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If you wish to talk to me, PM me. If you wish to learn more about me click that “MORE ABOUT ME” button. I’m know as ABipolarCactus (ABC) and I play flash games in order to restrain from boredom.

I. Introduction
Hey what’s up? I’m just your average teenager trying to get through high-school without completely humiliating myself. I’m fifteen years old soon to be getting my drivers license. I currently take college classes and my GPA is about 3.50.
II. Kongregate Timeline
I’ve been on Kongregate ever since I made my first account in 2009. On my first account I was rude, immature, and always getting silenced by the moderators. I realized that being this way wasn’t going to get me anywhere. I’ve made three other account besides this one because I could never completely choose which one to stay on. I’ve finally decided that ABipolarCactus will be my permanent account on Kongregate.
III. Skills
a) Flash Developer
I’m an Adobe Flash CS5 developer always working on projects to pass the time. I love making platform games and providing new challenges with every level I make in them. In my game developing, I love to help others. I’ve made Flash AS2 tutorials for beginner programmers to learn and enjoy.

b)Website Developer
I’ve worked with HTML in trying to create websites in the past. What got me into HTML was the username “Gigafide” on youtube showing me how to make a website from scratch in notepad. I always enjoy amazing my friends at what I can do with simple lines of coding in Notepad to make a website. I’ve furthermore made websites with Adobe Dreamweaver.

c)Video Developer
I’ve made several accounts on Youtube in an effort to get popular and gain millions of views. I’ve made accounts for gaming, tutorials, talk shows, etc. After a while of not being patient I gave up on Youtube and it’s video services. My specialty with making videos was creating game montages for Call of Duty. I used Adobe After Effects for that process.
IV. Gaming
Gaming has always been apart of me life. Ever since I can remember I always had a controller in my hand of some sort. Either it be a Nintendo 64 controller, a computer joystick, a gamecube controller, or and old school Nintendo Entertainment System controller, I’ve always been a true gamer to heart.

The layout of this “About Me” information was thought of originally by LethalMutiny and I aspired from his idea to create one of my own.

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