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Jan. 12, 2013

If you’re going to say refusing to attempt something means you failed to do that, then you clowns all failed to eat the sun.
Now shut up about Kartridge.

Level 65 reached on 3/29/2015 – this was back when 65 was the cap.

Current Huge Wave [of Chaos] Story Arc: Project Overmoon
Contenders for what game is next: “I’ll Take What In the Box Is”, “Help Wanted!”, “[Cirno’s] Missing In Action”, “The Fallen Shall Rise”
That last one’s a HeartGold Randomlocke that most of you can influence by submitting Mons to either stand in my way in gym battles or be hacked onto my team after I win a gym battle. Ideally, this will be nerfed harder than what I attempted in “Dimensional Chaos” to avoid another Drake/Snippy steamloller.

Master Index for my Googledoc-based projects

Journals old role list
Anyone can comment.

[I no longer use Skype. It still reeks of Charm3125.]
Discord: RaceBandit #0835 (Nitro. Changed tag without fully thinking it through. Oops.)
Steam: RaceBandit

3DS friend code: 2105-9523-9346
Let me know if you add me on your 3DS, because both people to add each other for games such as main-series Pokemon games.

Chess Evolved Online avatar avatar: GFX 97-9-41, Color 15-18-8

I’ve done comics on deviantART and LPs, mini-YTPs, and error-reading on YouTube. I need to get off my lazy ass and dust off my YT account.

“Um… Not to question Rule 34 of the Internet, but CLEFAIRY?”

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