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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Damage Model and Armor explained

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / +1,-2: Gun Edition

+1 Saiga – Menacing in the right hands, especially with the +5 fire rate skill
-1 PM Pistol
-1 KAC PDW – Muzzle flash

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / gp login bonus over Cr

Originally posted by nogeenkip:

yeah but for the 60+ lv they dont care about CR. not at more the 1 mil cr and all the guns.
sorry your not making me happy with the 5000+-CR a day log in.

Always save CR for skill resets

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / +1,-2: Gun Edition

+1 IZH-43 – Excellent Stormkill weapon using both barrels with lots of reload and firing distance skill
-1 VSS Vintorez – Sucks without w-task scope. Hard to get longshots even with 100 accuracy
-1 MP-133 W-Task – Sabot rounds defeat the purpose of shotgun spread which is meant to compensate for inaccuracy

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Classes

Originally posted by holeman1:

i think he wants to sell the new names to the devs for 5000 credits each

OP didn’t mean that, you misinterpreted him and for what ever reason felt the need to reiterate it. Get off your high horse; you post enough stuff we don’t need to see on these forums already.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Suggestions and tips

One feature that would improve the game immensely would be the ability to create and delete multiple characters on the one account. This will allow players to experience the different playing styles of the classes WITHOUT having to create a whole new Kongregate account.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Long Barrel Upgrade Question

The Long Barrel I and II upgrades claim to add +10 and +15 metres respectively to the fire distance of your main weapon. My main question is, referring to the damage drop graphs, do these upgrades increase both the distances at which the bullets travel before the damage begins to drop and the distance at which the damage reaches 0 (for shotguns) or does it affect only the latter?

I would like legitimate answers in order to solve my dilemma. Thanks!