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    Remembr me as a warrior against corruption.
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OT Qavs Elimination Games: Season 1
This is a Elimination Games, When everybody voter for someone who they don’t like. And we have 29 (De-facto 30) accounts (27 now).

Rulez and solvez

To voters: Vote for someone who you don’t like, but not to already eliminated players/accounts, and you can only once vote per time.

To players: We can’t upgrade your avatars, and this is as 14/15 December 2017. And yes, I_Au_K’s and Doomlord_Krakova’s avatar is beyong the black frame, because why not?

To bluji: Your avatar is black, so i didn’t add it, because frame is black too.

To Newcomers: You can only wish your luck to add yourself on future seasons, lol.


Remember, we voting everyday for single elimination, but not always.

Place order:

29 (30) place: Roki123
(29) place: Aleazor (de-facto)
28 place: Qavs
27 place:
26 place:
25 place:
24 place:
23 place:
22 place:
21 place:
20 place:
19 place:
18 place:
17 place:
16 place:
15 place:
14 place:
13 place:
12 place:
11 place:
10 place:
9 place:
8 place:
7 place:
6 place:
5 place:
4 place:
Bronze place:
Sliver place:
Gold place:

©/Ⓒ Qavs 2017
©/Ⓒ Kongregate 2006-2017
Elimination Games

Hi, i am Qavs, you are on Earth and website Kongregate, pretty cool, huh? Anyway, i am traveler on internet, so i will link something weird sometimes. So what about look to do something? Leave a shout, speak with me, come on OT.

I have 25 friends, and 37 fans. Unfortunately, i have also enemies, in big parts is this are trolls, and liers. Don’t worry, i can delete their comments, or say some factically. I are loving OT and Chat МК. I are careless about what: i don’t want to stop, and obey these idiots, and they will deal with it .

So, Welcome, and watch at my profile.

List of my avatar


Earned BTD1 & BTD2 badges by well known bug about upgrading towes by Tab+Space.
I earned Usane 466th out of 36767. Speedy…
This is my first post, and i are spoilering seer progress at 20 April 2017.

Ghost City

Time passing SE


Zero rank

Windows history

The project:


Another three minuses, and my “about me” will show incorrectly.

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