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Topic: General Gaming / What is a ninja?

Originally posted by IceWeaselX:

True ninja didn’t have a uniform like the modern entertainment archetype of a martial artist in stealthy (typically black) gear. Many of them “hid” by looking and dressing like everyone else. It’s not like there were realistic photographs for people to recognize known assassins by sight.

Stealth was made easier still by the fact that all of those people look the same.

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Topic: General Gaming / Most Difficult Game You Have Beaten

Originally posted by Cizinec:

You were probably playing on one of the lesser difficulties. I’d recommend setting it up and truly learning what its like to be a professional video gamer.

Trolling? I used to play it on hard when I was 14, just to make it last longer. I’d estimate having finished Half-Life a dozen times.

Can’t really think of the most difficult shooter I’ve played. On Kongregate, Toward The Light was pretty arduous.

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Topic: General Gaming / A nice artistic game - compiling art

Given that the video was only put up a few days ago, you should consider the possibility that the game hasn’t been released yet.

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Topic: General Gaming / Help Cure Cancer With Foldit

I read about this a while ago. I don’t play it though, because I like cancer.

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Topic: General Gaming / (Cool) Game Screenshots

Crysis 2 on ultra settings, with the DirectX 11 upgrade. Note that I don’t have an i-7, for all you dumbarses giving bad advice on computer build threads. Also note that the sky looks weird.

(The image quality is somewhat degraded after being uploaded.)

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Topic: General Gaming / Tf2(Im begging)

Originally posted by batias:
Originally posted by rann13:

first, use apostrophes more often, mention batias more, and end more than one sentence. then, people will take you seriously.

You should capitalize.

You should write in Australian English.

OP, have some self-respect.

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Topic: General Gaming / Oh, your keyboard had broke...

Ah yes, seems I got that badge three years ago.

Hope this helps!

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Topic: General Gaming / Amorphous+

Best game to appear on this site, along with Spewer. There was a similar game; Vector Wars or something. Not as clever, but worth checking out when you run out of things to do in Amorphous.

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Topic: General Gaming / buidling a gaming computer on a budget

Originally posted by roflplatypus:

@arbitor – amd fx 8150 (top of the line) – $189 on newegg. intel i7’s start at $300.

You don’t need an i-7 though. Or 16GB of RAM, for that matter (with 8GB I’ve never seen my system exceed 30% usage). Unless you plan to render videos or something, you can hold out on the RAM until you know you need it.

The same applies to your whole rig… You can get something that is awesome on paper, but you probably won’t notice a difference between it and machines using hardware one or two tiers below. It’s your dime, though.

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Topic: General Gaming / CraftMiner

Are you autistic?

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Topic: General Gaming / I Have...Gamer's Block....arg

Your taste is incorrect. Play some really competitive games (preferably balanced games; i.e. not CoD) until you get good at them. Then you’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried it sooner, and you’ll thank me. But I, being a modest God, will say “Oh stop it, you’re making me blush.”

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Topic: General Gaming / I wish Jazz Jackrabbit had more success.

I used to play this as a kid… An embryo. It was preceded by Commander Keen, which you should check out if you haven’t already. (The latter three games being significantly better than the first three.)

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Topic: General Gaming / Things the younger generations won't have to worry about/understand

You’re 17 dude… Come on. At what age did you have to rely on floppy disks?

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Topic: General Gaming / OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console

Yeah, it’s a cool initiative and all, and it would be neat to see something like that succeed…

However, I’m incredulous to the idea that developers are going to spend the time creating games which actually take advantage of the system. You might like the idea of Canabalt on a TV, but how large a market do you suppose that might appeal to?

I’m not adverse to being proven wrong on this, but I can’t see this shaking up console gaming, or really even causing a ripple.

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Topic: General Gaming / Halo: Reach - Not halo?

Originally posted by ThePigSaysMoo:

But the equipment in halo 3 was either useless or overpowered. At least all the armor abillites are usefull in Reach.

You found the power drain, regenerator, trip mine, and bubble shield all either useless or OP? At least the bubble shield didn’t bring the actual gameplay to an abrupt halt; in a two-on-one situation, being denied one final kill by armour lock is about as unsatisfying an outcome as I could imagine.

With the exception of discovering that I had in fact been playing CoD.

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Topic: General Gaming / Halo: Reach - Not halo?

Originally posted by bgammax:

wow why is everyone dissing armor lock

Probably because it interrupts the flow of an otherwise reasonably quick game. And it’s entirely uncharacteristic of the franchise… And so on. At least in 3, equipment had to be picked up.

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Topic: General Gaming / Mario v.s. Link: Who is the better of Nintendo's hit classics?

Originally posted by MossyStump:

I can only imagine how bleak your life is when it comes to playing videogames

His whole experience with video games is bleak because he doesn’t like two vastly over-rated franchises? Come on dude, if you have to put words into his mouth and dish out fallacies in the course of disagreeing, you should probably reconsider your own opinion. Just a shame he let your obnoxious replies get to him.

Just part with the fact that no matter what games you like and love, you’re still the minority

I wouldn’t lose any sleep knowing that I am in the minority. Mass appeal certainly doesn’t imply quality.

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Topic: General Gaming / Same games

So you’re upset because nobody is deleting old games? A travesty indeed.

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Topic: General Gaming / Halo: Reach - Not halo?

Originally posted by Snipe27:

Any halo game that isnt Halo: Combat Evolved is not “Halo-y” in my opinion.

Do you mean the atmosphere of the campaign? Because as far as multiplayer goes, 2 and 3 were just vast improvements on the first.

Armour lock is pure bollocks in team slayer. I hope they scrap the shit out of it for Halo 4.

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Topic: General Gaming / So In The Year 2060, What Other Gaming Devices CAN There Be? We Think That What We Have Now Is Insanely Advanced... Same Goes For Smartphones and TV's

Originally posted by chicknboy:

Something where you can just think to play a game… I can see it already….

The amazing thing is that it’s already on the market! Someone named Charlatan said he’d give me the necessary neuro-implants for just $500, which seemed like a bargain. Today I imagined myself winning a CoD tournament — grand prize $1,000, so I’ve already recuperated my investment.

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Topic: General Gaming / So, Black Ops II...

Just sayin’.

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Topic: General Gaming / So, Black Ops II...

Once again, ridiculous speculation based on a Goddamned trailer. Allow me to set a few things straight.

Originally posted by AirmanAlex:

Here is something that looks like a Star Wars AT Walker

That may be what it looks like, but it’s actually a high-def Fido from Total Annihilation.

And these are "quad-copters Along with a soldier with a HALO looking assault rifle.

Where are you getting these ideas? Those are just cats. I guess you have a point about the gun, in that it resembles the Halo Battle Rifle. They both have one barrel… Quite the coincidence.

Personally I think that the game will be terrible, since it wasn’t developed in Japan and features no discernible strong female lead. I could be mistaken, though.

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Topic: General Gaming / So I Just Got Minecraft 360 Edition. Any Hints or Suggestions?

Dig the whole map to bedrock. Report back when you are finished.

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Topic: General Gaming / EPIC MUST READ!!!

I’m deleting my profile from Kongregate, since your post has convinced me that GameInterlude is better. Cheers

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Topic: General Gaming / Good PC for gaming?

It’s more than sufficient for Skyrim and Battlefield. Minecraft, not so much. You might want to upgrade to 20GB of RAM.

Originally posted by rawismojo:

I’d really recommend swapping out the hard drive for a solid state drive and keep your OS and your main applications on there, then put everything else on the 1TB drive for storage. The performance increase from going to a hard drive to a solid state drive is insanely noticeable.

It’s probably not an option for a pre-built POS, since the OS is likely installed already. Either way, they’re only really appropriate for people who know why they want one in the first place.