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I tend to enjoy the finer things in life such as intellectual conversations and acquiring superiority over others who would oppose me.
You insular, fractious, mentally indolent, impertinent, gratuitously haughty, inept, conspicuously doltish, plethora of fatuity. I am the zenith of the paragon of an erudite maverick. Any of you dolts with even a modicum of intelligence will discover that my throne of logical superiority is one that I will never abdicate.
For those of you who think any of this is just simple overuse of a thesaurus, allow me to point out how it is not and that every word here is used absolutely correctly and is the perfect word to use to convey the message.
Insular: Lacking contact with people. If you use Kongregate, you most likely are VERY insular, be it at school, home, work, or generally any social setting.
Fractious: Easily irritated. Based on the arguments I have engaged in online, many of the people are here are easily angered. Therefore, this also fits.
Indolent: Lazy. Many “gamers” are known to be lazy. However, the term I used was “mentally indolent.” That can be inferred to mean that your brain is lazy or has little activity going on. It’s another way to say stupid; but stupid by your own choice.
Impertinent: Not giving the proper respect. I am obviously a god and those who refuse to worship me are not only stupid, but also quite rude and impertinent.
Gratuitously haughty: Thinking one is superior with no validity or support. Haughty means arrogantly superior. Gratuitous means uncalled for. They were combined quite beautifully in this case.
Inept: Having or showing little skill. Especially in arguments, as I have witnessed many times.
Conspicuously doltish: Obviously stupid. Conspicuous means obvious. Doltish means foolish or idiotic.
Plethora of fatuity: An excessive amount of stupidity. Plethora means an excess. Fatuity means complacent stupidity or foolishness.
So that part is me making statement. I am addressing the public as if I was a king.
Zenith: The highest point reached by an object. The object here is the quality to which I am a paragon.
Paragon: An epitome or person who represents the perfect example of something. I am the perfect example of an erudite maverick.
Erudite: Having or showing great knowledge or learning. I do this in all of my arguments.
Maverick: An independent person who refuses to conform. People can see this just be talking to me.
This part was me stating that I am the highest perfect example of an intelligent, non-conforming person.
Dolts: Stupid people. I am addressing the public by calling them all stupid people. If you don’t think you are stupid, engage me in an argument and I will show you that you are, in fact, a dolt.
Modicum: A small amount of something. So any of you with even a little bit of intelligence.
Abdicate: To renounce one’s throne. Seeing as how I said “my throne is one I will not abdicate” makes the use of this perfect; just as all the others are as well.
If you think you can defeat me in an argument, go ahead and try me. Do it publicly. You’re going to need the help of your friends. Just know, that I have never lost. I will effortlessly destroy any single person and I have decimated up to 9 people simultaneously with
little to no effort.
How I feel about trolls: I do not see myself as a troll although I have been called The King of Trolls, God of Trolls, and The Most Powerful Troll Alive. I don’t think trolls really even exist. I think labeling one as a troll occurs when people just aren’t as (or they think they aren’t as) intelligent as another person so they feel as though they have to attach an insult to it to avoid feeling bad about themselves being so inferior to the intelligent person. I believe moderators call people trolls so they have a “reason” to silence people. This is an unjustified reason however due to its invalidity. I believe an invalid reason is an excuse.
Death Assault Force
The Death Assault Force is a group of unstoppable arguers who are undefeated. Their individual and collective names have suffused the forums, being used by even Administrators and Moderators telling others not to engage us and that they will lose. We are too powerful to defeat. That advice is very true.
How I feel about muting: I never mute anyone. If I did, I could miss out on a potential argument. I encourage others to mute me so I can add to my collection of trophies. (See below) If someone mutes during an argument, I consider that surrendering. You are making it impossible to see your opponent’s attacks. Just because you can’t see the attacks doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. If they are still arguing and you can not see what they are saying, you are losing due to their points staying with no opposition. Muting someone is simply eliminating your chance of fighting back. And if you can’t fight back, you lose.
Does anyone who possesses any intellectual importance dare to present themselves?
FAQ about me:
Q: Do you really think you are a god?
A: Yes, I honestly do.
Q: Why or how?
A: I am so intelligent that I cannot possibly be human. My intelligence is so far above that of a human’s, that my status as an organism must also be superior.
Q: Do you have any disabilities?
A: Well, of course I do. I’m a gamer. Physically, I am significantly taller(6’3 and a half) than the average human(5’9). This is a disability to me because I hit my head and neck on a lot of things. Mentally, I have savantism. This is an advanced form of Aspergers which is a high-functioning form of Autism that makes one extremely smart and logical, but also makes them socially awkward. I have long since mastered the negative symptoms and eliminated them which means the only symptom I have now is the unnaturally high intelligence.
Q: What is your background? From the very beginning.
A: Believe what you want but here it goes. The original being, Ptah, created 9 sons: Lionheart, The Master, Xeen, Mozaeus, Dark Ptah, Konkriegus, Concydrous, Necron, and Pando. These 9 pooled their energies and much of their lifeforce into a single being which became me.
Q: Um… What the—? Okay… So… Do you believe in Egyptian mythology? (You said Ptah)
A: Ptah is the Egyptian God of creation but he is fake. The Ptah I mentioned is real. The Egyptians were almost correct about the gods. I do not believe in Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Nordic, Celtic, African, South American, Mayan, Incan, Aztec, or any other type of mythology. I do, however, believe it is possible there may be a little truth to each. I doubt they just got these ideas out of nowhere.
Q: What religion are you?
A: Atheist. Hardcore to the bone.
Q: Why?
A: I see no proof of “God” or Jesus.
Q: The Bible!!
A: I see no proof that wasn’t just written by some random guy looking to make money off of a bestseller.
Q: The Bible is free!
A: Every book is free at a library. And I have seen a Bible that wasn’t free at a bookstore. Even if it was free now, that doesn’t mean it has always been.
Q: If it’s so hard to prove, why do so many people choose to believe in it?
A: Good point. Now allow me to destroy it. We were raised to believe in god from the time we were babies. We were told it’s real by our parents that we trust very much. But if those parents beat you or do drugs or abandon you, you start to trust them less so you begin to doubt everything they say. Eventually, religion falls into that category. You get older and you take a Biology class. You start to realize how laughable it is to believe that some cosmic Jewish zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat an apple from a magical tree. It is hard to believe that at some time a virgin woman was impregnated by a holy ghost and gave birth to a Zombie King who will one day come and whisk us away to a magic land in the clouds that no space machinery has ever caught a glimpse of.
Q: How do you feel about abortion?
A: If the woman was raped, it’s okay. If she is a whore, it’s her fault. If she’s too poor to afford the baby, she’s stupid to choose to pay over $10,000 a year to take care of a baby instead of using condoms that are free.
Q: What if having the baby will kill her?
A: If she is a whore, poor, or stupid then I say no abortion. One less whore, poor person, or stupid person is good. Otherwise, abortion is good.
Q: Hey, that stupid or poor whore could cure cancer.
A: How? If they’re stupid, they can’t cure a disease that has baffled scientists and doctors for centuries. If they’re a whore, they’re too busy having sex to worry about other people’s problems and if they’re poor, they can’t afford the books and research and medical school that would make finding the cure possible.
Q: Why are arguments so important to you?
A: Arguing is pitting all of your intelligence against all of someone else’s. If your intelligence beats theirs, you’re smarter than them. I like feeling smarter than others. It makes me feel more useful and better about myself.
Q: What if they can’t quite word their opinion but they have a good point?
A: I consider them to be stupid because they aren’t smart enough to use the words in their brain.
These are some funny links, anecdotes, and one-liners that anyone may look at if you wish to pass the time. I have collected these. I understand that just because I find them funny, doesn’t mean you are intelligent enough to possess the same sense of humor as I have.
On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your favorite color of the alphabet?
This is my ASCII art that I composed myself. Oh, and for those of you who are curious, ASCII is an acronym for The American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
¯\(ツ)/¯ UMAD? ¯\(ツ)/¯
ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Y U NO ASCEND!?
Mute me if you have to. Mute me if you have to. Mute me if you have to. Mute me if you have to. Mute me if you have to. Mute me if you have to. Mute me if you have to. Mute me if you have to. Mute me if you have to. Mute me if you have to. MUTE ME!
You bragging? Well:
People who try to argue with me:
This is my collection of all the people who have muted me due to losing in an argument against me.
They are like trophies to me.
Rellian has muted you.
yoshidude has muted you.
Drystion has muted you.
Fexghadi has muted you.
kamitop has muted you.
jojou114 has muted you.
Gam3rnathan has muted you.
Deadcow has muted you.
Shanecripps has muted you.
Xymnala has muted you.
seattlemid has muted you.
picten has muted you.
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bobby71983 has muted you.
vegetable has muted you.
GunsNRoses1 has muted you.
x3froggi has muted you.
LT_AMBR0SE has muted you.
tehgenius has muted you.
chilliman4 has muted you.
frappeman1 has muted you.
Zhorker has muted you.
ultamahobo4 has muted you.
TroyL has muted you.
VladTheEater has muted you. (Moderator)
shaney937 has muted you.
blasterfired has muted you.
saeglopur12 has muted you.
Parsee has muted you.
aronoge has muted you.
mauricios has muted you.
Quertiy has muted you.
GianniB5 has muted you.
Drcube2000 has muted you.
TehFrod has muted you.
Bikou has muted you.
MrUnderstand has muted you.
RemyGambit has muted you.
hannah453 has muted you.
young_suzy has muted you.
GrungePuppy has muted you.
DeviousErin has muted you.
speakno3vil has muted you.
InevitableFate has muted you.
skooter420 has muted you.
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cyd67 has muted you.
crawl138 has muted you.
ModelP has muted you.
PenguinArmy has muted you.
LordLucifer has muted you.
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luungockhang has muted you.
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rumpadump has muted you.
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HoneySwirl798 has muted you.
Elcarim has muted you.
teagalylrose has muted you.
EkoBegins has muted you.
Pillboxhead has muted you.
FalonC has muted you.
CakeIzGood has muted you.
AerohillB has muted you. (Double Moderator)
SanctumRepublic has muted you.
skillz1111 has muted you.
Justinkings has muted you.
SonicOkami has muted you. (Quadruple Moderator and Room Owner)
TheLinkToThePast has muted you. (Double Moderator and Room Owner)
Brobus has muted you.
AurebeshX has muted you.
AmbroseMerle has muted you.
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FunkyLeprechaun has muted you. (Double Moderator)
Elakyn has muted you. (Moderator)
Fallacia has muted you. (Moderator)
shadowbomb213 has muted you.
funguscrotch has muted you.
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scorpion500000 has muted you.
JohnnyEagle has muted you.
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CyraxofTheVoid has muted you.
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claytonkole has muted you.
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