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Act 1 Dragon slayers come to town --------------------------------------------------- Mia was a girl of thirteen born and raised a orphan in the village of eastward the village was a war zone between dragon slayers dragon riders and the mage's guild Each wanting it for it's own reasons it was not surprising too see dragon slayers passing through town killing anyone who they wished the village was a special town filled with magic the Mage's guild wanted to erect a tower to harness magic and open a school The riders however knew the village as a potential rider hot spot may riders had come from the little village of course that's why the slayers wanted it killing potential riders that's what they where doing to Mia when they found her a blade pressed to her neck tears rolling down her face her blond hair blowing slightly in the small draft of wind. a mighty roar from above made the slayers hesitate as a dragon and rider land near by the slayers obviously rookies abandon their plan and escape the riders name was Ivan and her offers her a hand and a place among riders. --------------------------------------------------- Act 2 Decision ------------------------------------------------ two years had passed since the incident Mia was adept in her study she was told that most commoners had false knowledge about what happens before a rider can be chosen by a dragon generally most riders stayed here for about two years before being let near any eggs those years spent studying the duty of a rider learning how to take care of dragons and learning a trade like weaving or blacksmithing and most importantly when two year's are over the individuals decision to stay and become a rider or to leave and go home Mia enters the large circular chamber glancing around at the assembled faces the faces mostly elder riders and few younger riders who showed promise she spotted Ivan among them most of them had been in charge of some form of her training she also knew that before she had been called to the room they had talked to each other about her and weather she would make a fit rider as they had for all the others and as they them selves been questioned before when they stood where she stood a loud booming voice echos though the room a man unknown to her spoke "well child what do you choose" ------------------------------------------------ Act 3 Bound to the black ------------------------------------------------- (Writers block Sorry people Ill try to put this up soon) (I posted that message Dec 3rd.)

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