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    Dec. 07, 2008

I do stuff also me
I apparently have power over all things bacon related
Became a mod on 4/24/2013(RIP General)
How to handle trolls:
Step 1-Hit the mute button
Step 2-Report troll for anything they said that broke the rules
Step 3-???
Step 4-Profit

Note to readers-Profit does not mean you will become a Mod. It means that you will gain something like a day without trolls ruining your Kongregate experience or a more friendly chat room once the troll is gone. This MAY lead to becoming a Mod but chances are it’ll take longer than you think. If you really want to know how to become a Mod, just ask one. It never hurts to ask.
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How to become a Mod

The best game on Kongregate

Your best internet friend

Your friendly guide to the internet

Best wiki on the internet

More info about General[10/21/2016]

More info about Hello World

Go here to contact a global mod for help

Thanks Jazzfangirl
Enjoy some of my musical tastes
The only theme song you’ll ever need

Drumhead Trial





Tears for Fears

The Composer


Don’t Wanna Fight


Reaching The Nest

The Only Thing They Fear Is You

Rip And Tear….Until It Is Done

Halve Life

Vibe Killers

Abandoned 2


Figure Numatic


What You’re Doing

Finding My Way

Swallowing The Rabbit Whole

Mistakes Like Fractures

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