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Topic: General Gaming / feudalism 3

umm… i hope you definatly make a multiplayer option alot of people are asking for that and id like it to, also it would be realy cool if you could choose more that 1 single handed sword of the same sword lvl or more than 1 bow per bow lvl ect. it would also be realy cool if ther was more civilizations that you have to take over. oh and more than 22 men on the battle field would be epic. i think it would be kinda cool if you could train war hounds or lions or some animal that could fight for you and maybie animal equipment. what i want most of all would be to be able to equip your soldiers and also enchant your soldiers weapons and lvl up your soldiers. im just hoping you will make the game soon because feudalism is an awsome game and i cant wait to play feud 3.