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Status: Occasional existance.

If you need a mod
How to become a mod
The rulz

If life gives you melons, you may have dyslexia

♫ quotes that have amused me greatly (gonna be a looong read) ♫

RestlessNative: I admit it, I pay prostitutes to eat Hamburgers whilst I sit at a desk wearing a Penguin outfit
GadgetGeek: You can’t be Gloria.
GadgetGeek: or, Gloria Hunniford anyway
GloriaHunniford: Why?
GadgetGeek: Because why would someone with high popularity go on such a moderately mediocre gaming site like this?
Storageheater: is it roleplay if i’m wearing a simba fursuit
Storageheater: full of yoghurt (to simulate the squelches)
sammanguy: those other countries dont have flaps
xSilverLugia: >metal is a mod
xSilverLugia: wot
Metalrodent: think about it nat, think long and hard
Natamora: AHAHAHA
Natamora: OH GOD
Natamora: PLEASE STOP D:
Natamora: ahahahaha
‘Jon509: dont just grab the d
TwilightNomad: grab it slowly?’
arxes002: we can buy a box of cereal for 1$
Storageheater: I could too, I guess
Storageheater: we abolished slavery though
Storageheater: i type with my neanderthal forehead
Andrei216: So. Much. Sodding. Fun.
TwilightNomad: My legs don’t know they’re legs.
Andrei216: Okay, I’m not seeing Xen’s messages. What the ****.
Natamora: MetalRodent: Ruining childhood dreams since 2008.
plugin848y: me come to start shit duh (reply)
paul_chris: in bible, sun rotates earth and earth is fun
FunkyLeprechaun: I wish I could walk around wearing my bed
FunkyLeprechaun: I like playing with Greg
ArvindS4: i curse before thee moderator
plugin848y: oh shit, really?
Storageheater: boobs lol
Storageheater: Nata won’t wee on her legs for me.
Beckyweck: I’ve got a budding penis, duh
epeen: so i got revenge by licking his fingers so he was as creeped out as i was
DeansFatGoose: im the boardwalk prostitute :P
DeansFatGoose: you could pasta it too…
DeansFatGoose: lmao
DeansFatGoose: um you could also paste it…
reyd: you are a sex attic
epeen: i’m this chatroom’s prince george
youKickass: Haha, is he a rapper?
Metalrodent: yes
epeen: well he’s a child
Vallintino: he might just be a rapper
Metalrodent: the best rapper
epeen: but i bet he will be
Bramblestar: Spaghetti is raining from your Pockets
5mugruber8: don’t muslims use the gillateen still ?
Storageheater: None of the ones in england do
Storageheater: I’m sure it’d hit the news
mariah_carey: i have absolutely no nazi gold.
Metalrodent: soviet gold?
mariah_carey: oh, tonnes
Storageheater: wtg
Storageheater: aaargh
Storageheater: I failed to fail the whisper and instead made a very creepy mistake
Storageheater: brb dying
Vallintino: Storageheater: sum bum fun? (reply)
Storageheater: I’m sure a lot of eminem’s back catalogue is about lusting over tall dark hairy men
Nereverine: epeen im going to mail you a flap of my skin
Vallintino: when there’s 2 many butterflies for you to go outside
Mister_Fister: you are, like atleast twice their size
Mister_Fister: take em
epeen: i’ll get a masters in marine biology or some shit and **** your day up with porpoise facts
Storageheater: uh
Storageheater: have you never seen a fully extended condom
Storageheater: i mean
Storageheater: not that i’m saying you dont fully extend them
epeen: :(
newheyday: id duct tape your ankles with love
xSilverMoonx: i may be fresh on the outside but on the inside i am a naked mole rat
mattythemod: I treated her like a queen
mattythemod: I even said to her I would let her sit on my face
mattythemod: when we meet irl
PsychosisClown2: Seems someone took my advice to have sex for dinner.
solecakoro: Your mums gone out then I see.
NecroShade666: lol rekt
PsychosisClown2: I don’t get it.
solecakoro: Well don’t worry, she is.
Where I live according to Ham http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2rmmav5&s=5#.UlRcjFNvAWF

I am the proud owner of the prestigious Beckyweck approved ‘Golden bragging rights of Kong for superb guessing with no competition’ trophy

Achievement Awarded: Greenland Pwner: Kill the entire population of Greenland, those bitches.
Pandemic 2 (with duckie3)

On Soviet Kongregate, the achievement earns YOU!

“Give me a massage” “Okay” chucks iron at face.

M 30/5/13, 13/3/14 – 11/2/19

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