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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Skyshard Heroes] [Dev] World Map Beta

1 When you click world map, you should have your city in the center of the screen, and if you were looking at the world map earlier and went back, you should be viewing the same area you were when you left the world map.
2 Add some kind of house icon so you can go back to your own city.
3 a. Access to viewing friend / guild(!!!) member’s city.
….3 b. A LOG (PLEASE!!!) to see what the person has upgraded. ex: Scout friend / guild member town and a log comes up and shows the last 15 things they done and WHEN they did it. 1/17/2013 Level 7 silo upgraded. 1/18/2013 Level 5 Divine Light. Ect.
4 Give more space for each player’s city in world map. See each “tile” in world map? Make sure that the other 9 tiles around each city can not have another player’s city placed on it and have the AI cities only be viewed by each player in this area. This is good so multiple AI cities won’t be spread around in world map, cities won’t be clustered, and if AI is too hard for your citadel level, then go back to the original one you were doing before hand :).
5 For any background equipped, turns both your city and AI cities to that background in world map and battle.

  • Much potential with this update, if anything comes to mind, i’ll make a post.