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Things I want: Snuggles.
Things I receive: Struggles.
Relli: When in Love, do as the Romance do.
Sandcrystal: The willingness to say “I’m not convinced” is powerful.
Riluna: Eh, I’m not so sure about that…
yoshidude: Rel never does anything but help. So seriously trust what she says.
Quizer: heh, remind me not to annoy you, Raina :D
Quizer: That’s a sharp tongue you got there :P
odessey: thanks rellian :D
Rellian: no problem :D
ledlebrgr: lol, she’s Relliable
LethalMutiny: Relyin’ on Rellian
Northhelix: As usual, Relli’s right
sunding88: dont tell her she is right ^^ she gets WAY too overexcited about it :D
eddie_287: From watching the chat for a few days, there should just be a service where you pay Rellian to play the game for you lol
Kintay: The only letters a pirate be needing are R and of course the C
thomasat: I like terraria
MattK42: Pff Terraria
MattK42: That’s like… Diet Minecraft.
Bustmeister: I swear to God, this game is sentient and decided to dedicate its new-found consciousness to being a smartass.
zharl: i totally deserve the trash talk, since I was cocky with necro, told someone else not to be cocky, and then died from being cocky
zharl: all in the span of like 5 minutes
Bluereguarde: Oh Lordy porgy the pettiness is sky high.
Bluereguarde: If it gets any higher, the whole tower of pettiness will fall!
Bluereguarde: At least we’ll be showered in pets. I always wanted a tortoise.
Bluereguarde: And his name will be Larry.
NikoT16: If two vegans have an argument, is it still considered a beef?
stryph: I still want to know how many sides a porygon has
Spiderh8er12: No matter how terrible things get for the people of the Arctic, they will not eat a penguin. Why not?
UltimateChaos: Because there aren’t any
Kintay: they might actually, they’ve been introduced
UltimateChaos: Don’t be dumb, Kintay.
UltimateChaos: Why would a penguin ever tell their name to someone?
UltimateChaos: (Providing another byte is used to take out the first tower on the bottom left tower)
UltimateChaos: bototm elft path*
UltimateChaos: I have no idea what I’m typing anymore.
UltimateChaos: Botany Elf Path. Go there.
samshark2000: ultimate whatshould i be? warrior, mage, or rouge?
UltimateChaos: If you want to play as eyeshadow, go for rouge

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