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    Somewhere between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.
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Allow me to take a moment to discuss the biology of Felis sushius, commonly known as the sushi cat. The sushi cat is a bizarre and wonderful creature, evolved from the common house cat. It is notable for its spherical bouncy physiology. Most of the volume of a sushi cat is merely one large, round stomach, which also takes on the functionality of intestines, absorption of nutrients. It has not needed to be terribly efficient, as the sushi cat’s natural environment is abundant with food. Directly outside of the stomach is a large ball of muscle tissue, which helps to digest food, expel waste, and allows for a novel means of locomotion for the sushi cat. The muscles can contract, squeezing it into a smaller shape, and then release, allowing it to bounce into the air. This is possible because the sushi cat lacks a solid skeletal structure, instead being held in shape by turgor pressure. This also results in the sushi cat being very elastic. Because stomach and muscle tissue are elastic, the sushi cat can expand to enormous sizes after a large meal, but only until its food is digested. Afterwards, it is expelled and the sushi cat can return to its original size. The sushi cat has vestigial limbs, as a result of its bouncing motion being more efficient than legs for large masses, as bones are not strong enough to support sushi cats in their full state. Truly, the sushi cat is a perfectly adapted organism for its ecological niche, “the consumer of all”.

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