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    Read my description and you will find the answer. All of it.
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    May. 19, 2009

Hey, there. Yes, you. No, don’t just go, I’m lonely to a low but prominent degree, sit down on the chair that you are now aware of as I mentioned it, since you have no vision of this situation as you are reading the profile of a randomer on a cool website.

My name’s Scott. I’m 13. Haven’t been on in a while. I’m beginning to notice a couple of stupid things I done in previous years, because, as you can see, I was underage for quite a lot of my time here. Beginning to see COPPA has a larger grand scheme that extends beyond privacy.

Speaking of COPPA, did you hear about SOPA and PIPA? Of course you did, you’re browsing the internet on a site other than Facebook, Bebo, Youtube, Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo and Bing, so you must have a decent knowledge of the net since your usage of it extends beyond the aforementioned sites. So yeah, you can clearly see I’m going massively off-track, and you are just gonna watch how this goes.

So yeah, idiots in Congress screwed you guys over with that. I say ‘you guys’, because I come from a relatively shitty country called Northern Ireland, which is like the sexually confused son of Britain and Ireland. Most conflict ceased the year I was born, but I can still tell that unless I flee to you guys when I’m 18, I’m just gonna eventually be bombed, like everyone else.

The entire geographic island of Ireland is slowly emigrating to Australia anyway. Everyone’s getting out as soon as they can. Those unfit to travel are left with no choice but to commence a project involving drilling under Ireland and putting a massive flotation device below it and just rowing it to Australia. The hard men down there will sort out all terrorists, and we might cause a shitload of unnecessary seismic activity because of how we can drill and row an entire island away which has a lot of minor faultlines, but hey, that’s how the cookie crumbles.

I’m the main teenage ambassador of that project, but in my spare time, I like to focus on Canada’s accident, the Bieber, as being able to counter the actions of it will be crucial in minimising magnetic impact when we start rowing. This is because, using a detector I built from a DAB radio, 4 Geiger counters and a GPS navigator, I have found that the Bieber creates an omnipresent form of energy which exists as both none and all types of energy everywhere, nowhere, all the time and none of the time. Now, I know studies into He Who Shall Not Be Named are officially now as commonplace as breathing air, but hear me out. The energy completely inhabits the 29th dimension, and, because of the height of the Bieber’s voice and the way the Bieber can concentrate the sound, the sound energy is so powerful it breaches all 28 dimensions, allowing the energy, which I have named Biebium, to leak in. Since the Bieber has made its debut on YouTube, 1% of the universe is filled with Biebium, which can exist in the same space as any other object or energy in this dimension. This amount of Biebium in the universe only influences brain patterns at the moment, but by 21st December 2012, a major buildup of Biebium will rupture, increasing the Biebium in the universe to 15%. This will kill all brain patterns, cause all devices which transmit radio signals to explode, and destroy all magnetism in the universe, which will mean the death of all humans and alien species which may exist.

Biebium has already caused sensible brain patterns to be severely distorted. This is thought to have caused the London riots, the Eurozone debt crisis, the economic crisis of 2008, and Scooter Braun’s original accident of signing him. Additionally, at certain points, Biebium is so densely concentrated, it can go back in time. This could have caused the military coup of Libya in 1969, the spread of AIDS, and the birth of Britney Spears.

As of now the origins of the Bieber are unknown.

Wait, did I just spend two paragraphs discussing the Bieber? Oh, dear. So yeah, I’m pretty much chilled towards anyone here who may have pissed me off, as right now, I am smoking mashed-up banana in a pipe, as eating them can relieve stress, and smoking them can result in a burst of chilled awesomeness. Try it.

So, yeah, let’s talk Kong. Before I decided to take a break, I was integrated into the Ninja Chat and IKRC chat communities, along with OT, which I failed to post nearly enough on. Thank god, who knows what I’d do.

So, yeah, I’ve just repeated ‘So, yeah’ at the start of two consecutive paragraphs. I think I’m gonna wrap this up. I’ll be sure to update this frequently. It’ll be fun. Or maybe I’ll just finish typing this, and go somewhere that I will never be discovered.

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