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    Aug. 12, 2009

Stalcloud: Fall and I are inside one another.

Ace1263: AAA is literally just like a fire hydrant of constant diarrhea.
LordSygnal: warm and creamy?

Speaking of Cthulhu, have you ever wondered why all of this is happening? DO YOU?

It’s because we didn’t offer enough sacrifices.

You people don’t get it do you? These traditions are no mere coincidence. This about an ancient struggle for religious supremacy. The Cthulu ritual of throwing octopi has been performed at sporting events for centuries, Rollen Stewart was sent from the Vatican itself to counter-act these rituals by spreading the Word of God. But he failed… He isn’t in prison, that’s what we made everyone believe. Oh no, we do far worse things to the enemies of our Lord Cthulu. The vuvzela is another instrument of Cthulu, in hopes that our unified sound will one day awaken him from the depths of R’lyeh.

“The worst thing about being insane is having no one to share it with. That’s why lunatics make instructional videos.”
-Cracked, Seanbaby

“Dude, I just snorted a plethora of medicinal-grade barbiturates, and now there are hundreds of terrifying arachnids crawling out of my penis. They all have human lips.”
-Cracked, Robert Brockway



LUCARI0: Sometimes I raise my arms and sing “Heeeeyooo, I’m gaaaayoooo!!!”

Clams: Awsome1337: I CHEAT AT STARCRAFT 2
Clams: I knew it!

Anonymous7331: The whole wurld iz at stakez
Anonymous7331: I gotta get…
Anonymous7331: A PROSTATE EXAM
Anonymous7331: LAWL

elblazo: HE WAS LAGGING SO HARD WHEN I WENT NEAR HIM ALL THE TEXTURES DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elblazo: I’ve killed a deer once.Guns are no where near as scary as lady gaga.

yafavjebend: Kite.
Kitezer: What.
yafavjebend: i think i love you more than tentacle porn.
yafavjebend: than the japanese
discordiandrone: Nothing says lovin’ like Rentacle Tape.
yafavjebend: love tentacle porn*
yafavjebend: sorry :3
Tolni: It is funny how with one sentence you bypassed the Awkward Zone.
Kitezer: I think I love you more than the.
Kitezer: Japanese love tentacle porn and we should.

buckwild85: i seen oprah sacrificing baby nigglets to the great owl on you tube

Awsome1337: I am asking you nicely
Awsome1337: Stop being stupid
Awsome1337: Please and thank you!
TehSky: NEVA!

Zabbygirl: some should whisper @ me :p
Zabbygirl: someone*
To Zabbygirl: MLP – Mommy Has A Little Penis
Zabbygirl: yummy (reply)

Clams: As we speak, I am being fed grapes by nude women and having my responses typed by William Shakespeare’s zombie.

Lonnette1: Do you know how many times I’ve thought about ****ing my brother?

I’m not very surprised that someone left Lon…

Bunnehbutt: dont bring her up… shes
my ex :P

sentenal01: I want to stick my penis up in an underage pony so hard, I would frame zombie for pedophilia
sentenal01: I am so hard right now for a stallions cock being plowed into my soft, unsuspecting asshole
sentenal01: Zombie, because I love soft, underage penises

joebob23: you better get to the hospital man
joebob23: if your water broke

Sands went to pay the bills for this child two to celebrate ten great useless opinions
通Renu 天神元 pathways leading to the alley where you go
通Rimase Once 通Rimase under smb.
‘S arm is back in our good calm under smb.’ S arm such investment or


Tolni:oh God
Tolni: never again
Tolni: Never ever play LoL with an obnoxious 13-years old with a microphone
mitchel: Hey, Tol?
Tolni: I think I just lost some of my brain cells
abraaz: It’s a MMORPG right?
abraaz: TS?
cheaky_freaky: RTS?
mitchel: WTF?
Tolni: Real Time Strategy
Nicomagi: No it means Real Touchy Sexuality.
cheaky_freaky: …
Tolni: win
abraaz: Ohhh.
abraaz: Can I play?
Nicomagi: Yes, It’s a multiplayer.
mitchel: Can I play??
Nicomagi: No, MMO stands for Molestation Manipulation Orgy

xan99: i’m gonna make you my little pony.. and i’m gonna ride you all day long (reply)

Amour: “My belly is full of seamen” – Moby Dick
Amour: I should mention that Moby Dick was a Sperm whale

joebob23: you have a tiny penis and you are gay and your dad is seal and he is also gay

MysticMania: his name is ‘greg’, please ban him! (Reply) (to a mod (Amour))

MrSamuelPan: Starvation is a VERY good motivator.

“As members of Westboro protested the funerals of soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery, a counterprotest headed them off. Dennis LaBonte, himself a veteran and also grand wizard of a KKK chapter, was there to show his support for the fallen soldiers and, along with a handful of other Klan members, wasn’t about to let Westboro be such blatant douche nozzles. Presumably any witnesses stood by silent and dumbfounded, fearful that offering support to either side would cause Mexican drug cartels to come and decapitate everyone or, at the very least, aliens and predators to join in and make a scene.”

-Cracked, Felix Clay, 4 People With Good Intentions It’s Impossible Not to Hate

Fallacia: Angelwomon is deadset on seeing if he can get silenced for hatespeech against humanity

Stalcloud: being blasted from both sides

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: hes (Elakyn) like “OH MAN WHAT IF BLABLABLA THAT WOULD BE SO COOL” im like "na man thats uh, actually impossible cos uh, science this maths that and so you cant glue your penis to your orb of frog juice and have it remote control hansel and gretel to rape an english croissant

Murder_Machine: My four favorite Pokemon moves were charm, sleep powder, harden, and pound. In that order.

thealexman1: im gonna spearow your cloyster with my hardened weedle until i squirtle on your stomach

Bolt: I wish I had the power to shoot scabies out of my ass.

Fallacia: I keep my feces firmly in the toilet though
joebob23: he ‘took matters into his own hands’
Fallacia: Or softly in the toilet
Fallacia: Or wetly in the toilet

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