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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dueling Blades] Ninja or Rogue?

I’m currently a lvl 34 knight. I don’t know about everybody but I think ninja is better because of its greater agility and attack. Ninja offers you greater escape options like Caltrops and Cloning but at the same time, doesn’t boast of good offensive skills. You need to rely on the skills offered for the thief class especially Stun Kick and Dagger Fury. I, at most times hesitate to fight because of its higher strength because its one attack can produce more damage which is slightly dangerous in forest like conditions where they have a greater chance of escaping. Also, their attack range and angle gives them superior advantage in close combats especially in bridge.

So, my advice to you is if you want quickly finish off the bots especially Helena and the pirates, then choose ninja. Also, if your play style is attack and escape type, choose ninja.

Now, let’s come into the next class Rogue. It is one of the underrated classes of this game with Knights. If you like the adrenaline rush in your veins and want to live on the edge, then this is the option for you. Because if you are rogue, then you are probably the best class to go in close combat with your move set of offensive skills like Throat Slice and Poison Blade. I personally feel that Poison Blade is as good as Stun Kick because it deals regular damage to your opponents HP which brings him under a lot of undue pressure. Also, the Thief’s skills help in maintaining you as the one dominating the battle.

But, both Ninja and Rogue have very similar weaknesses of having a very poor defense and HP which is probably the only reason behind the superiority of Knight and Samurai classes.

Last point that needs to be mentioned here is the rare armor that is available for both the classes. If you are able to unlock the complete rare armor (Top, Pants and Weapons) of a Ninja, then probably you are the most strongest player in strength which can give you cutting edge over any other player including the Samurai class. On the other hand, rare armor of the Rogue class is not as majestic as the ninja class but good enough to cause problems to even the most experienced players.

This is the complete explanation of both the classes. I hope this helps you in choosing the class of your desire. According to me, choose the class which suits your style of play.