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I’m a member of TNG SAS 4 clan, with D1G1T4LPH34R Head of Command and aRandomNubblet as Second in command. Anyone who tries to derail TNG SAS 4 clan will get abducted by E.T. and will be tortured with Reeses Pieces.

And now for some random stuff from chat rooms and comments section all across Kongregate.

linkinpark14: i got many things u will eat, all of which is to dirty to say
djbeepx2: doughboy why dont you get of the mods nuts you looser
Noahx44: Same shit as always, Go to a school where I feel surrounded by idiots and then chill out to some Pink Floyd or something.
ninjer010: yeah its a sterotype that fat japanese virgins make hentai
Baushi: Apparently when he gets super drunk, he gets super gay as well
Crawl138: And she lifts up her skirt, grabs her poon and yells: I CAN MAKE 10 MORE SONS! AND THEY WILL AVENGE ME!
MILESx4: like my cock turned into a sword and then BAM BAM BAM BAM…she all bloody..
KingOfJulian: I thought we were talking about eating cheetos out of Vaginas
veepy1: I think if he wanted his cum back he’d wipe it off your mothers face
brapierwit: Venis shaped penis. Does that mean you just have 1 ball and no penis?
skaren: god did not have sexual relations with my mama ( ͡ʖ° ͜ ͡°)
Amaranthina: That’s the most ****ing creative name I’ve ever ****ing seen. ‘Mockingjay7450’ Are you serious? Did you ****ing run out of creativity?
Amaranthina: Dear ****ing lord.
FirstBloodKiller: I STUCK MY PENIS IN A TWINKIE AND IT FELT goooooooooood
FirstBloodKiller: Btw i still ate the twinkie
FirstBloodKiller: 1v1 me bruh i dick slap yo butt cheeks
FirstBloodKiller: “Brony” people grow up to be gay and homeless
asdfasfasdf: Im 100% serious, if I were stuck in a room with a gun and lorde’s Royale I would shoot myself
MansellMan: You have all ruined humour.
MansellMan: You’ve raped it’s crying form and burnt it’s mother from the inside.
thepenguin8D: i might be back
MansellMan: Back after you’ve stuck your mutilated pecker in the cold remnents of humour?
Socky: touch me in the funny parts.
FirstBloodKiller: Socky are you gay or something?
blastoize232: w allan 122 did u hak his acc
Allan_112: who? what?
FirstBloodKiller: No im kinda sure pony ****ers are more gayer than Justin beiber in a gay bar
Kaelidian: Michelle Obama squirts in John McCain’s ugly wrinkly face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
123456789skittle: CAN I GO TO THE BATH ROOM AND PEE
123456789skittle: hello i am about to pee on myself

killerbeez85killerbeez85: every time you click the give all your money away it sends a small shock to Steve jobs body therefore helping bring him back to life

Devin82m: Evolution is a myth and requires faith to believe just like Creation.

ZukoNimemA: How come there are no achievements???! + If you agree to put Achievements on EVERY game on kong.

CommanderOfYoMom: Gay is the way

ArmenianNinja: Any way to sign out of my kongregate account and into my ninjakiwi one?

jamthemusic: this game sucks my balls!

Tom7605Tom7605: gogootikoriko stop wasting my time reading the comment. you muslim.

deadhead21: the doll should have the abbility to poop

2469519064: i dot here pixe axe this minecraft!!!

Dokujuju9090: I Write this comment for 10 kreds

CaptainHolligans: Y U NO REPLY TO ME ^>

F**k Ronald McDonald and his evil plan to make everyone and everything fatter than me. I’ll always be fatter than the rest. Ronald McDonald can go shove a stale greasy expired French fry up his fat ass.

I tried to join isis once, but they ran from me. I guess they didn’t like my gift, a bag of horse wieners. These weren’t easy to get… now I have to try to return each wiener to the correct horse. Does anyone have duck tape??

I gave Kim Jong Un a nuclear powered vibrator for his birthday. It worked better than I expected. The nuclear vibrator exploded right between his gaping vagina whilst Denis Rodman was bouncing his micro balls furiously with his big black horse cock. Unknown to everyone until the autopsy reviled Denis Rodman at some point in his life chopped his real cock off and got a horse cock implant. Some people say he got the implant because it would make him cockier on the basket ball court. While some people say it was to impress Kim Jong Un in bed. but we’ll never know for sure cause Kim Jong Un and Denis Rodman died to death doing what they loved.

That moment when the chef misheard corn on the cob as “corn on the cock” and wonders why he got fired after taking it literately…

I was Hitler’s favorite little boy scout. He was even kind enough to give me a nick name “the superior satisfier”. I went to his bunker every night cause every night was an experience of a lifetime. He put what he called “the superior ram rod” inside my “superior hole” and it excited me so very much.

It’s a little known fact that Hitler wanted to die from a bazooka round penetrating his dress and hammering him in his mangina. But no! Happy ending denied. He instead randomly died from Spontaneous human combustion…

can someone loan me some money? I need money to hopefully direct a movie this time instead of accidently spending it on lawn mower porn. I love it when the guy teases the lawn mower with his cock.

Hitler asked me if I knew where any jewels were so I gave him directions to the closest jewelry store. I don’t know why he’s angry, he has a jewelry store full of jewels :/

“A rat saved me from an ant ! I could have died!”

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