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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Disappearing Demon Hunter Azreal

I would like to get Demon Hunter Azreal back too. Got back cards from online rewards but not Azreal. Here is screenshot of packs i opened:

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Known Issue] Missing Cards

i also lost Demon Hunter Azrael (epic) from the 20 pack event.
name: DejoAMG
Server: Snowy Fort

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons / Post your Raid URLs here

Mardachus the Destroyer NM

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Topic: Tyrant / Faction Recruitment Thread

Helpful LVL 6 factioon looking for motivated members – We value willingness to learn,
communication good old fashioned teamwork -To join:

also when you are accepted we want you to came on chat to discuss about everything

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Topic: Tyrant / Post Active Raid Links Here

XENO WALKER, just started

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Add Friends!!

Add me, daily player