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    none of ur biz.
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    Feb. 09, 2015

Hi. if you dont like me, or think I’m weird, and hate it, move on.! hi everyone I’m Kat. I have had struggle like everyone else. I deal with it a little different. This is how I deal with it. I cut. There I put it out there.
Like me?
Hate me?
Even better.
Dont know me?
Dont judge me.
Think I’m ugly?
Dont look at me.
Think you know me?
You have no idea.

Depression is something that brings me down everyday.

Have you ever felt that tearing moment in your heart where all you want to do is curl up in a ball and cry till your eyes are dry?

I feel that all the time.

Has someone ever left you? Did it make you want to die? Did you feel like no body understands? Like you are worthless? Well guess what. your not! if anybody is, then that would be me.

Enough with the depressing stuff.
Eye color- hazel but change depending on my surroundings
Hair color- Brown with a blue/green shadow
Favorite bands-suicide silence, asking Alexandria,etc.
Favorite songs-you only live once, (suicide silence) not the American average
Favorite things to do-read, be alone, think, cut
Family in house-me, mom, moms bf, sister.
Sad fact-mom and dad got divorced when I was 2 and he got arrested 3 times. Thought he belonged in jail. Drugs, alcohol.
Good fact-not.in jail, no drugs/alchohal but smokes. See him every month or so.
Cousins-over 1,000
Ok. 0hhhhhhhh
I’m random and weird.
Pink fluffy naked unicornz dancing on rainboz and eating skittlez.
If someone tries to bring you down, say that’s what she said, pink fluffy naked unicornz dancing on rainboz eating skittlez, or you can see me?!?!?!? Any questions, just ask. just dont get too personal, unless I like you, or love you. Oh, wait, you won’t know that because no body likes me. ok uhhhh.. Lolziez. And byeziez!!!!!

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