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Topic: General Gaming / Mission in Space: The Lost Colony strategy guide.

I love this game and think Xenosquad looks worse. It’s bright, open, and subpar, blurry 3D just doesn’t compare to well-made, crisp 2D graphics.

1) Taylor is a “she”.

I use Woods’s Cry of Focus quite regularly. The main case when accuracy is lower than 100 is when an alien pops out from behind a corner. So if you’re going around a corner, you might not deal enough damage to an alien behind it before it hits you. With Cry of Focus, you will kill it in time unless it’s an explosive alien. With the cry in effect, you can stay on alert right next to a ventilation shaft.

Also, in these corner cases that a Cry of Self Control would help you, Cry of Focus will do the job 95% of the time. It does almost the same thing, except it doesn’t make you resistant to attacks. Does anyone know what’s the base chance an alien hits me with an attack of opportunity ? Can Taylor be hit if she has the Control skill plus the cry of control ?

Woods in general is a badly designed character. Aside from Cry of Focus, his cries are too situational to be valuable for the whole team at a time, with the added condition to be close.

Pierce’s inherent ability (+3 scanner range) is the worst, hands down. An alien that’s far away is a harmless alien. Second, even if you DO detect something far away, the situation will change before you get there, aliens move fast and there are no doubt some vents on the way you won’t detect.

3 turns for magnetic bombs is good when you want to block ventilation shaft. Mostly in mission 11. I took 16 turns on Hard, though, so I need to optimize the path a little better.