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Topic: Wartune / Suggestions post 2.1

Originally posted by capatheist:

the people who are paying arnt camping…

Not true, the biggest cashers in my guild are the extreme campers.

I’d like to be able to see how long a friend has been offline for like we can for guildmates.

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Topic: Wartune / sky trail card flip game is rigged

I agree. Whether I choose to click the same card different times or a different card different times I always get sylph sepulcrum. I’ve never gotten anything else out of it. Which is saddening for me really since I just unlocked Res Reduction yesterday. :(

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Topic: Wartune / VIP Tokens: Need advice

Keep in mind that you may have to refresh your wheel before you start your spins until you see the 500k gold reward. Once you see it start your spins (without refreshes in the middle!) and you’re guaranteed the 500k gold.

I personally have never gotten a gem reward but I do frequently get the seeds.