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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

spent all of yesterday packing. would have told you guys earliar but cellphone coverage is spotty, at best. i will be gone for two weeks plus six days. if you are interested in picking up the pen, go ahead. i think we all would like the story to continue.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

I’m going to finish the second half tomorrow, I still have enough time before I go.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Now don’t worry folks. BECAUSE I DON’T GIVE UP!!!!!

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Seriously? I write a page and since I’m on a mobile devce, kongregate wants to spontaneously refresh the page and delete my clipboard history!!!!

I swear this is the face Safari is giving me right now

Problem Locks?


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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Nothing to be sorry about, as i am at fault for my own chaos. I’m going to have to push the next part up one day.

*I am going to try to post a whammy incredible tomorrow, because the day after tomorrow I am leaving for two weeks. Speaking of that, if any one has the motivation to write…

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

I’d hate to fall on my promise. Here you go guys.

Chapter 14 B

“What happened to the rest of your friends” the interviewer asked. Allegro shook his head silently and murmured. “We didn’t know what to do, we left them there for a day to see if they would recovered. If they didn’t recover by then…”

Pitching his head to the side, the interviewer squinted with both eyes. “Then…?”

A single tear fell across Allegro’s cheek. “Then they would have to be killed…”

Hold them off!

“If your friends don’t recover by nightfall, then I expect them not to recover at all,” the army medic explained.

Iraca blinked and then held a twisted face.

He continued “After that…” he took a deep breath. “Then they would pose a risk to your lives and theirs. Certainly you would understand,” he said.

The twisted face held. She had no ideal way of dealing with this, so she turned around.

“But what about them” she blurted, motioning to the rest of the group.

The medic said nothing, looking for the right thing to say. Sympathy wasn’t part of his vocabulary.

Iraca rubbed her eyes with her palms, and walked away from the tent.

It turns out Iraca does have a way for dealing with such times of despair. It involves avoiding problems all together. And when she can’t evade it, she bottles it up and puts it in that shelf in the back of her head. Like an armed explosive, dangerous and ready, not to mention sensitive, she handles it with care yet equally with cautiousness. But it’s only a matter of time before it goes off. Only a matter a time.

Iraca walked towards the group, with the inevitable dread of how the rest would react. After that, they would head towards the General’s office, in hopes to remove the tormented effects that Plasfardi had on them all.


The group is uncertain why the General is requesting their presence. Why do you think he is calling for them? Does he want assistance, or does he want to punish? Maybe he has a mission for them? Or maybe all he wants is to talk things over a cup of coffee? Ping-Pong?


I know it’s short but I have some personal problems I have to deal with, I apologize in advance. I am hoping to post another tomorrow.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams


Well this is embarrassing ha.

At first I thought you were chase ferks, but I then I realized. Everything will be alright, I hope.


After tedious work in several yards, I washed upon the shores of dread… But with my eternal prosperity, I shall provide a story that worthy of kings! Tomorrow.

And shoot I need to pm the old players. I suppose we shouldn’t kill them just quite yet.

Back to you Silent about new players. I really would offer our coma patients to new players, but I unfortunately don’t have that much time to equally divide the action pie. See what I’m saying? The more players there are, well, you know, then I would be spreading a limited amount of jam on much more bread. And the less jam I have, the easier it is to spread it all over. Now, I would actually like to introduce more players to the game, but unfortunately the difficulty of keeping track of them and including them in all of the chapters is too great. Maybe posting stoies about certain people at a time would help alleviate that problem.

But I am certain that I can post the next story tomorrow. Maybe even write ahead so I don’t spontaneously write.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

The president votes: B.

The Absens ratio vote A.

This is gonna get nasty… Next part… Let’s shoot for tomorrow.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Sure you can vote.

Got it: A.

SilentSam went for C.

A. 1

B 0

C 1

D 0

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Dear god, I am going to convulse for an hour and a half after writing all of that.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Yes yiu.

@300fans. Sorry, but I didn’t realize that you signed up! I apologize. Instead of adding yet another character, I am going to make some edits and give you the Sam Sparta Croffer. A character from a while back. He is a Navy SEAL, but a few internal lacerations will make him think he is an Airforce bomb tec in no time. But for now, choose a skill set. (you can find them on the first pages) The choices are hunter, gather, and some other cool things. I am going to bring these back.

@Everyone I have written the next 2 parts along with the results of all of their choices. But it’s not what you guys are expecting, the parts are now shorter and a bit faster on pace, definitely packed with more choices making this game interactive even on a social level.


The interviewer from the Associated Press bit his lips. Things were getting really tough, especially after the outbreak.

Man, I remember when the news was so slow. But now, things have escalated rapidly. Wow. Everyone is going to be shocked that I spoke to a Team Perseverance member! he thought.

Interviewer: So Chase, what happened to Leo, John Doe, Jake and the other absent people?

Chase: Sigh. They’ve been acting strange for a while now I suppose. But it wasn’t until…

Interviewer: Until?

Chase started to breathe heavily. “They didn’t-” Chase breathed into a paper bag. “…didn’t even respond…”


“…come this way, the general wants to see you” Reeves stated.

“Wait,” Jonathan exclaimed, waving his hands in the air. “We have to check the trailer! We still can’t find Leo, or John Doe, or any of those guys! Not even Sam Croffer or Jake!”

Allegro tapped Jonathan’s shoulder to get his attention. “Wait-… Who is Sam Croffer?”

Chase Ferks took a step forward to intervene. “Allegro… You may not know this… But do you remember when Sam tripped and fell when we first arrived here?”

Allegro took a second to think things over. He didn’t recall the event.

“Didn’t think so,” Chase said. “You see Allegro, Sam’s brain held a continual prolapse when his skull experienced shock… Which happens rarely if ever.”

Allegro looked at Chase with disbelief. “You think his brain ‘fell out of place’?”

“Yes I do,” Chase said. "In fact, I am so certain, because Sam has been experiencing psychological changes.

“Like what?” Allegro asked.

“Well, it appears only his name has been affected,” <— [IS THIS the right word?] Chase replied.

Chase exhaled. “He thinks he’s been in the Airforce all his life, but his short term and childhood memories should still be intact. He has also been making bizarre references to how much he and his 300 fans love him.”

Allegro side-glanced Chase, “Ok that’s freaky, but when did you turn psychologist all of a sudden?”

Chase shrugged. “I’ve been into it for a while now. It was my first job…”

“Where is he now?” Allegro asked.

“He is in the trailer,” Jonathan said, intervening.

Iraca stepped in impatiently. She had her sword unsheathed. That was usually a sign.

“Alright we can deal with this later. Jonathan! Where is the trailer?” Iraca said.

“Right,” Jonathan said. “Follow me everybody,”

“Wait a sec,” a voice said. Captain Reeves approached Jonathan. “I’ll come with you guys,” he said.

Thus the group started walking towards the general direction from which they arrived. Bypassing several soldiers and numerous tents, the group finally reached the location of all their vehicles, and more importantly, their gear.

“So can we pitch up and stay for the night?” Jonathan asked Reeves.

Reeves scratched his head. “Uhh, actually that’s what the General wanted to discuss,”

“Right,” Jonathan replied.

Jonathan thought the General and how they proceeded with operations in the early 2000. The General use to be a Colonel back then, when Jonathan received orders. They relied on each other pretty heavily, but today was a day of uncertain. Being called out was one thing, but Jonathan’s survival and the group’s survival was another. For all he knew, he could be banished from the entire military because of his short term AWOL.

Allegro walked up to the front of the trailer and proceeded to lift the hatch.

“Open it,” Iraca murmured.

Allegro pulled the handle, and the two doors swung wide open.

Inside was not only the groups gear, but six people.

“Jesus…” Iraca said exhaling.

The group started to count how many bodies were inside but it was too late. One was already barreling to them.

THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!” a voice yelled.

“Watch out!” Reeves exclaimed.

Quick thinking, Jonathan pushed Allegro out of the way. But even then it was too late. The body collided with Allegro, knocking him of his feet.

“Aaaaaahhhh!!!!!!” Allegro screamed.

Iraca’s sidearm was already out, sights laid on Sam’s head.

Wait Iraca thought. On Sam’s?

“Jesus Sam,” Iraca said, bolstering her weapon.

Jonathan grabbed Sam by the collar and hurled him to the ground. Allegro exhaled with a breath of relief and stood up.

“Jesus Sam I thought you were a zombie!” Allegro yelled.

Sam spat on the ground. It was bloody.

“Told you!” a voice said from inside the trailer.

Sam Croffer coughed even more blood. “Well if they had locked us in there Samuel, this may not have happened!” he said. He spat again.

Samuel Stevenson walked out of the trailer and jumped down. “Hey guys,” he said. “Next time, keep a back-up pair of keys inside.”

Sam stood up and put his hands on his knees, leaning over. “Uhhg, I swear that felt like 273 days in there!” Sam complained.

“Oh shut up,” Chase said.

Samuel rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. “Guys we have some bad news,” Samuel said, directing everybody’s attention.

“Six guys, and none of them are responding,” he bit his lip.

“Are they unconscious?” Iraca asked. “I mean-hey are alive… Right?”

Sam bent backwards and stretched. “Oooh! God that hurts!” Sam exclaimed out of pain. Jonathan, the one who inflicted the pain, rolled his eyes and smirked.

“Well Iraca, they are alive. But there is one fact that makes it much much worse,” Croffer explained.

Everyone stared at Sam.

“All six are conscious,” Samuel Stevenson explained.

“Huh?” Allegro asked.

Captain Reeves paced back and forth, anxiously. “Alright this is getting way to weird.” Reeves said out loud. “I’m calling the medics down now!” Reeves fumbled for his two way radio and immediately started issuing commands.

“Woah, Woah, Woah,” Chase said. “What are you telling us?”

Sam looked down, staring at the ground, and then back up again to meet Chase’s face. “They aren’t responding to sounds, nor to physical touch,” Sam said, exhaling.

Chase shook his head.

“Pretty much dead,” Samuel said. “It’s like we aren’t even there. They don’t even respond to food Chase. Not even food.”

“Who is in there?” Chase asked.

Samuel took a second look inside the trailer. “We have Duncan Steel, Joey Quiver, Jake Miller, Mike Clastery, John Doe, and Leo.”

“S***” someone said.

“But they’re alive?” Iraca questioned.

Samuel uncrossed his arms. “We – have detected a pulse, yes. Along with breathing. We even have detected eye movement.”

“Holy ****!” Reeves exclaimed. “They could be infected!”

“There is no way tell if they are…” Sam said dryly.

“Wait a minute!” Iraca exclaimed. “I studied how a human undergoes changes when infected. I can tell if they are.”

“Go ahead and check Iraca,” Jonathan said.

Iraca jumped in the trailer and turned on the inside light.

One, two, three, four, five… Six she counted. Six people

Iraca cursed. She looked for the closest person, who turned out the be Duncan. He was laying face down on a weapons cache.

Are you OK Duncan?" she asked.

No response.

Iraca repeated the question, this time shaking Duncan.

“I said Duncan, are you OK?” she said, this time louder.

This is strange she thought.

She squatted and flip him over. She felt for his jugular.

Hearts beating fine. She thought. Slow, but fine

Next, she hovered her hand over his nose.

Hmm, breathings fine she thought.

Iraca then peeled back his eyelids, and pull out a small penlight from her back pocket. Then she shone the light in his eyes. After doing so, Duncan’s eyes contracted, as normal. Then they twitched as if looking around.

She smiled. They were going to be just fine.

“Duncan is clean!” she yelled out.

Everyone outside applauded, and Iraca repeated the process on everybody else, just to be thorough. If Duncan turned out to be infected, he eyes would have dilated in the light, which was obviously a bad sign.

After checking everyone, Iraca came outside and reported everyone as clean. None of them were infected in any of the stages.

A split second later, a group of medics with stretchers arrived to carry them back to a medical tent. They explained that they couldn’t go to the hospital, because it was already over-crowded.

They were asked to stay outside, so the group waited several hours, while the doctors did their work until it was almost 6:00 pm. Finally, one of the doctors wearing a surgical mask came outside. Everyone stood up, but he only called Iraca over to come inside.

Both of them walked inside. Iraca quickly noticed the six people laying on cots.

“I picked you so the rest of you wouldn’t knock me to the ground” the doctor said, laughing.

Iraca didn’t find it funny. “Are they going to be alright doctor?”

The doctor nodded. “In terms biologically, yes they are going to be alive. In fact, we couldn’t find anything wrong with them at all. Well, apart from the obvious.”

“What!?” Iraca shouted. “Somethkng has to be wrong! I mean- look at them!”

“I know, I know.” The doctor said. “But we ran numerous tests, checked for external wounds, internal bleeding, past medical records, did blood work-ups,” he took a deep breath. “But we don’t know why this is happening to them… But…”

“But what?” she asked.

The doctor sighed. “I have someone under my responsibility that beliefs he knows what is going on.” he said. “I can let you speak to him you like,”

“Yes! Let me speak to him!” Iraca said.

The doctor called for a name, and soon enough a tall young man man emerged from the woodwork.The doctor then left, probably to attend to other things.

“Your Iraca?” he asked.

She nodded.

“Well take a look at these,” he said, handing her a couple of files. “Those are the tests done by the doctor and I, and I think I know what’s going on,” he said.

“Well, what do you think it is?” asked Iraca, now angry because of all the questions she has been asking.

“Look right here,” the young man said, pointing to a picture of the brain. “We tested for brain signals, because we thought it was impossible for someone to remain conscious but unresponsive let alone a group. Through careful analysis we have determined that the signals in their brains aren’t correlating with their sensory organs, but are functioning normally.”

“Huh?” she asked.

“Ma’am, your friends’ have a form of Absens Ratio or inactive system. Precisely, the condition of inactive accounts.” the man explained.

“Oh my gosh,” she muttered.

The man continued. “The condition is caused by not logging in or remaining active. The symptoms to this condition are cause by not making any decisions such as voting, and normally not commenting on anything aswell. I’m afraid Duncan has the worst of it. His brain signals are the weakest.”

Iraca twitched. This was messed up. Is this guy out of his mind?

“So what do we do?” Iraca asked rhetorically.

The man went over several options but none of them seemed productive. It turned out that they were going to essentially malnourish if they didn’t log back in and comment on a site named Kongregate. Weird.

The man went over even more options but Iraca already knew what she had to do. Oh boy, did she know.


A. Since there is no obvious means of them coming back, you can put them out of their misery. Hey, that’s what happens when you don’t log back in.

B. Send them a text message to their Kongregate account. Maybe they’ll reply or even come back.

C. Let them malnourish…

D. Recruit new players! New players will take over the minds of the victims of Absens Ratio!

E. Come up with something!

Duncan Steel, Joey Quiver, Leo, John Doe, Jake Miller, Mike Clastery
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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Ok, just making sure this is right.

Jonathan → Mylar
Iraca → Yiu
Chase Ferks → Silent Sam
Allegro → CowFriend (Allegro sounds like the name of an off-brand medication lol)

Is this right? I feel that I’m missing somebody, or someone.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

This is to bring everyone back to speed while I finish the next part.

Just like Old Times

Location: National Guard Base
Time: 8:00 Pm. Past Sundown.
Date: Mid-April

LIEUTENANT Jonathan Travis?,” The man repeated.

Jonathan shivered. He hadn’t been addressed by that since he left FOB Ghanzi.

He hesitated, but then spoke. “C-Captain Reeves?”

“A-ha! I’m a Major now!,” bloated Reeves, pointing at his rank.

The two men ran to each other and embraced. They’ve been serving along side each-other for thirteen and a half years. From all sorts of missions from black-ops to the standard wetwork, they had connected.

“Holy **** I thought you were dead man!” yelled the belated Major.

“Nah, I just went AWAL after I got back,”

Reeves eyed Jonathan suspiciously.

“Well, what can I say!,” Jonathan replied. “There was so much *&%# going on.”

Reeves nodded, and looked at the barricade of humvees.

“Anyway, why are you here? In a National Guard Base and all. And is the Colonel here? What about Lieutenant Worth?,” Jonathan asked, impatient.

The Major looked at Jonathan, apparently confused. “You haven’t heard?”

Jonathan shook his head.

“Well, there is alot to tell you about. Come, the General wants to see you,” Reeves replied. “Follow me,”

Allegro, Samuel, and Chase were still by the medic tent, jaws dropped. “The General?,” Allegro asked.

Reeves muttered something to the Master Sergeant, and all of a sudden, his voice boomed out.

“At EASE,” commanded the Sergeant. And everything went back to normal.

Jonathan turned around, and spotted the three standing by the tent. “Hey guys!,” He yelled out. “Follow us, I want to show you an old friend of mine.”

Chase and Samuel looked at each other, wide-eyed. And off they went, to the direction of the Officer’s Quarters.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

The votes are A, B and D and it’s a tie.

I am writing the next part, but just to let you all know, from 5:30 AM to 4:30 Pm tomorrow (Eastern Standard Time) I will be on a 7-8 mile hike so I will be unavailable at that time.

@Yiu Can do. But I have to ask, are you a night owl or do you live across the globe?

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Bringing us back to reality in the next part. The results from the last vote won’t show until the future.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Inside, the President was already wide awake, inside the make shift situational room. To no one’s surprise, President Martingale was  discussing with his Joint Chiefs of Staff about what should happen next, via video conference.

Although the meeting was conducted in private, several Secret Service Agents vaguely overheard what was being said. The clearest voice Martingale’s, which was certainly the loudest.

“…And bring this down the chain of command under MY authority!” the President bellowed. “And where is that list of inoperable military bases?”

“Yes Mr. President. Currently one military base for certain has been lost. Warren Airforce Base situated in Wyoming isn’t responding to any form of communication. Satellite imagery has confirmed that there are no vehicles being operated.” A voice reported. “The Governor of Wyoming has dispatched the National Guard and is operating in conjunction with local authorities to take control and set up a perimeter.”

The President remained silent. Things were happening too quickly. Only a week ago, the President was sitting in the oval office.

“Alright,” the President said. “But what about the Monroeville base that stop transmitting an hour ago?”

Papers shuffled, the man video chatting pulled out several photographs.

“Sir these are the satellite images taken 15 minutes ago. As you can see, there are no signs of human life on the base. Dozens of vehicles including an Abrams tank was spotted exiting.” The man took a deep breath and exhaled. "The dead have penetrated the fencing and has infiltrated their line of defense.

“We assume the vehicles were escaping” the man said. Several other images appeared on the screen. “These here are photographs are of sister city Monroeville. Reports continue to come in labeling the city as an abandoned desolate place that serves as a threat to humanity. Sir, on behalf of the Airforce and under your direct command, I have directed a B-52 bomber to level Monroeville. The bomber and spy plane are closing in and should arrive any second. A signal from the B-52 has already notified any survivors listening on any civilian channels. Shall the two planes not receive any reply signal, the town will be leveled.” He reported.

“How much longer until they report in and the bombs drop?” the President asked.

The  Joint Chief of Staff replied. “Anywhere from 15-60 seco-”

The Joint Chief of the Airforce raised his hand to his ear, mid sentence.

“Sir, I have just received word that our Lockheed U-2 spy plane has picked up an explosion.” he said.

The President wiped his brow. “Well was it from our B-52?”

The man on the other side of the line scratched his head “No, it’s from the base.”

What?! the President exclaimed.

“Mr. President I have just been informed that the Monroeville Army base has received a large amount of damage,” he said hurriedly. “Military officials, specifically USNORTHCOMM are standing by on Line 7 for your direct instruction. The  Strategic Air Command is on line, I’ll report back in fifteen minutes.”



The President slammed his fists against a table.

What should you do?

This next decision will affect the group as a whole as well as the future of the nation.

A. Advise USNORTHCOMM to concentrate forces on the Monroeville Army  base in attempts to take the base back over. And deal with other stuff later. Like saving people and stuff.

B. Assuming that taking the base back over is a waste of time, you send forces to assist the escapees and take them to a safe location, dealing with silly stuff later.

C. Allow the generals in charge of the US military forces to exercise their own power to lead the military.

D. Piss and moan. This choice involves pissing but mostly moaning. Nothing can result. No this is not a trick answer.

E. After diligently researching military tactics, you yourself will guide specific military operations! This means, insert your own answers or strategy. You, as Commander in Chief, has the ability to lead the military along side the Secretary of Defense and other advisors. So once again, devise your own plan. You have access to a majority of the military’s arsenal, but kept in mind your limitations.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Have fun everybody.

Here it is:

Chapter 13 B “Mister President”

Three days after the team arrived at the Army Base

Camp David, Maryland

It was a sunny morning, and the fog  had just passed over a well guarded fenced off settlement. Several living dead were bombarding the surrounding fence, but little did they know about the tight security of the President’s retreat.

A Marine sniper patrolling the grounds  remained fixated upon the Camp’s perimeter. Dozens of zombies lined the exterior of the facility, crowding the barbed-wire fence.

Nothing was getting through. he thought.

They may have lost the White House, but because of Camp David’s isolation and defensive countermeasures, surely the President would survive.

Because that was the only thing that mattered.

Without warning, the sniper’s radio crackled.

“Eagle eye one-one actual, this is Command, over”

The Marine fumbled for his radio.

Probably another status report he thought to himself.

He pressed the talk button. “Command, this is Eagle eyes one-one, go ahead, over” 
A short pause
“Eagle Eyes one-one give us a sit rep, over”

They wanted to know when I rounded the building.

“Command, near completion, estimate three zero minutes over” He replied.

“Eagle eyes, rodger that, team has permission to clean up the perimeter, but stay quite. We don’t want any attention over”

The sniper exhaled. ’Bout time… he thought.

The Marine stopped walking.

“Command, rodger that, will comply, Eagle Eyes out "

“Command out”

Quickly and without question, the sniper attached a compact suppressor to the end of his standard military issue sidearm, the M9 Beretta.

We could pick them off from here, he reckoned. _ No, that would be a waste of ammo._

Under normal conditions the team would snipe from long distance, minimizing any chance of injury. But since this was a zombie infestation, he had a much better plan in mind.

The Marine  lifted up his two way radio and issued commands to his sniper team, who attached silencers to their sidearms as well. Next, the team swept the perimeter, executing any zombies in sight on the other side of the fence, quietly and efficiently, with a shot to the head.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Halfway finished with part. Will finish today.

Just saying this so no one goes insane.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow be prepared. I would like to do the next part today (with choices trust me) but I am meeting friends and family on fourth of July (USA independence in case you don’t know.

Part 13 A: A Long Awaited Arrival part TWO Description (why do I have a part A and a part one for this chap. anyway?)

Three days after the gang arrives at the NGB… (turns out that the national guard doesn’t have any bases, so I’ll refer to the NGB as: An army base, with a national guard building/sector/army reserve. Excuse me for the mix up.)

…the President of the United States makes critical decisions in a situational room, at Camp David.

It’s the place where the President of the United States retreats in the occurence of a war or catastrophic event. (So we’d still have a government)

More info here

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Chapter 13 A: A Long Awaited Arrival p.1

OutBreak RRRRRRaaaaaaadiooooo!

6 months in the future
Radio Jingle: Here at ninety Eight point eight, all da news for the ooouuttbrreeeeaaaaakk!

A familiar scruffy voice came on the air. “Hello ladies and gentleman, this is me again, your host Borgotto, and before we play any music today…” The radio host paused for a half second. “…We have something special for you. We have, the one and only, Jonathan from that group you all here too often… Team Perserverance! Joining us from Washington D.C. via satellite Jonathan Savage is on air!”

The radio host paused, as if waiting for something dramatic to happen.

“John – are you there?” the host questioned.

Something crackled, and white noise flooded the air. A voice appeared. “Yeah I’m here, how are you Borgotto” the radio said.

“Great Jon! Doin’ fine. We just wanted you to answer a few questions about you and your group. So you’ve been mentioned all over country, received praise from multiple publications, but we still haven’t heard enough. Tell us Jonathan, what really started all of this?”

Jonathan responded “Well, as you all already know, we came from the town Monroeville, in Pennsylvania.”

“Uh-huh,” the host said anxiously.

“…but we didn’t actually form the group until we arrived in Maryland.”

“Ok Jon, so what about Monroeville? Tell us a little bit about what happened before you all created this heroic militia,” the host persisted.

“Alright,” Jonathan said, “Well after settling by the National Guard Building on the Monroeville Army Base, we had some technical issues.”

The host persisted further, “What kinda of technical issues?”

“Major ones. Zombies from the inner city were actually starting to mass up along the fencing. Eventually we had to pull back… And fall to our secondary position where the taller brick walls were.” Jonathan said, remembering.

The host licked his lips, and responded, “Well how did they get through after that?”

“You see, there were thousands, and thousands of them. Eventually the dead had amassed enough to climb over each other.” Jonathan explain.

“Over ten feet of concrete!?” the host exclaimed. “Well how did you escape?”

Jonathan coughed. Iraca had just walked into his room, laying some files on his desk. She waited patiently for him to finish. He coughed again. The strong smell of kerosene was getting to him.

“Actually, I don’t think it would be legal if I told you,” Jonathan said smirking.

Borgotto was not satisfied. “How about the explosion? The bombings from pilot J.J. Winston? Jesus the whole base was destroyed! How did Team Perserverance survive that ordeal?”

Samuel is using way too much Kerosene Jonathan thought.
Hell, can never use too much at a time like this

Iraca walked behind Jonathan and poked him in his back.

“Jon?” the host asked. “Are you still there?”

Turning around, Jonathan came to eyes with her.

“I think we lost him,” the host whispered to a co-worker.

Saying nothing, Iraca nodded, approvingly. “We’re ready, waiting on you Jon”

Jonathan raised the phone to his ear, and spoke, “Yeah I’m here.” he said plainly. “But Wilson wasn’t the one who blew up the base.”

What?!” the host exclaimed.

“It was us” Jon said dryly.



The phone cut off. Jonathan had hung up. He calmly removed the battery from the phone and threw the two pieces of equipment on the floor. Samuel Stevenson walked into the room, with an unlabeled jug, and poured even more unidentified liquid all over the ground, specifically the phone.

“Ok burn the cabin and let’s get the hell out of here.” Samuel said rushing.

“Preferably the second part first” Samuel added.

Jonathan chuckled.

“Got it,” Iraca replied.

Jonathan grabbed the files on his desk, and they all left.

3 hours later the cabin was nothing but smoldering ash and many confused FBI agents.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Originally posted by Mylar:

Perhaps a fusion of the two? Have options A,B,C, and D, but also option E that is Something else. You give the players some suggestions, and if they have an idea they like more they can post it, and it becomes one of the options.

Originally posted by SilentSam:

Continue with the old model, please. Give us limited options, we choose a hybrid of them :3

A hybrid sounds like the write thing to do. Wow I’m corny.

Ok, I’m going to read the old ones.

I think we left off at a military base somewhere in Pennsylvania…

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Well I don’t know about that.


Perhaps this is what I must do:

Visit our characters, get to know them.
Read all of the stories
Start writing.
Perhaps ‘dispose’ all of the people whom have left and are no longer coming back.

While were here however I want to point out that we have the potential to make some major changes. But I’m only proposing this if, say, over half of our co-players have left.

But it was when I was sifting through the forum games, specifically ‘Ather City’… I noticed how the concept of the game had people actually write their own characters’ story and how they interact with others. Honestly, I thought this was kinda cool, but it isn’t what I had in mind for our story. In fact, I think it gives the users too much freedom, which could lead to conflicting stories and propagation of new characters unwanted by the rest of the community…

So my proposition, shall all of us approve, is to implement more freedom than our current model. The suggested method of doing this gives you all the freedom to write about your own actions!

(Of course this is only an idea)

Instead of a format like this:

“Insert detailed story here.


You are constrained to a public restroom somewhere in Virginia, on the side of I-95. While defecating, you hear a noise. It sounds like the balls of tinfoil you set by the doorway! (Your alarm for any intruders) Two zombies are approaching your vicinity. You look left, and then right. Your hands are literally full but you have a crowbar on your left and a monkey wrench on your right. You also, of course, have in your possession your favorite 9mm side arm which is in your hostler."

So here I could say:

Which weapon are you going to choose?

A. Monkey wrench
B. Crowbar
C. 9mm
D. No weapon.

Or I could do this:

Write what your going to do, how your going to do it, and what your going to do after.

The latter choice gives more freedom than the first, which asks you a finite amount of choices. While the first dictates how I describe the outcome, the second possibility gives you the freedom on how to do your own actions.

More thoughts on this later, I gotta go.

I’ll consider any suggestions.

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Topic: Game Programming / Make Your Own Coding Tutorials

You guys should check out

One guy, thousands of videos on more coding languages than I can even name.

By the way – would you say Python is a good start?

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Chapter 14B Smokin' Hot Beaver Dams

Hello my friends,

When I first came back to check the forum after my absence, my jaw dropped.

How is it possible that a seemingly dead thread kept going, purely by its users? I just couldn’t believe it. There is something special here, and it’s all of those faithful people who have kept me going for so long – I don’t think I would have gotten past the second sentence with all your support, and continous comments.

But even when I left, I knew I couldn’t just pull away. That would be pretty torturing for you guys. So what I did was save of the the stories I’ve purged out of my poor little soul. I’ve kept them, knowing that someday I’d come back. Hopefully during the summer.

I also felt that my long departure and overdue arrival has somehow effected those tied in with this thread. It really is a pain to leave on a cliff hanger. Not just those interested in the game, but for me too.

I really have no excuse for my long absence, other than the tedious amount of homework and projects I received on an almost seemingly daily basis. Despite this, I felt like I was always missing something in my classes. Not materialistic things such as paper, pencils, ect. But something deep down. My creativity. Only a while ago did I realize what it was! I’m almost certain it was the stories I wrote on kongregate, over an astounding half a year ago. And I come back, and what do I see? I see that it’s still there!

(Spoiler real quick for convience: I want to make more stories, and I plan to. But I have a new strategy. Make stories in advance, compared to compulsive writing.)

But for the rest my story.

Since I left, I kept receiving private messages on kong, which found its way into my email inbox. These would pile and pile up, en masse. Today I couldn’t take it anymore. Not because I was annoyed by them, but rather because of the feeling that a tiny hammer was hitting the nail that was already in my heart – pushing it in even further. (Hopefully this issn’t too mushy)

So today, I’m pulling it out, and the ones I stuck  in all of yours.

But fortunately, there is a positive side to my sudden departure. Over these days, which have turn into weeks and more days, (273 days I think someone said) I have become more experienced!

I’ll break it down:

I have another English course under my belt.

Analyzing a few writing styles, and reading from selected books has comforted my writing conscious into writing – err – typing more effectively.

I’ve read Max Brook’s book called “The Zombie Survival Guide”, which has further contributed to my motivation for coming back. I thought this was an accurate depiction of how zombies attack, form, and ‘reproduce’ or infect others, given that a zombie outbreak could actually be possible.

My vocabulary has expanded.

My mind has expanded with a more in-depth knowledge of biology, and bio-chemistry, which will certainly help explain how our virus “Plasfardi” is able to turn a human into the living dead.

I have also come across several different Army Manuals, of all sorts. One manual has over 250 pages on detailing how to produce explosive devices (and other cool stuff) out of things that citizens are accustomed to every day – and it describes what materials can be used for the military after their regular munitions have been expended.

Everything from making complicated plastic explosives to filtering dirt to get Potassium Nitrate, which can be used for gunpowder are in these manuals! Thank yoooou Freedom for Public Information Act. I think we are going to have some fun seeing how our heroes do some eradication of the dead.

I promise all of you, that your characters may have some knowledge that they’ve previously forgotten about… Which will certainly aid all of them.

With that, I really am hoping for this community’s forgiveness – for my soul wishes to entertain.

Thank you all,

My futile attempt at drawing a zombie… I can’t believe I forgot how to post images on the forums.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Tournament] Project N.I.C.E. - Round 2.2

Ok, instead of a giant mirage elimination of 50% of players each round, I think it would be better if players go head to head, like competitively. May be funner. And I mean hey, once there is 25 people, you can’t cut them down to 12.5.

We can make a bracket instead of a spreadsheet, and players fight face to face, whether the game is chess, checkers, or any other multiplayer type game. Hell, we could even vote on the next game.