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UPDATE:21 April 2010~A new beginning
A vision it was, blue and green, with slashings of red and black. A bleak future. Yes, a far one, but bleak nonetheless. The new millennium brought bad harvests, and yet more of ‘them’. Lifeless…dead…they hung out there, staying strangely still. You got used to it after a few years, but at first- at first I thought they looked like, well…glitches. In my vision. Like a piece of dirt had embedded itself permanently onto my cornea. An apparition also resided. Pure black it was, with maybe the odd flicker of grey, seen by the more delusional, or rather able, of us. It hovered, over the debris; once alive they were. Poor people. Unknowing of their decimation- the trial and dismissal ,then the rioting…the isolation…and now this. The end. I must go now, for a cargo ship driven by what can only be described as monstrous is leaving here soon, and I am it’s unexpected passenger, but there is one thing for sure. Two options… only two. Either I defeat ‘him’, save all the lives lost, return victorious… or I die trying.

UPDATE: 21 April 2089~ I…I don’t, I…lost for words!
You won’t believe this; the cargo ship was just a promotional dunkin’ donuts van, and I am now in the only before dreamt of Dunkin’ Donuts Factory™! I think I need to do some investigating if you know what I mean!

UPDATE: 26 April 2089~ assdfffsdfg…
RarAgH! SO many, too many, too much sugar!!djnwugowqe I HAS MY CaNDieS!!pfipwqd

UPDATE: 2nd May 2089~ And it was good…
It’s okay. Don’t worry. I was a fool. There is nothing wrong with the world. Anybody out there. Come out to the fields. It is safe. You are safe. Do not fear. All is well. I… I… I will save you.

UPDATE: 9th May 2089~ You cannot fightit donttryto fightit
listen, please if anybody’s out there. run don’t-don-d-just run.foryourlives. me. It’s coming.Justgo. Get. Get. Go away. far-=—gofar. Run.

=Last recorded entry. Datadisc terminated=

Thanks doge.

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