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    Dec. 20, 2016

I am on the Autistic spectrum, so bear with me. I have improved my social skills over the years, but I am still learning. I love to talk, love games, movies, and other things.

I was also born with the cord wrapped around my neck, i could been brain dead, have cerebral palsy, but God had a wonderful plan for my life to put me on a spectrum so i could help others on spectrum as well.

I consider myself to be a e-missionary to those who want to hear and want to know the answers to life’s biggest questions. I love to talk with gamers, nerds, and people who love technology and science.

My mission is to help people on their spiritual journey’s of life, because this life is a test. There are only two outcomes: Eternal life or Eternal Death, the choice is yours and the gift of eternal life is free and open to all who call upon the name of Jesus. I love everyone but i speak the truth in love, which means, im gonna love you enough to tell you that your are heading into a path that leads to destruction if you are. Like Pen (from Pen and teller said) when someone gave him a bible, “You have to not love someone to not tell them that they are about to be hit by a truck” well my friends the truck that is gonna smack right into you at the end of your life is your own sin, which will doom you to an eternity of separation from God, i do not believe in eternal conscious torment, i believe in annihilation, because apart from God nothing can exist. Peace, Hope, and Love but the greatest of these is Love, agape love that is willing to die if necessary to save one’s enemies.

Also consider this, all religions teach that salvation is by works, only Christianity makes a way to bridge the gap between God and man by God, through the cross, through the Son of God Jesus Christ, who lived a perfect life that you can’t live, died a perfect death (separated from God the Father) taking on all sin past, present, and future, and finally Rising again conquering sin and death once and for all “It is finished” nothing can be added to this and good news is we can’t be good enough and don’t have to because Jesus did it for us.

Finally a personal relationship with Jesus is truly remarkable, it will transform your life and those around you in ways you never thought possible and give you true saving Joy, hope against this hopeless world, and finally salvation for your souls.

I pray and hope my friend that you choose that path and not the path of destruction the way that seems right to a man but its end is the way of death, eternal death forever lost forever lonely, forever ceasing to exist-which scared my brother so much when he stop and thought about it, because hes had 5 heart surgeries and come very close to death many times. Only God knows the ultimate outcome, but i can tell you this the alternative is far greater, because its not sitting on clouds playing instruments. It’s spending eternity learning, growing, creating, exploring, and getting the answers to life biggest questions from the Creator himself. We will never be bored, we will never feel pain, we will never suffer or die. That is true paradise that is described in the book of Revelation, even the animals will be at peace! Like my dad says, your pets will be there, but will you be there?

very few will read all this, but those who do, its so worth your time, because it makes all the difference in the world, nothing is more precious then life, and eternal life well that’s the greatest thing of all, i would hate for you to miss out on spending an eternity with Jesus, because of hypocrites or something much worse. Don’t throw out Jesus, because of what others have said, truly read what Jesus said and decide for yourself. Also look at the lives he has changed like Nikki Cruz (one of the worst gang members in all of New York), Nick vujicic (born without limbs, suicidal till he met Jesus and now helps countless people find peace, hope, and love). https://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/, also check out my dad’s website hes put alot of work into it over the many years: soulcare.org (my dad was a zookeeper for many years and also has a zoo of his own now as a biology professor)

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