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Time for me to tell you all a story about Straytail. Its long, and please don’t skip over anything.

There was a kitten in an alley lying next to its owner, also known as a two-leg. His owner would call him a name he could never understand, but he loved him very much. He kept on lying there, and hunting for himself. One day two big, strong cats showed up and hissed at him while he was hunting. He grabbed his dead mouse and ran back to his owner as fast as he could. he nearly escaped the two cats until a big orange pelted one appeared in front of him. He crashed into it and barely moved the bigger cat. He was surrounded until the orange one told the other two to go and hunt somewhere else. He sat down in front of the kitten and meowed “Hello, little one. What are you doing so far away from your two-leg nest?” the kitten replied, “im just bringing food for me and my owner, now back off before I turn you into mouse bits!” the orange cat put a paw down in front of it and chuckled. “You should run back, and take your mouse with you, or do you want to come back to where I live?” the kitten didn’t answer, it just ran back to its owner before the orange cat could follow. Once he was back he ate his mouse and nudged some to his owner, still lying on the ground next to his strange monster. The kitten saw the orange cat again approaching and the kitten got on top of his owner to defend him. The orange cat came up and asked “Do you not realize what your owner is like? He isn’t moving or breathing, so he could be…” the kitten mewed annoyed at the orange cat and hissed “He’s not dead! He’s just asleep.” The kitten ran under its arm and purred. The two-leg didn’t move at all, and then the kitten started getting worried. The kitten jumped onto its chest and licked its face, he got a shocked face. He ran up to the orange cat with tears crying “He’s dead, why would he be dead. All he did was he get off his long monster.” Then kitten joined with the orange cat in the cat’s home, and found he was in an entire clan full of cats. The next day he came up to a big rock, what the clan cats called the great rock. The kitten was given his name, and it was straypaw. He trained as hard as he could to be a warrior, but then one day he went inside the medcat’s den and was amazed by how many herbs there were. He asked the medcat if he could help out, since so many cats were sick. The medcat said sure, but first taught him all the herbs to treat the cats. A few moons later, straypaw asked firestar, also known as the orange cat he first met, “Could I become a medcat, it looks like fun!” firestar accepted and with straypaw and the medcat together, they helped a lot of cats. Many moons later, straypaw’s medcat mentor died from a battle on the clan, from one of the other three clans in the forest. Straypaw had to be the new medcat of thunderclan, so he went to the moonstone and took his medcat name. His newest name would be straytail, and he would be one of the best medcats in the forest. Many seasons passed and he was still a medcat, saving lives from all the clans, far and near.

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