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~Check out my website for Flash Games Gameplay ~ http://flashgamingcentral.wix.com/flash-gaming-central

~Let it be known that I got my magical M and Mod powers on 5/30/13! :P (BTD5 Modship)

~Acquired Fantasy Online Modship on 9/5/13 :D (which Kong took away from me once FO closed D;)

~And just so you know, M stands for ~moo :3

~My (new and approved) seal of approval: ~ ☢PSI232☢

~Be sure to hit that little Gear icon near the private message function and hit “Thank Moderator” :>

~Want to know how to become a Mod? http://www.kongregate.com/pages/help#moderators-q-2

~Its easier to edit your “About me” description from the “Account Settings” page, imo.

~If you want to change your gender on Kong to something unique and you have Chrome downloaded, check this video out ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VGwey9d0xM

~Funk, ya’ll ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UypeE3zTwBs

~Lulz quotes I’ve seen over my time here on Kong:
PSI232: :sigh:
PSI232: I need some food.
bblee12: :PSIgh:
(Love ya always BB. Catch ya on the flip side.)
Dustiel: You are all ponies.
Dustiel: #NeverForget
Michael_Despairs: you need a hug
PSI232: I do
Michael_Despairs: :hus:
bblee12: “:hus:”
Michael_Despairs: I dies as I lived, typoing ‘til the end.
(Note: bblee12, Dustiel, and Michael_Despairs. These last 3 people will always be good friends of mine. Take care guys.)
Intruder1970: on sunday evening the [Kong] bot´s usually goes to a party and drink some too much oil.
kronicX101: No, PSI is a ~moo.
PSI232: Hell, MC!
PSI232: Ease up on the caps for christ sakes!
guyman572: He’s speaking capsinese
burrito: ^
MinecraftLGT: But pewds use caps.
burrito: This is an english only chat
zombienick92: one time my girls parents thought i was gay
zombienick92: and left me at their house with her
zombienick92: wrong move
Disturbed1310: Yo mama so ugly, I’ll get silenced if I tell you how ugly she is
DracosBlackwing: Yo momma is so stupid she bought tickets to Xbox Live.
bloonjeans: You’re momma’s so ugly, the neighbors broke into her bedroom to close the blinds.
L0NG5H0T1: yo moma so stupid when ur dad sad its chilly outside she bright a spoon
(If you don’t get it, just think about it for a second… its quite lulzy.)
Fearlucky: Kong told [Nien’s] ISP to give him bad internet because he trolls so much.
Djofull: No I have another reason in mind and are u like 12. WTF is shaaaadomb. Are u an islamic extremist? (reply)
To Djofull: Praise to Allah! Mother to all! Shaaaaadomb!
xAL1x: 9/11 was obviously an inside job, any reasonable person who knows the facts will agree
onemotimeround: someone needs to resize their tinfoil hat
AndrewO23: Why tf does it take so long for Anubis to respawn?
figglebottoms: Why not, andrew?
figglebottoms: there’s 8 servers
AndrewO23: F you and your sarcasm
PSI232: He’s right
figglebottoms: o.O what sarcasm? It was fact..
AndrewO23: it was buffoonery
figglebottoms: buffoonery would be asking a silly question about respawn timers for high level king-like mobs
AndrewO23: Took you a while to write that
figglebottoms: I was fighting anubis
(Fantasy Online Joke)
morgan1115: I am a tree
morgan1115: none of you can see me
morgan1115: I am invisible
PSI232: Trees will be burnt down!
morgan1115: Why you wanna kill me
themaster360: Don’t worry.. you’ll revive 10 seconds later
(Fantasy Online Joke)
PSI232: What’s with all of the 13 year olds trying to pick up girls?
Mazzarnlok: Ahh I remember being 13
Mazzarnlok: Then I turned 18 and learned I liked guys
PSI232: sigh I miss the old BTD5 lobby…
PSI232: Woe is me, woe is me!
ThePeon: (gives psi cheese, to go with his whine)
Lightertheif: Hello
Dustiel: “Lightertheif”
Dustiel: Seems legit…
Lightertheif: What?
asvab: lighterthief please pick up i need a really big favor
Dustiel: “Please pick up”…
XyberPulse: when noob meets an imposter
iwillpinu2: how is every one tonite
PSI232: Terrible
iwillpinu2: why is that psi?
PSI232: This person just asked me how I was tonight
PSI232: And I didn’t know how to answer
iwillpinu2: oh
PSI232: So I said terrible
PSI323: I don’t really remember though.
PSI232: My first impersonation account!
(Look at the numbers if you don’t see it ;p)
SkarWarrior: who born in 2000?
Michael_Despairs: 1975 represent!
ferksh: hey AARP, wanna break a hip?
Michael_Despairs: c’mon psi let them slide
PSI232: lol, they have’t even responded yet
PSI232: Not much I can do
Michael_Despairs: in that short time of silence the’ve grown into adults
y2k95: I’m going to play some CoD to conduct research on what swearing does to children.
PSI232: I crack myself up and flood the chat at the same time
Alex_Mercer1: Looks 15 inches of chat spam coming up from the south, coming from hurricane PSI
BioKnight: A horse walks into a bar. A man asks “why the long face?” The horse becomes sad because he lives in a racist society
PSI232: And Mash
MashPrompts: Yeah?
PSI232: What’s the name of your main account?*
MashPrompts: MashPrompts?
PSI232: Come on. Perfect punctuation, spelling, grammar, you’re pleasant to talk to and you don’t have a single badge?
PSI232: And you made that account this month
PSI232: Hm, hm, hm… I just don’t get it
PSI232: Stuff gets strange during these times [1 AM]
MashPrompts: You’re scaring me!
Long_time_dead: Ban to be safe, PSI.
(This truly NEVER happens)
spaceboy67: (You are a piece of crap) (reply)
PSI232: I love this Mod work some times. Being called a piece of crap through a PM, it’s really uplifting
i69angel: well psi at least you help things grow.
PSI232: How so?
i69angel: crap is a great fertilizer.
(Note: After this point I started including dates for the sake of keeping track of time periods. The quotes prior to this one are much older, though, spanning the time since I made an account here. I probably should have started doing this earlier, but w/e, I never said I was perfect :p)
PSI232: Super monkeys are like the Charlie Sheen of the Bloons World. They think they’re winning, but they’re really just overpriced and low quality.
SoulBanker: ^
SoulBanker: also they are addicted to banana powder
dracentheninja: yeah but thats a borderline enhancement
Hrnuefel: the 2nd city is a bit tougher
Hrnuefel: lost some lives while typing, the price we pay for freedom
Ansiktslos: In Russia this could result in typing being banned.
PSI232: lulz, Hrn
Ansiktslos: Just to protect people from losing some lives. They do everything to protect people here.
panagiotissta: well if someone is a hacker it is bad for him
panagiotissta: he will never get the full game experience

Life lesson here:
PSI232: Hey Angel, wanna hear something weird?
i69angel: sure
PSI232: Atm, I’m at round 218 on Bloons Circles hard
PSI232: http://puu.sh/6I6zj.png
PSI232: I had gotten that high roughly
PSI232: Year ago from today I believe
PSI232: That has been my Highest round since then
PSI232: I remember staying up to 12 AM, talking with the Regulars of lobby
PSI232: Really good friends. Peeps I’ve known for a long time
PSI232: It was a really good night
PSI232: But I sit here, passing the checkpoint again, in tip top shape
PSI232: Going for 300+
PSI232: Ready to beat my highest round, which has been in place for a year, by 90~ rounds
PSI232: And you know what I feel like?
PSI232: Sure as hell ain’t happy. Not even close to what I felt like what I was here the first time
PSI232: Funny how that works.
i69angel: The people make so much of a difference.
i69angel: That’s why I love the voices in my head.
(Always remember the little things in life. They’ll always help you get through the tough moments you come across. Oh, and a nice, witty friend helps as well :p)

An interesting way to end a “Aliens aren’t real” argument:
AbleArcher: i give it a a hundred years and we’ll be the UFOs
PSI232: Archer, what are the odds that out of the trillions upon trillions of planets and stars in the ever expanding universe, only one can support life?
PSI232: And that’s Earth?!?!?!
AbleArcher: well, i think there could be life out there
PSI232: That would be bloody sad
PSI232: I mean, Earth would probably get sad
PSI232: And depressed
PSI232: It would probably start drinking
PSI232: Then enter a relapse of drugs and prescription pills
PSI232: Long before you know it, it would be robbing star banks, and sleeping with other moons
PSI232: And at the end, just before Earth was about to jump into the sun in order not to get caught by the space cops
PSI232: It thinks back to this moment
PSI232: And it asks “Why, Archer? Why did you have to tell me that I’m alone?!?!?”
PSI232: And there you have it, Archer
PSI232: You killed Earth

Do not feed the trolls #rule420-2kd-3eZ

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