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World Rebellion II Instructions
Perrin3088 : click to place
Perrin3088 : click to select
Perrin3088 : click to attack
Perrin3088 : shift click for fastie
Perrin3088 : instructions for cards
Perrin3088 : hold continents for + place
Perrin3088 : yw
ChatKiller Tally. ||||||||||||||

Started on, and counts shortly before, October 17th, 2:58 PST
Perrin3088: deltree C:/temporar~1/worldrebelli~1/Profiles/knight4arms
knight4arms : hackers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
knight4arms left the game.

Perrin3088: 40 minutes til work, should i take a shower and get ready.. or lock myself out like ysertyda?
Perrin3088: yesterday
Perrin3088: that was an epic typing fail
Perrin3088: herpe afrodite?
Perrin3088: the goddess of love and beauty created herpes?
Perrin3088: I used to know a goddess once
Perrin3088: she was mexican
Perrin3088: but not really
Perrin3088: called her the goddess of firecrackers
Perrin3088: ugly lil broad
Perrin3088: well.. not that broad
Perrin3088: kinda thing, actually
Perrin3088: thin*
Perrin3088: but she was tall as could be
Perrin3088: could pluck the firecrackers right out of the sky
Perrin3088: it was truly amazing
Perrin3088: save she had no hands
Perrin3088: no one really likes her
Perrin3088: made fun of her
Perrin3088: at least i did
Perrin3088: omg, this is so f’n boring
Perrin3088: NYminute needs to get off my opage!
Perrin3088: NAO
Perrin3088: okay I’m spent
Perrin3088: ciao!
Perrin3088: got myself a full page of uselessness
Perrin3088: and the hot boss wasn’t there
exacore: lol
Perrin3088: although the girl i want to get with was
Perrin3088: and she kept rubbing her chest and arse on me
Perrin3088: so i didn’t get much done
Fishbone007: horny girl
Perrin3088: she says she’s only had one boy before, and i think she’s planning to change that
Fishbone007: she’s a liar, she wants you in bed
Perrin3088: I want her in bed
Perrin3088: so we’re cool
Perrin3088: I graduated at 17
davidis1: GG TAR,i won XD
davidis1: o thts koo. im barely a fresh man this year
Perrin3088: I’m 15
reillybuster: im 15.
davidis1: ??? then how di du….nvm perrin
davidis1: *did u
Perrin3088: :)
davidis1: lol
Perrin3088: has anyone ever accused me of making sense?
davidis1: no

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