely cosmetic and have no relevance to stats or increasing Character abilitys in games. These browser games are purely Pay to Win and what people seem to forget is when they stop becoming economically viable for the developers or hosts then they simply swap out the game and bring in the next one.

For a good example of a F2P game check out path of exile. Its an indie game and is a good comparison. Yes you can spend cash but it wont make you a god or progress you further in game. And they also run events giving away items and currency worth cash to be used in game.

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] 1.5X Patch - The Ultimate Spoiler

Originally posted by karrde:

I don’t think you can really speculate much on exactly how much control R2 has and what changes they can make, as I am sure there are contractual limitations.

R2 controls a lot more than people imagine. Lets for instance take a look at and the amount of events they had during December. Also look at the amount of events that we get even compared to R2 server. No doomsday package possible no event on valentines day.

R2 are just lazy and and care not an iota about Kongregate servers. Why should they. Lets face it we dont exactly mean a great deal to them. Their customer support to us is literally non existant.

If they can make cash changes then im quite sure that they can make other changes it is simply the fact that they want to make money and cant be bothered.

However that being said roll on this Patch should be a breath of fresh air for a couple of days.

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Topic: Wartune / Troops Lv 50 / 60

Looking into my Crystal Balls at the minute but nothing coming Through regarding the patch.

Seen on forum somewhere that there are no maint for the next two weeks. This has to do with the patch and i belive KE said it would be delivered in 3 parts same as the 1.45 patch. No dates confirmed but possibly starting end of month.

Best isea is keeping an eye on R2 main forum as everything on here is a copy from there courtesy of KE. So soon it will be everyman for themselves.

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Topic: Wartune / Is opening a ticket pointless

Welcome to R2 games Support…or lack of it.

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Now Seeking a Kongrgate Moderator

Originally posted by SpectrobeMaster:

+be 18 years of age or older – 24
+be level 40 or higher – 46
+have a good understanding of the game and be willing to help other players and regularly active within their server and on the forum.- i have a good understand of this game works and am one of the first on my server to step up and helpout where i can within my guild and within the server. I am an armoy officer irl and know how to take my job or jobs seriously

An Army officer well qualified for the job but isn’t your life hectic enough. But you seem unsure about your age…22 or 24.

Often though about applying for this but in all honesty why. Yes i do like to help out but R2 don’t. Seeing the amount of work KE put into this it is not a post to be taken lightly.

Good luck to whoever gets it.

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Topic: Wartune / Lvl. 30 Jewelry Set

Many people have ticketed this. Current response is Clear cahce and reload which does not work. Why cant a mod or Admin do something about it as they have more readily acces to R2 games.

Have sent in 4 tickets about this and not 1 of them has been acknowledged. This item is just taking up space in inventory.

R2 don’t give a dam and looks like that rubbing of on others.

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Topic: Wartune / Holy Seal working on NPC

The boss in he 52-54 campaign is also stunable by holy seal. Quite a few people in guild ahve found this out. Maybe a bug. Maybe because boss is a Knight. What character type is the other stunnable boss ?

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Topic: Wartune / Daily Energise Limit

The farm energise limit is if i rmemebr correctly 200. So you can steal energise revive weed up to a total of 200 times a day. This has been in place for quite while now. It is not stupid or ridiculous otherwise if removed then what level farms do you think people will have.

That is the reason it is restricted to curb farm growth,

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Topic: Wartune / Do something against leechers during BG

Originally posted by Verkade:

I don’t want to stop leechers, and only want to drag your guild in it? Where in my first post, was I mentioning something about your guild? Nowhere. At first it was only leechers. As it happened in our guild (at that time), I wanted to stop it from happening in guild. But well, bunch of leecher supporters you are… you don’t give a damn. It was the moment that archer started to be retarded towards me that I left and mentioned you noobs in here. Out of the last 6 BGs I did, 4 times I caught your guildies being a leech.

Further I don’t give a damn about the final prize for myself. I do care that these leechers get stuff, which they DO NOT DESERVE. Whether it is a lot or not, they don’t deserve it. Which I clearly said in the first post. Learn to read for Christ sake.

Anyway, if they ever implant a vote-kick system, let see if you care then. Because with the amount of leechers in your guild, people will start kicking anyone of OutOfRehabs… let see if you still support leechers then.

Stuff which they dont deserve wow a big 30 insignia and 30 honor dam that is too much…..

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Topic: Wartune / New Events Bugged Don't Work

Well as i said in the other thread have not had a problem with any other event that started at 00.00 am like the xmas shard event etc. But whatever. Not really bothered what you say.

You want to come and start calling people dumb then seriously expect to get a mouthful back.

All the other items did not require maintenance to start the events. So why would this 1 be any different.

Was waiting on a response from an Adult or someone that knows possibly like KnowingEyes. Did not require smart mouthing from a forum monkey. But anyway i threw you a banana in the other thread so go chew on it.

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Activities for 01/10/2013

Better than talking out your arse which you seem quite competant at. Amazing what they can train monkeys to do nowadys.

Originally posted by thortag:

me because you are still too dumb to use your brain. the event is with the maintenance, maintenance hasn’t occurred yet, therefore the items aren’t in the game yet, so how the hell do you expect them to be registered? enjoy being dumb, cuz at the rate you seem to use your brain, that’s how you will be your whole life.

Ok your are smart. Well smarter than the average monkey as you can type but can’t spell or comprehend time. We can forgive you for this as its not your fault you were born into this world stupid. But be glad to know that you cannot get any stupider than you are now. so i will throw you another bannana to feed you.


All the other event that start at 00.00 for xmas and the rest worked in exactly the same way and there was no maintenance or problems after this.

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Activities for 01/10/2013

Even smarter than you when the time here is Currently 02.34am server time on the 10th January….

Think before engaging your mouth/fingers and maybe try using your brain. There is an Oceanic server. And at 23.59 on the 09th after the tree reset and we log back in on the 10th after 00.00 then we received the login pack and also the Multiplayer event was in the quest menu.

Who is the Smart 1 now

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Topic: Wartune / New Events Bugged Don't Work

As im on Oceanic server it has started already as it is currently the 10th and events went live and into Quest menu after tree reset. 00.01 am 1/10/2013

So might not have anything to do with what you said…..

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Topic: Wartune / Unhelpful R2 Support

Never even got reply to ticket. sent 2 now and nothing.

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Activities for 01/10/2013

Both the first events are Bugged have posted thread in forum about this.

Login Pack and Multiplayer dungeon rewards do not show in inventory properly.

What a great event doesn’t even work properly.