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If your game has upgrades or 30+ in game achievements… then I have to play it even if I don’t want to. Exploit my OCD will ya? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ
Wingspand: lol i will never forget you, Kaisar. you’re one of the people who inspired circlejerk. you should be proud.

Musicgirl: You were the inspiration behind circle jerking?

Musicgirl: That’s so cool, can I have your autograph?

Wingspand: oh lol.

KaisarDragon: Now now, I’m no hero. I jerk mine one stroke at a time like every other guy.

Wingspand: hahah so modest… :’)
bhc1123: smartest person in here is kaisar
Sir_Fratley: Moses is in a good mood today

moses78: i’m sick
kyles74: lol im more of a lurker

moses78: I’m more of a date rapist.

KaisarDragon: Don’t let that bother you. He doesn’t date.
asmodous: I wish I was richer. I’d be over in Ireland taking the mick out of you

Sir_Fratley: Thanks, Mick really doesn’t understand boundaries or personal space
JonterrioP: kaisar you are now my sensei do you accept those terms
SarcasticQueen: Oh, no, Kipatu. I don’t actually like you. I was stating i like Kaisar.
Greatest moment on LoG (subject to change)

KaisarDragon: Sarah has all the territory…

bugamn: Sarah is our new Liege?

KaisarDragon: As long as she occasionally says “warning” and “I’m a potato” we’ll never know the difference.

bugamn: true dat

PkmnLadySarah: I’m a potato.

bugamn: hey, Frat

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