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272 People and counting have the sickness…
I’m really just lonely…

If I don’t respond when you chat to me or PM me, I’m likely AFK, so there’s no need to spam, I tend to randomly go AFK, also. However, if I am not AFK and not responding, you are probably not worthy of my time. (There’s the Elitist Prick in some of us)


Danbuckley5:It’s the kick in the balls with the steel-capped platforms that I worry about.
dreadsamurai: Balls of steel…
13urning_Guy: …Wont protect you from
steel-capped platforms
serendipity2009: They might clink interestingly though

NotBobRamen: Balls of steel…
NotBobRamen: is it just me that imagines that being said with some kind of really epic voice…
13urning_Guy: Duke Nukem?
NotBobRamen: more like the halo announcer man
13urning_Guy: No
13urning_Guy: Duke Nukem says “I have Balls of Steel”
NotBobRamen: leave it to duke nukem to brag about his testicles…

NotBobRamen: And you can have your very own NAZI MAGNET FOR THE LOW LOW PRICE OF $19.99 plus shipping and handling
NotBobRamen: *NBR and co. are not responsible for any deaths occurring from use of this product do not try to chip or crack the product as this may cause permanent damage and dis-function
NotBobRamen: call 1-800-NAZIMAG today~
13urning_Guy: Our Nazi Magnet worked GREAT! So great it attracted half the Redneck population of America!

13urning_Guy: Emerald, wanna RP?
Emerald339: Dunno. What’re we doing?
13urning_Guy: WWII
Emerald339: Not sure how to do that.
Emerald339: Trolling Hitler?
Emerald339: You:“Hey Hitler!”
Emerald339: Hitler:“Vhat?”
Emerald339: You:“I think you lost something.”
Emerald339: Hitler:“Vhat?!?!”
Emerald339: You:“World War II”

[02:43 PM] Antispam: kinggun680 has been muted. (Cancel)
[02:43 PM] Antispam: kinggun680 has been unmuted.
[02:43 PM] Antispam: kinggun680 has been muted. (Cancel)
[02:43 PM] Antispam: kinggun680 has been unmuted.
[02:43 PM] Antispam: kinggun680 has been muted. (Cancel)
[02:43 PM] Antispam: kinggun680 has been unmuted.
[02:43 PM] To antispam: SHUT THE **** UP
[02:43 PM] Antispam: http://i.imgur.com/KpFV5.gif

My Body Parts are up for sale

Tell me what you want, and you can have it, hurry before it’s all gone!

Meowmeowcat owns my Heart <3
Serendipity2009 owns my Left Kidney.
Huterwolf owns my Left Foot.
F1restar owns my Skull.
SamuraiZach0 owns my Kneecaps.
Coolcole77 owns my Hands.
Shinoda119 owns my Ribcage.
NoPronPls owns my Nervous System.
Trace401 owns my Brain.

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