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LOL join by the link (: im named 1Lee1 in there add me

(many of this infomations is probely a bit old by now i only updated my age so just come and ask me, dont be afride)

Hellow, Randoms persons, who stalks randoms profiles, on a random page…. siens you reading this bunch of crap, ill kind of guess im the random person you end up whit… well to bad for you, cus im talk alot. well but im guess you alredy kind of guess that part {No wonder},,, well enjoy my random page, you random stalker ;D

BUT, first: IM DYSLEKSI. so if u dont have the time to reade my word fails, just go now cus i have a lot, and my ass is to fucking laizy to make its fixt by now ;D ,, ill just take its slow. Peace out !

If u wanna know stuff abaut me, and like all the others random duds, are afride to just ask me, here you go. :
well lets see. im an dude whitout an penis ( are u surprise now? ) …well that kind of means im a girl but my irl frind look at me like an boy, and its fine whit me, cus duds have its funnest !!! but that is an other storry,,,
(( and for thoes geeks who dont know what frind are, its real human persons, who like you, for you mistakes, and you can tutch them, hug them, kiss them , ect))
im leting everyone araund me know when im feeling in a bad mode q; .. im 19 years, my style is what ppl call cyber goth, who is an awsome way to look, and dont look it up, cus im not a coular boomb, whit 17 dif coular on ones, i wear black, and 1 maye 2 coular at ones, ask me personaly if u wanna know more, and yes i think its look ugly when a dude come whit all the rainbow on his / her clothe … i mean come on dude, had a paint store trow up at u? or u just waysted in u mind, ?

i have a lot of questions and arrent afride to aks, ppl who dont know me think im stupid, cus i said a lot of waysted things, but im not, i just turn my brins off when im whit my frind, CUS MY FRINDS like me for who i am… and when i think abaut what i do before i do it, im not me, they thing i do, the thing i said i dont think abaut it, cus im dont care, if ppl dont like me fight whit my frinds its there problem, if ppl dont like me having fun whitout im thinking ‘’ oh no does they others barbie also do this or is im wiers? ’’ FOR HELL YEEAH PPL, I AM WAysted and im love it,

ill have seen a lot in my life, but its dosent mean i am afride of life, … its just mean i have to work for the life i want to have ones,

i love art, and im wanna makes tattoo art for leving, i like rock, punk, metal, heavy, ect u get the point…

im not veganer, i just see meet as an ‘’ extra’’ thing my mom said i HAVE TO eat, im not feeling sorry, for the animal, i dont, dont like meet, its taste good, but i just there are thing who taste better q; so its like eat candy before the dinner, just because u do that, its dosent mean u dont like the dinner, and u know im rihgt…

I have more than 22 piercings,, only 2 put in at the moment… i know a lot of u alredy think ‘’ WTF?’’ but hey.. thats just mean ppl think – thats a start.. uhm whats more abaut me ppl like to know.. i use sites 42-43 in shue ( its sounds big) and then i can tell u… its is ;D but that after danich numbers q; haha . or u can just said like an carrot, and hide under u bed. well im dont care q; .. right now im sitting and singing whit the intro of frinds. u know what really wierd thing . going on at my tv. q: i dont like hoses they are ugly, clown scares me, and im total afride of the pink elepanth from dumbo O.o i mean serious i still having bad dreams abaut them huh ! ..

i really really hate the sites of the pic on his home page, i mean come on what the reason? no one can c it anyways so what the point? and they little pic on letters u know they are bigger ;O WTF is up whit that? i mean serious im not a god dahm multi person whit super eyes, like superman.. im not needet glasses, im just dont want to puck my eye 0,5 cm from the scream to c who the i am talking whit.. then ppl think ‘’ then stop’’ well fesser, if ppl put a pic on a profile its cus that person like to been c of others . so why take thay joy away from them ? oh well .. now im run out from ides oh here come one.. im not that tall ;D . but im little and cute.. and for all u who dont think so.. u have really bad taste then. cus im cute, funny sensedent, have beuaty eyes, a good boddy ect. i love my self really badely… and i dont get why its is ppl pm me all the time ‘’ oh u profile is so funny’’ ? WTF im not try to be funny huh .. but when i am no one laugh. aghh , i love pirates, they are awsome ! oh well c ya from now u random stalker.. i hope u happy now, cus this crap is what u get when u stalk others profile.!!! haha, there u just waysted 15 min of u life q; ARE U LAUGH NOW ? ha i dont think so. cus now u just lose 16 min of u life… i know im laugh . and im keep going cus u still reading so HAha.. lalal WTF? u still havent got the point of my profile is done.. og well , its not me just waysted 18 min of my life of crap like this, and now u just keep talking to c how long its take u to get the point of my profile text is over ;O oh wait a minut …. i cant c u so do u please mind to whrite how much u readed of my profile before u get the point.. Bye q; lee out for now C ya ramdom ..

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