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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / think of your own towers and upgrades for them

I do believe with some minor adjustments, your idea could be implemented into the game. Here’s my updated version to that, if you want some insight; Monkey General: A powerful monkey general tower that is armed with a pistol and has the abillity to teach the surrounding towers to have cheaper upgrades from the inital purchase. (Inital purchase for “medium” difficulty.) Cost: 1500. Path 1, upgrade 1. Name: Strict Training. Effects/Description: Allows for a more quick fire rate, increasing the strictness of tower training. Cost: 750. Upgrade 2. Name: R.P.G. Effects/Description: Using the best in monkey technology, the monkey general gets a powerful new rocket that shoots lead ‘bloons every 5 seconds. Cost: 800. Upgrade 3. Name: Special Ops. Monkey. Effects/Description: The Monkey General is now able to fire a minigun that fires five times fast. Upgrade 4: Name: One Monkey Army. Effects/Description: This abillity fires a high powered explosive blast that destroys every ’bloon on screen and disables M.O.A.B class ’bloons for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 35. Cost: 15000. Path 2, upgrade 1. Name: Upgrade intel. Effects/Description: Grants all towers within the general’s radius camo ‘bloon detection. Upgrade 2. Name: Cheaper Upgrades. Effects/Description: Decreases all of the towers upgrades by 8%. Cost: 1500. Upgrade 3. Name: Increased Dexterity. Effects/Description: All towers within the tower’s radius have a 18% faster fire rate. Cost: 5000. Upgrade 4. Name: M.O.A.B Annihalation. Effects/Description: All towers in the proximity of the tower have 17% increased damage to M.O.A.B class ’bloons. Cost: 7500.