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Tier Nine Studios for the win!
Creator of the Mythia RPG series, Tier Nine Studios and all Tier Nine Studios material

Let’s hope for the best. Considering my world is falling apart.

Anyway, here are some achievements, I guess..

V = Achieved
X = Still working at it.

Rookie: Lv5 reached V
Pro: Lv10 reached V
Addict: Lv20 reached X
Psycho: Lv40 reached X
WTF?!: Lv60 reached X

Familiar: 1 kpanion V
Familiar(s): 5 kpanions V
Biggest Pet Shop: 15 kpanions X
THERE’S SO MANY OF THEM!!: 30 kongpanions X

My First Fan: 1 fan V
Groupies: 10 fans V
Popular: 20 fans V
Famous: 50 fans X
Rebellion: 100 fans X
Royalty: 1000 fans X

Membership it like FedEx: K+ status V
Hall Monitor: Mod status X
IAmTheEvoMan: Admin status X

Post: 1 forum post V
Thread: 10 forum posts V
Forum: 50 forum posts V
Forumer: 500 forum posts V
Hellposter: 666 forum posts V
Kongregater: 1000 forumposts V

No comment: 1 comment V
Memo to me: 10 comments"
Meeting Room: 100 comments V
Sticky Note: 500 comments X
Memorchestra: 1000 comments X

BE MY FRIEND: 1 friend V
Friendly: 5 friends V
Friendest: 20 friends V
World Peace: 100 friends X
Galaxies United: 1000 friends X

Ugh.: Got an easy badge V
Extra Medium: Got a medium badge V
Supersized: Got a hard badge V
Day Splitter: Got an impossible badge X

Enlightenment: Resolve your problems with stress V

HAWKMANITEE: does that mean,battle ship is a carrier?

ProfEvolution: GASP

ProfEvolution: HE’S MARRIED TO ONE

Battleship203: Science!



supersmilyface1: …lol

ProfEvolution: um

ProfEvolution: Koopa is a DEER

ProfEvolution: KoopaKwan"Doe"

ProfEvolution: a female one too

supersmilyface1: lol

KoopaKwanDoe: …

Battleship203: No…

Battleship203: He is a ninja.

KoopaKwanDoe: BULL-censor’d-

supersmilyface1: BURN!!!


ProfEvolution: MUAHAHA!

ProfEvolution: so what do you guys wanna do tomorrow?

SandvichDaMan: is your refrigerator running?

ProfEvolution: Catches it with a net

ProfEvolution: No it isn’t.

SandvichDaMan: oh

SandvichDaMan: ok

SandvichDaMan: :(

ProfEvolution: need some ice for that burn, Tinker Knight?

Destroyer80: reminder that prof is autistic

ProfEvolution: Says the autistic man.

Battleship203: Oh snap!

ThreeDSXL: How To Troll Santa.

ThreeDSXL: Be Naughty.

ThreeDSXL: Wait till he gives you coal.

ThreeDSXL: Sell coal to Energy factory.

ThreeDSXL: Collect Profits.

ProfEvolution: ^^

ProfEvolution: this

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