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I am Shadwmoses, you can find me in various games. If you find me, why not say Hello or Hi Shadw. If you knew me in previous games, why not send me a PM and I'll see it when I log in and respond back if I remember you.

If you want to add me, go ahead. However, I won't add you as a Friend, you'll stay as a Fan. Only Fans that I will accept into Friends is if I knew you in a previous game and was an active player.

I spend my online days leaving a digital footprint of me in various games. Such achievements as:
* All of Kongregate's Servers 78th strongest Guild in Wartune: Ravens Peak Guild with an average of 7-11 daily members. I was the 1st Guildmaster and the founder of it.
{Ravens Peak Guild has been confirmed to no longer exist}
{Estimated time of disbandment: Early February of 2014-May 2014}
{Reason: Had a short time to play online games at the time, had to pass the Title to Krime}

* Nerdooks game: Monster Slayers. If you've scrolled through the player-made monster slayer teams, you'd eventually arrive to my team named "Ravens Peaks Elites", this team defeated every team that existed on there. Why not try it out, you could beat it maybe, just try without a Summon though.

* Nerdooks game: Dungeons Of Kong. I've created 3 Custom-made characters on there that people have played as. You'd probably enjoy their names, weapons, and descriptions that I made for them.

* Nerdooks game: Deadly Neighbours. I've made a player submitted Family called " Shadw Squad ", why not try to play against them and tell me how well it went.

* Molkman's game: Lucky Tower. If you're checking ALL of the comments that were made, you'd find my comment that had 47+ Likes, this was a long answer that helped players get pass a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question), however, now the comment may no longer be in the Top Comment section. You'd still find it though.

* loco's game: KongreTube. I left a bunch of Playlists that people can listen to, however you'll just have to discover how to access these playlists by yourself or ask Shadw directly.

* ConArtists's game: The Last Stand: Dead Zone. I hang out in the Kong Chat answering questions, giving advice, or just being silly :p. I also do the same on the in-game chat. I am the leader of the Alliance: Ravens Peak Guilld. Sounds familiar? That's right, it's the same name as the Guild I made in Wartune. If you want to join, let me know and I'll see if we got open space.
UPDATE: I have quit the game due to me being hooked onto Straw Hat Samurai: Duels. I'll still pop in and chat whenever possible though.

* Ninjakiwi's game: SAS: Zombie Assault 4. If you PM (Private Message) me to play a Private Match on the game, I might allow it if I got the time. However, just a word of warning, I am a "lagger" so you would have to slowly advance. I have a Assault (Main) and a Medic (2nd) and planning to create a Heavy class later on. I will only accept maps on: Onslaught, Survivors, Zombie Pods, V.I.P., Power Out, and Last Stand.

If you want a enemy filled map and a quick sweep of death, I'll choose my Assault, since I have the ability to call in SAS Elite Assault Squad for a short duration of time. If you want a slow progressive advance, I'll choose my Medic, I will heal you and be a support unit shooting from far away as well as playing bait (Once I upgrade my Movement).
UPDATE: I no longer play this game because I am too laggy to assist my teammates in a multiplayer match, which puts my strength and firepower to become useless. Sorry.

* Lutgames's game: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels. You can find me in the Dojo doing random stuff such as resting on the Friendship Doors pressure plate, screwing around in the 2nd hall, or training in PvP Rooms. You can also find me travelling way up north of the map, good luck finding me! (:p) I also chat on the Kong (Side) chat and Clan chat. I am in the Clan Midori Ken, you should join it.

I'm also a Samurai who goes around selling stuff for dirt cheap prices and mainly sells items for profit. If you're selling items for a higher price, but affordable and not ludicrous prices, I'll pay. Don't be surprised if I beg for Coins because something backfired. :p

======The Last Stand: Dead Zone FAQ======

* (Q) How do I get more Survivors?
* (A) Click on the Blue Bar on the top right corner of the game screen. Fulfill the requirements and a new Survivor should show up.

* (Q) How do I join an Alliance?
* (A) Level 10, Alliance Banner built, and access to the in-game chat.

* (Q) How do I make an Alliance?
* (A) Level 15, Alliance Banner built, and 1,000 Fuel.

* (Q) How can I get Fuel?
* (A) Scavenging, Infected Bounties, Player Bounties, Survivor Requests, F.U.E.L. Generator, raiding F.U.E.L. Generators, Alliance War rewards to the top 10 players in the top 3 Alliances, Supply Boxes (If you're lucky), War Boxes from scoring War Points or buying with Kreds.

* (Q) What are the benefits of joining an Alliance?
* (A) In-game boosts via Alliance Tokens (From donating to your Alliance), help with dreadful Upgrade times from fellow Alliance Members, tips and advice from Alliance Members (If they talk).

* (Q) What are the drawbacks of joining an Alliance?
* (A) If you joined a raiding Alliance, expect to get raided at some point. Or if you are in any Alliance that makes appearances on the in-game chat, it'll draw attention to raiders, maybe. :p

* (Q) How can I stop players from raiding me?
* (A) Get tips and advice from friendly players on a good base setup for your Level. Or buy a White Flag Book. :p

* (Q) What does the White Flag Book do exactly?
* (A) It is a book in the General (Blue) book type. It disables players from raiding you, and prevents you from raiding any players. This effect will last as long as you have the book equipped. If you remove the book, you'll have to wait 3 days to be able to re-equip it. It costs 1,250 Fuel to buy from The Store. You can also get it from making a trade with players who are selling it.

* (Q) Does Crafting always require Fuel?
* (A) Mostly yes. Only things that you can Craft without using Fuel is Grade 1, 2, and 3 Medical Items on a Level 1, 2, and 3 Medical Bench. Those you can Craft for Free, as long as you have the needed Components and Resources. :p

* (Q) How do I leave my Alliance?
* (A) Go to your Alliance, click on the Members tab, find your name, click on the gear next to it, and select Leave Alliance.

* (Q) How do I find other players on the Mission Map?
* (A) If you are looking for someone specific, chances are they are not on your map. You can see who is on your map by going to the Mission Map, and clicking on the Clipboard. You can expand the amount of players to your map by interacting (Attacking/Helping) or being in the same Alliance as them.

* (Q) How much Fuel does a Level 1 F.U.E.L. Generator produce?
* (A) Level 1 F.U.E.L. Generator produces 5 Fuel and 5 potential bonus Fuel. Each upgrade increases the max Fuel cap by 5. The maximum Level of the F.U.E.L. Generator is 7, producing 35 Fuel in a 1 day and 22 hour wait.

* (Q) What happens if I collect from my F.U.E.L. Generator before its full?
* (A) It'll collect all the produced Fuel, however, you'll have to re-stock it. Re-stocking the F.U.E.L. Generator will take away a chunk of your Resources (Wood, Cloth, and Metal) with a Re-stock Timer to fill it up before it starts to produce any Fuel.

* (Q) What does the Star icon next to an item or Inventory category mean?
* (A) It means its a new item you obtained from a mission. If you open and close your Inventory and open your Inventory again, the Star icon will be gone.

* (Q) Does upgrading the Recycler decrease the amount of time to recycle stuff?
* (A) No, upgrading the Recycler will only increase the amount of items you can put inside.

* (Q) My Survivors got an Injury, how do I heal this?
* (A) Once you are back at your compound, click on the Survivor List (3 man icon), and find the Injured Survivor (Crossed bandages icon), and click on the Treat Injuries button. You can heal them if you have the required Medical Items or required Medical Items but of higher Grade. Or you can wait it out as the timer counts down.

* (Q) What do Injuries do?
* (A) If you hover over the Injured Icon (Crossed bandages icon), you can see what stats are affected with all the Injuries that the Survivor has.

* (Q) How do get Infamous Components and Infamous Notes?
* (A) To get Infamous Components, recycle Level 10+ Rares and Unis. To get Infamous Notes, you can find them in Level 20+ missions, but they are rare, you can also buy them from The Store with Kreds. You can get both from trading with other players if they are selling.

* (Q) I have a Specialize In (Mission, Survival, Combat, General, Resources) Book, what does it do exactly?
* (A) For example, if you equip a Specialize in Mission Book, you can equip that book in one Book Slot and equip 2 Mission Book types in 2 Book Slots. Leaving the last Book Slot for any Book type that isn't Mission Book type.

* (Q) I have a book that has a Timer on it, a book that says Slot Lockout, and a book with with no Timer or says Slot Lockout. What do those mean?
* (A) If a book has a Timer on it, once equipped, the Book will last for the specified duration. The drawback is that you can't remove it until the specified time is over. Once over the Book will disappear.
* (A) If a book says Slot Lockout, once equipped, the book will not disappear, but is permanent and won't disappear. The drawback is that you can't remove it until the specified time is over.
* (A) If a book doesn't have a Timer or says Slot Lockout, it's a Permanent Book. It can be removed at any time if needed and it doesn't disappear.

* (Q) I have a Supply Box, where can I get the Keycard to open it?
* (A) From The Store, (Keycards costs Fuel or Kreds), Bounty Boxes, Monthly Rewards, and occasionally in War Reward Boxes . In most cases, Dispose of the box, unless someone wants to buy it and if the box is worth the Fuel to trade. As well as the fact that you'll most likely get the worst reward when you open it.

* (Q) I found Clothing, how do I equip it?
* (A) Go to your Survivor List (3 man icon) and click on a Survivor. On the picture part of it, there are 2 boxes under their Level. The top box is for Hats, and the bottom box is for Masks.

* (Q) There's a third equip box called Active Gear, what is Active Gear?
* (A) Active Gear is explosives and grenades. You can Craft them if you unlocked them from your Gear tab in the Crafting Menu. Or you can Scavenge them from missions. You can also get them from Infected Bounty Boxes or from trading with other players who are selling.

* (Q) How can I level up my Leader's Level?
* (A) The Experience Bar on the top left corner of your game screen is the Leaders Experience Bar. The Leader will always get Experience from played missions he/she is not in, obtaining Achievements, and so forth. The Leader will always be the highest Leveled Survivor in your group.

* (Q) What does the Training Center even do?
* (A) You can Retrain and redistribute your Leader's Skill Points for free once. However, afterwards there is a Cooldown until you can Retrain, and Retraining your Leader's Skill Points a second time will cost a large chunk of Fuel. Each Skill Point is worth 50 Fuel, and you have to pay in full amount, not Retraining 3 out of 30 Skill Points. Apart from that you can change your Survivors Class, but it will reduce 2 of their Levels and you can't train a new Leader. :p

* (Q) Whats the difference between a Raider and a Donator in an Alliance?
* (A) Raiders raid enemy Alliance members compounds and steal their Alliance Banner and successfully make it out to score War Points for their Alliance.
* (A) Donators donate their Resources, find stuff, kill zombies, or whatever War Task is given to their Alliance.

* (Q) What are War Points for?
* (A) War Points increases your Alliances ranking in the Leader Board for the top 100 Alliances, the closer to #1, the stronger your Alliance is, and the higher chances to get raided.

* (Q) What are the Red Lined circular area on the Watchtower?
* (A) That is it's Blind Spot, well not exactly, but defenders will have a 50% Hit Chance to hit a target within that radius.

* (Q) What are "alts"?
* (A) Alts stands for Alternative, meaning Alternative Accounts.

* (Q) Should I build a F.U.E.L. Generator?
* (A) Building a F.U.E.L. Generator is a raider magnet, if someone views your compound, they can see smoke from your F.U.E.L. Generator, meaning it is producing Fuel. If you want to risk it, go ahead. If you have a White Flag on, you can re-stock it and collect it with no worries, just re-stocking it with resources is the only issue. :p

* (Q) Why don't Purple Items give Infamous Components, they're better than Rares, right?
* (A) (Function: Response: Error) Dangit, Shadw broke again. We'll fix him back up, in the meanwhile, don't ask questions that Shadw doesn't know or has no answer to. ~Heinrich

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Shadowian Games=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
* Rules to a Shadowian Game of Objective:
(1) Shadwmoses will give a task to the participants.
(2) The participants must then compete to complete the given task.
(3) When the task is over, the winning participant receives the reward.
Note: Only one participant can win in the Shadowian game of Objective.

* Rules to a Shadowian Game of Grid:
(1) 9 Players maximum (First 9 players that asked) that are Level 10+.
(2) Players give coordinates of a tic-tac-toe grid.
(3) Players can only give the coordinates once and can't choose a coordinate that another player chose.
(4) Shadwmoses will then find the prize with the given coordinate.
(5) Shadwmoses will publicly announce who won which items.
(6) Trade with Shadwmoses in-game to receive the reward.

Note: Anyone who doesn't want their prize can Private Message Shadwmoses in the chat room, giving the name of a player that is Level 10+ with access to the in-game chat with Fuel. Shadwmoses will then give that players prize to the suggested player. The player must be online.

Reservations: Ask for Shadwmoses in the Kong Chatroom publicly, if Shadwmoses responds, say the following:
" I'll be one of the nine. "

Shadwmoses will then reply back with:
* " That is fine. "
Signalling that you have been reserved to be one of the nine participants in the Shadowian game of Grid.

* " There's more than a dime. "
Signalling that you are the tenth or more than ten players that tried to reserve their places. Nothing personal if you don't get chosen.

* " Not this time. "
Signalling that Reservations will not be accepted for the upcoming Shadowian game of Grid or that there will not be a game of Grid for that time.

* NOTICE: The Shadowian game of Objective will be played once a week. The Shadowian game of Grid will be held once a month. Both are due to the following reason:
(1) Shadowian game of Objective Fuel Cost: 15 Fuel.
(2) Shadowian game of Grid Fuel Cost: 135 Fuel.
(3) Weekly Fuel harvest: 60+ Fuel.
(4) Monthly Fuel harvest: 200+ Fuel.

==============RESOURCE SELLER==============
I will also be selling Resources in exchange for low Grade Medical Items.
100 Wood = Grade 2 Bandages x2
300 Metal = Grade 2 Bandages x1
200 Cloth = Grade 2 Bandages x1
50 Food = Antiseptic x1 / Grade 3 Gauze x3
50 Water = Antiseptic x1 / Grade 3 Gauze x5
50 Ammo = Antiseptic x1/ Pain Killers x1

Credits: I would like to thank my online friend: LackofFun for including and giving credits to me for the idea of {Kong Profile Shops} on his Kong Profile.

If you want to buy things that isn't on my Profile or from a different player, check out LackofFun's Kong Profile Shop.
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[Profile Termination: Disabled]
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"Looks like Shadws been fixed. He still is prone to breaking down, so he'll stop working every now and then."
[Function Error: Sleep: Failure / Limited]

Emoji and Chat Text Zone. Feel free to use! :D
( 'C') Cake!
L(._. )7 (/._.)/ \(._. )7 *Mysterious dance club appears*
( ._.)99 pp(._. ) *Mysterious fight appears*
(/._.)/._.)/._.)/._.)/._.)/._.)/._.)/ *Mysterious riot appears*
( ._.)=o- *Pokes chat*
( ._.)=b *Thumbs up*
( ._.)=p *Thumbs down*
( 'v') (This is a face that speaks maliciously)
( 'o') (Excited or surprised face)
(◕/////◕) "Sempai..." (LOL)
₍₍ ᕕ( ͡◕ ͜ʖ ͡◕)ᕗ⁾⁾
(~ ◕w◕)~
(~ ◉w◉)~
(ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
(っ◔◡◔)っ (Free Hugs)
( ◕△◕) ? (Confused)
( ◕▽◕) (Joyful)
(╭ರ_•́) (Gentleman / Classy)
╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ FLIP THAT TABLE.
┻━┻ ︵ ヽ(°□°ヽ) FLIP THIS TABLE.
┻━┻ ︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻ FLIP ALL THE TABLES
ಠ_ಠ Put.
ಠ__ಠ The tables.
ಠ___ಠ Back.
(╮°-°)╮┳━┳ ┳━┳ ┳━┳ ┳━┳

  / )))   _
`/ イ~   (((ヽ
(  ノ      ̄Y\
| (\   | )
ヽ ヽ.( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°) /ノ/
 \ | ⌒Y⌒ / /
  |ヽ  |  ノ/
   | ミ土彡/
    )   |

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