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Topic: Collaborations / List of Available Talent

Hi! My name is Stuart, and I’m a 20 year old musician from Australia.
I have been writing music for several years now. I have not had any experience for writing for a specific game, though I have created many (nearly a hundred by now) midi files for user-made levels for the game Doom. I’m looking for more experience in writing game music, and I am available for both paid and unpaid projects.
I have uploaded all of the non-midi songs I have created to my soundcloud page: . None of these were created for specific purposes, so they include a range of styles (and quality, though I think most of them are good.)
You can find my most recent midis here: and my older midis here: (the older ones are over a range of 5 years or so, but unfortunately they are not dated.)
I’d be happy to hear from you!