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Im very intelegent, i play the trumpet and MANY rpg's except maplestory, my nx accont got hacked. SO that sucks. Im a really big fan of art, i draw, sketch, paint. If you want to see some of my drawing's, leave me a shout. >:3 If you look at my pic, it's preety creepy... I took that picture at the apatchie ruins on a vacation, it ended up the worst vacation ever becuase i think we ended up with a curse or somthing, whenever we go to those ruins again... i think somthings going to kill me. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Story1--- Rpchr1: Michael: A 12 year old Super genuies. The reason why he is still 12, is becuase his growth progres was slowed down due to the, "zombie infestation" problems they had due to being raised by intelegent undead that had the abilitys to take a imiage of a human or anything living.They tought him everything to become a ZAUBWBHA Agent. He became one of the students to at the Zaub to be lied to by their zombie guardians. At the age of 12 was when they tried to kill him. He proved his potential to the zombies that were trying to kill him. But then he was later labeled as, Experimental, children deemed, exeperimental, are used in all sorts of tests. He was used in a "teleportation program" that immeditly failed. somhow in the mix of this, the machine was destroyed. He left off in search of people that would help him. There he found a Camp south of where he was raised.... The Zaub stood in hundreds. He reported the creatures that were one known as his parents. And Joined the Zaub. One question remains... There were other children who were hit by sock wave from the teleportation machine... What became of them???22222222222222222222222222222222222222After fourty years have passed... Michael is still 12, only thing worse is... The earth is dying... We dont have enough resorces to survive... theres no possible way that we can get through this without killing sombody... or fighting... I'd wish this would just all end!... For a thumbs up... im president of Zaub. Go me... Where the hell is bush at a time like this.. The only way out it to find another planet to leach off.

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