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Once upon a time, I was royalty upon Kongregates community.
Now, I am but a lonely Giant Purple Tentacle Monster.
I have been here since the beginning. I am as old as this site itself.
My story, once told threw a 50 page post, now lost to time.
I am Drakkose, The Giant Purple Tentacle Monster.
I spend my time now, Lurking on Sloth, Disconnected from my home chat, DiggMark1. I remember only my oldest of friends.
Pyro the Dragon, DNess, Khaotika ,XQuack, DialMForMonkey, Kram1984, Andyroo
Where did you all go. .-.

There once was flocks of people, things, animals and objects, that begged to be fed upon. Now, now i wait, lurking to find an interesting entity that isn’t afraid of my tentacles.
That want my tentacles.
That need my tentacles. ._.
Also, I’m not as freaking creepy as i sound… Promise!

Updated Pics: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1-kongregate/topics/2914-ultimate-kongregate-photo-topic?page=627

PyroDragon: As much as i hate to admit it TGG, Drak is right.


::Zil_ “Zil’s fo’ real. Shes a hard motha’trucka. Bring’n trollers to there heels, don’t be a fool, sucka! If ya told yah breath’ll Kill, then take a Zil_Pill. Trippin’ in the BanGoo’’ll make yah cower and kneel.”

::Micaturtle – There once was a boy named Micaturtle, as he grew up he enjoyed wearing girdles, With a little bit of money, he changed his sex. Now shes a chatroom hooker giving BJ’s with her text. (BJ’s with her teeeeeext!)

::Nerdook – Oh there once was a gamer named Nerdook. He tried to woo the ladies but they never even looked. So he sat in his basement learning javascript instead, sleeping with a hentai doll in his semen covered bed! (Semen covered beeeeed!)

::LooneyLizard – Hes tiny, hes toony, he’s also kind of looney. And in this chat he will infact, show his lizard to you and me!

::Khaoticka – There once was a girl named Khaoticka, who’s breasts were perky and grand. But she hated her job making “Sex on the beach” because her panties were full of sand.

::PastLife17 – Ohhh once was a man, with half a hand, who’s color be pale as can be! His other half hand, be well in his pants. Playing round with his white shitake!!
His name be Pastey and it was a name to suit. His skin be it shiny as can be! But he truly be named for the moment he camed, All over Shawwty’s tight little coot!!

::Metaltomato – Mater Mater Masturbater, bought a blow up and tried to date her. Asked her name and called her Kate, then took her on a candlelit date. One year later her period was late. He pushed her on a close hanger and left it to fate.

::EgotisticalIdiot – Ohhhh there once was a lady named egotistical, with red knees and burns galore!~ Her lyrics did singe, for lava she spit. But the others she received from the floor! Yes its true she liked it on all fours, but this kitty had quiet a roar! If you take a chance inside ego’s pants, you might awaken with an ass quiet soar!

::ThyPilferer – xx Insert edgy and hilarious poem here that out of context or read by an ignorant person would be highly offensive.
It was in-fact a non-offensive joke made in roast of a friend.
:: ThyPilferer#2 –
Oh i once was mighty and strong, beating everyone i stood against. And this one girl came along, and i’ve never won since. Shes way to smart for me, faster on the draw. She really stuck it too me, and left my ass raw. (Kongrats Whiskerchu!)

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