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Player of Realm Grinder since release, regular of Realm Grinder – Room #03 since the chat rooms were added. Writes and reads, and devours whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Caution: is very unstable and may breathe fire at any time. Location currently unknown.
Realm Grinder Short Numbers to Sci-No And Back!
M(U)/d(Dc): 1/10
D/vg: 2/20
T/tg: 3/30
Qa/qag: 4/40
Qi/qig: 5/50
Sx/sxg: 6/60
Sp/spg: 7/70
Oc/ocg: 8/80
No/nog: 9/90
Dc: 10
Don’t worry about 100.
From Short to Sci-No:
Take the number value of the word, the first one representing the 1’s place, the second representing the 10’s place.
Multiply by 3.
Add 3.
Example: Qad: Qa is 4, d is 10. 14×3=42+3=45. 1Qad=1e45.
To Convert From Sci-No to Short Numbers:
Subtract 3 from the number after the e, then divide by 3 to know the short number. To know where to put the decimal, look at the division decimal. If decimal is .0, it’s whole, leave the decimal where it is. If .333, move it to the right once, if .666, move it to the right twice.
Example: 3.781e124. Take the 124, subtract 3 to get 121. Divide by 3 to get 40.333. 40 is Qag. The number becomes 3.781Qag, but it was 40.333, which moves the decimal right once. 3.781e124 becomes 37.81Qag.
Realm Grinder Initialisms/Acronym/Other:
HL (Alignment): Holy Light.
FC (Fairies): Fairy Chanting.
MB (Elves): Moon Blessing.
GH (Angels): God’s Hand.
DP (Dwarfs): Diamond Pickaxe.
BF (Alignment): Blood Frenzy.
GG (Goblins): Goblin’s Greed.
NT (Undead): Nighttime.
HB (HfB) (Demons): Hellfire Blast.
CS (Drow): Combo Strike.
GG (not Goblins)(Alignment): Gem Grinder.
LS (Titans): Lightning Strike.
GB (Druids): Grand Balance.
BW (Faceless): Brainwave.
DB (Dragons): Dragon’s Breath.
TC: Tax Collection.
CtA: Call to Arms.
SS (R14+) Spiritual Surge.
FC (not spell) Faction Coins.
LF: Lightning Forge, a merc build.
DF: Variant of Lightning Forge, merc build.
IGOT: Merc build that grows over time.
R#: Reincarnation Number.
T# (R42+): Spell Tier Number.
HoL: Hall of Legends.
GotH: Gift of the Heroes (Shop item).
GotK: Gift of the Kings (Shop item).
GotG: Gift of the Gods (Shop Item).
Vanilla: the six base factions: Fairy, Elves, Angels, Goblins, Undead, Demons.
Neutrals: The three base neutral Factions: Titans, Druids, Faceless.
Vanilla Prestige: Dwarf and Drow.
Neutral Prestige: Dragons.
Excavations unlock at 1B (1e9)+ Gems.
TITANS require Quest Artifacts 1&4..
300 Hall of Legends.
Must buy upgrade that run.
DRUIDS require Quest Artifacts 2&5.
1M (1e6) earned Faction Coins (this run)
Must buy upgrade that run.
FACELESS require Quest Artifacts 3&6.
36 hours playtime (this run).
Must buy upgrade that run.
DWARFS and DROW require 200 Excavations.
Quest series will unlock.
CHALLENGES require R2+.
MERCS require R3+.
BLOODLINES require R7+.
SPELL TIERS Requires R42+.
DRAGONS require R46+.
JUL 11 – 9:40AM
screwtable: “look – I have a booger that’s shaped like Pikachu – THAT’S going on Instagram!”
OCT 1 – 12:23PM
PhishToko: Youre just always here, arent you Heusit?
dogfeet: what else would he be doing on company time?
OCT 1 – 12:24PM
PhishToko: Idk… Swimming?
ExSilverWolf: in cold weather he’s at?
PhishToko: Why not?

FEB 15 – 11:34AM
pseudobyte: okay, your first mistake is listening to anything room 3 says
So I shouldn’t listen to my own advice? Okay!

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