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Look at me not care! I dance to the music that is my life, it is a happy tune that few ever cared to know! The ones that missed out, I feel sorry for you. The ones that have dared to sing along, thank you.

1 Gamerpwnage50: you’ve made a little boy very happy—and if you see him tell em’ i said hi!

2 Ares_: i was once told i had a drinking problem, to which i replied “no i don’t i’ve been drinking all day and i haven’t spilled a drop!”

3 Kiseke: In fact, my life-long dream is to hold a woman while she cries. To feel as if I’m protecting her. :3

4 Gamerpwnage50: 11(O’ Clock PM)…vuck, g2g
Gamerpwnage50: oh really did i?
Gamerpwnage50: “vuck”?

5 terrag511: some gamer people like him
terrag511: but i think gamer gamer is gamer
terrag511: gamer.

6 xela248: Enough with the wives and whatnot.

7 Natamora: Dude, my birthday is on Lief Ericson day!
Natamora: The Vikin!
Natamora: Is he like a national hero?
Natamora: Because he should be

8 Gamerpwnage50: Kegso that sandwich is making me delicious
ScreamyLordSutch: You’re delicious, Gamer.
ScreamyLordSutch: eats
Gamerpwnage50: err hungry
kegso: making you delicous? scared
lauz1098: Making me delicious. :p
Gamerpwnage50: Hungery I MENT HUNGRY
Gamerpwnage50: XD

9 Keckers: morlack, physics is about as accurate as telling the time with a stale bagel while trying to ride a small cat on a ferris wheel

10: Trrpnflyr: I accidentally the whole bottle of antacid pills the other day. >.<
Trrpnflyr: I took one pill out and instead of grabbing a cup for water, I accidentally the whole thing.

11: Ziarn: Death, you are very good at stupid.
Ziarn: You’re hired.

12: Gamerpwnage50: Kisk, are you some kind of new god or something?
Kiseke: I might be. :o
Gamerpwnage50: A new religion, Kristians.
Kiseke: LOL!
Kiseke: Kristian is my name.

y’Know i don’t see them as bad words because they refer to an item or action everybody has/does.

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