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    Dec. 16, 2014

I have a large and successful history with cat fashion contests though I have never achieved a prestigious first place, I personally suggest painting racoons to look like cats as that get very good results and they don’t even struggle that much once you get them in the spandex or leather or whatever you use. My arch rival, Radionews, paints badgers to look like cats in order to intimidate them so they lose the competition. She mocks me endlessly for my failures but I am going to genetically modify my racoons to grow wings in order to break the sound barrier and finally achieve my coveted gold ribbon.

You will not find me anywhere unless you do find me in which case you have found the unfindable and the unfindable has been found but you will not find the unfindable because the unfindable will remain unfound until found, at which point the unfindable has been found and is no longer the unfindable but the found, therefore, you will never find the unfindable.

Not sure how much Dick’s you can handle? No sweat, Dicks comes in Large Medium and Small, no matter the size, Dicks is sure to satisfy. Cause even our smallest Dick’s are 10 inches. Some like it thin, other like it thicc, that’s why you can choose from thin crust or DEEP DICK! We have Dick’s for everyone, Dick’s for your dad, Dick’s for your mom, Dick’s for your grandma, even Dicks for your wife. Nothing livens up a party quite like a big serving of Dick’s. There’s a Bunch of Dick’s at your door, we deliver. So get on your computer and eat Dick’s. It’s Big and it’s gooey, It’s saucy and it’s chwey, what’s in my mouth? It’s gotta be Dick’s

One thing that could be deduced from Mami Tomoe’s character design is that she’s a mother figure for Madoka and Sayaka. When Mami’s character design is juxtaposed with the designs of the other characters, it can be clearly seen that Mami’s breasts are significantly larger than anyone else’s. Historically, breasts have been used as a symbol of motherhood (Jones, 2004). Since breasts are often
the source of nourishment for babies, it was believed that those with large breasts are best suited for motherhood. In fact, Mami’s name could be interpreted as a play-on-words on the word “mommy.” This is further supported in the third film where we see Mami having a companion named “Bebe”—a name that is similar to the word “Baby.” She is even the eldest of the main cast which further reinforces the connection between Mami and motherhood. Whilst Mami is not a mother in a literal sense, she is one in a figurative sense. In the film, she is seen giving advice, protecting, and guiding Madoka and Sayaka. She’s essentially doing what a mother would do for her children.

Miothan: @Entropy how was i making “drama” asking for an apology for being falsely accused of using a cheat engine? seems rather funny to me saying i am creating drama asking for an apology from @Mnchngrngs but he doesn’t even care enough to give an apology when he wrongfully accuses people, can’t even admit to being wrong when he’s proven wrong. And really i private msgd him asking for an apology since he never took it upon himnself to admit that he was accusing me wrongly but as you might have already expected he didn’t care to even answer me. Quite a low character it seems, can accuse ppl of whatever he want’s, but can’t admit to being wroing and give an apology…….

You can contact me during the week in the Anti-Idle room #1 and Trimps room #1 on the weekend.

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