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    Planet Horse Shit, in the Galaxy of This Sucks Camel Dick.
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    Feb. 28, 2009
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“I’m a guy. I work in an office building, doing office building stuff.” -Worth, Cube

“Jack and Jill went up a hill to have a little fun. But Jill forgot her pill and now they have a son.” -Yiu113

“Here I stand, making history. Yep, lots and lots of history…

I wonder what masturbation feels like on the moon."-http://fukung.net/v/6970/moon_masturbation.jpg

“Rachiface: not with my mod armor on.

3l3tric: That exists?

Gouretoratto: Yes.

Gouretoratto: It is composed of a mod’s inflated ego compressed into armor."

“3l3tric: Oh my God.

Azieru: yes?"

“If you’re staying with me, it better be because I’m the god-damn suspect. Cause if I don’t get some good leads soon, you’re all going to be demoted to something that will require touching shit with your hands.”-Cop from Eagle Eye.

“I’m tired of these Monkeyfied snakes on this Monday-through-Friday plane!”-Man off of Snakes on a Plane-TV Edit.

“3l3tric: F is for fires, that burn down the whole town, U is for uranium… Bombs! N is for no survivors, when you nuke the whole goddamned earth.

rockerchic: F is for ****ing in the dark, U is for underwear on the floor, N is for nudity. :3"

“iRevo: I hate my first job.

iRevo: A cashier/carryout at a grocery store.

Lystie: Sounds like a great job, actually.

CedartownDawg: Old women give you tips if you’re nice.

iRevo: We are NOT allowed to receive tips.

CedartownDawg: Yea, and the waitresses at Hooters aren’t whores."

“3l3tric: Oh yeah, and there was a poster for March of the Vaginas.

bunnykitten: Best kids movie ever."

“CedartownDawg: Huh? No, Lotus is a gril.

rockerchic: We’re all men.

rockerchic: And you’re going to get some special loving.

CedartownDawg:Gonna roll you in baby oil…"

“rockerchic: So I’ve decided to go see a doctor about my abnormally large penis.

CedartownDawg: I tried that, they just gave me a harness to attach it to my leg."

“3l3tric: Because apparently your English teacher was a corpse.

PandaKitten: No, he has the same English teacher as Rebecca Black :3"

“Bumblebee2012: mr. leprechaun what kind of games do you play?

3l3tric: Sex games.

JohnLeprechaun: He’s not joking."

“3l3tric: Why do you think I’m obese, JL?

JohnLeprechaun: I thought that was just how Americans were born these days, Trike."

“Failed to get AppleS5L8920XARM7M”
-Greenp0ison error, infamous in the Jailbreaking community.

“Now, as this is her 83rd Christmas, I’ll have Aunt Bethany say Grace.

But Grace has been dead for years!

No, he means the blessing…

OH!… I pledge Allegance, To the Flag…"
-National Lampoon Christmas Vacation.

“InfinityJay: I’m in puberty?
InfinityJay: How the hell do you go inside puberty?”

“Impulse2: Gibson had a different MOD 15 minutes ago.

Maginmaniac7: Changing of the guard."

" CedartownDawg: What’d one tampon say to the other? Nothing, they were both stuck up bitches."

“Aviator17: Sarah Jessica Parker walked into a bar… "neigh""

“sunnygrlrox: Eeyore is so depressed… Like, he should be put in a white donkey jacket or something.”

“explosionofdoom: i found an easter egg!
kezerb: In July? I bet it’s melted.”

My Audio Setup:
iPod Touch 4G, Fiio L3 LOD, Fiio E11 Headphone Amp, Grado SR225i.

http://www.waroftherosesthegame.com/?ref=aa080a94485 – Go there and sign up, so I can get in on the beta.

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