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I am a 1006 year old immortal that lives in America and is biologically 14. Most people’s lifespa is only around 100 years, so you might wonder, how did I manage to do this. Well the secret is genetics. First off, I took my genes,and sequenced it all out on a supercomputer,and then found the gene that is responsible for aging. Then I took the newly reprogrammed genes, and used a virus to insert the DNA into my body. Eventually, the immortal cells took over my body,nd that is why I’ve stopped aging. How did I do this 1006 years ago? ALIENS Due to further genetic engineering,I was able to alter other key factors in my body, making me faster, both mentally and physically. One of the most important abilities unlocked is being able to harness the power of enephrine. Enephrine is mostly known as adrenaline, and can only be activated subconciously,and used when in times of danger. I can activate my adrenal glands at will, and cause large increases in physical capabilities, making me more than a match for most people. I was also able to increase my mental capacity, so if I am smarter than you, don’t be offended. Using my intellect, I figured out the pointlessness of loving someone. Love is a hormone imbalance that cases members of the opposite gender to seek each other out, and continue the survival of their species. There are plenty of people in this world, and I would not want to be bothered by some girl for the rest of her life, which could be annoying, becuase they’re lifespans are annoyingly long, like 80 something years. Nobody has the time to deal with that. Also, did you ever wonder why you would always do what your girlfriend wanted you to do? It’s an evolutionary thing. Women are very vulnerable during pregnancy, and require almost constant care. Now most people wouldn’tant to deal with that, and you don’t either,o the brain will produce hormones that will make you listen to her, essentially making you her slave. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like dealing with that, so that’s why I’m asexual. Therefore, I am into neither gender.

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