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“Live to express yourself, not to impress others. Live for a cause, not for applause. Live with honor and grace, never think to retrace your steps. Your future is only behind you when you stop chasing dreams.”

Call me AN, if you wish. I like the sound of that better :)

I like to play simulation, rpg, action- basically any innovative or old-school game. Effort, in my opinion, is a wonderful thing. When I rate, I rate on quality, however. Quality isn’t just the result of effort. It comes from concrete intention, sincere attention, flawless inception, skilful exertion, and consistent progression. I will also admit, freely, that I do what I can, not my best. Anyone has infinite potential, but everyone utilizes a finite amount.

Light Rising, a Space themed, text PBBG. Currently in Open Beta, and run by one of my friends. Lots of tweaking going on, with the development still in its early stages. Come shape the future as you see fit!

I sometimes play mafias on FGF here. My style of mafia playing involves persistent voting and post analysis. At least, I hope it does. Sometimes, I get really bored with a mafia, and do whatever I feel like. Sometimes I do that to mess up my meta.


I am, indeed, indeed
The great Master Rhymer!
I frolic in the basement
I eat up all the children,
I am a Ghost Rider!

GFF is my friend
He has a green pen
His games are pretty cool
I rate them 10/10

Kayvex is cool too
He is not like GFF tho
He does not make games
So I cant rate them high or low

GB is my creative friend
Busy in making his epic game
It will obviously rock like anything,
And earn him mucho fame

Robotjam is my robot friend,
The maker of a cool zomb game,
I think it is superb,
Only dummies think it is lame.

MoG is the great,
F o r m a t t ing Master
He likes to play games, level up,
And he is getting faster

I was once lonely on Kong,
I had not a friend in sight
But then I met Kayvex
And came out into the light

I went to the retard camp,
They gave me a nice little stick,
They threw some guns on the floor,
And told me “AN, pick”

Since then, I met many cool friends
There is no end to the fun,
I don’t feel bored at all now,
I don’t even reload my emptied gun (Cause i have a bazooka)

Zinga likes to ZING a lot
He does that all the time
He gave me a lot of ZINGS
So I put him in the rhyme

(O_o) Danny, he probably has an alt,
I feel like feeding him a tonne of rock salt.
(0_o) Danny, he’s a noob at making games.
He once made a game with 500 frames.

iGark is an awesome friend
He loves music a lot
He is rich in badges,
Perhaps second after iBot.

Gamerz is too lonely
It is bad for his mind
If he talks (read:spams) with us
He will not feel so left behind.

ivod is my prog-ing buddyL
earning bout variables and fra—ames
I like his thoughtful comments
He will soon make good ga—ames

DragonArcher, Dragonarcher
Forum games, he wants to make
Hope he has luck in the current one
He promised to give me a cake.

Drovvox, the gaming champ
He is at the top in every game’s score
I consider him to be awesome
(Though many consider him a bore)

Plague, Plague, a good friend,
He always wears a mask,
He tries to beat me in poetry
Which is a rather hard task

Sha-dow Kirby, my friend
he is a haiku writer,
He likes Black Ops and is
Indeed a great fighter! :P

reaper765, reaper765
His avatars are great
He has JB-phobia (yay!)
He is a FG-mate :3

Jimbo, Jimbo, Jimbo,
In Paradise lost, I was a fool
My ISP let him die, so sad,
Our alliance was real cool.

Wellbone is nice, really
Kay doesnt like him though
Strange indeed, cuz he is
not a bad guy, no.

Tea tea tea tea tea
tea tea tea, says tttttt
I do not how to tell him
Not tea, I want coffee

This is creative, oh yes
So is This_is_creative
He is a guy, who doesn’t wanna die
Rather he wants to live (yesh, stupid lyrics)

Kisa Kisa Kisa Kisa
Kisa Kisa Kisa me
He is cool as a glacier
And awesome as coffee

Gone are those days of gold
Retro games their only memory
My friend Samster’s tourney
Takes you on such a journey.

svenskamordare, know it well
She is one of a kind in gaming
She is worthy of winning, I believe
So her I refrain from blaming!

Fogfun, Fogfun, There is
Nothing Of him, not to like
He truly said that great minds
Often tend to think alike.

Berilliyum, is very quiet
And gentle, as a dove
He allows all, gentle and rough
A thing which, indeed, I do love

Jester, can you compare
Anything to the likes of him?
His jokes are funny, and new,
As the sun peeking from the rim (of the horizon, in case you are wondering)

marcops forced me, he did, to
Put me, or scare me, he would
Sometimes it makes me laugh
That he even thought he could

Darkboy has 17 FG wins
Though I bet he has more
Until he adds me and I, him
I will title him ‘A bore’

Captain Caaatfaaace
First leader of a sentient race
Kosmos makes me happy
It notches FG-making up by a pace

Taiboss is so overpowered
That his characters, that I saw
Always had a laser sword
Or insta ko, haw haw

Mega Z, or Epic Z?
I sometimes wonder
He is a good guy, indeed
Before he makes some blunder

Kidudeman, he has got a brain
He is clever, if just a bit vain
Blockybusters, together we are
Together, we shall go very far :D

Hell of a tank he is
And writes well, to boot
When idiotic though,
makes you want to shoot.

Knoob is not a real noob
Heck, he RPs pretty well
Just a bit of ‘shouting tone down’
And he will be awesome, who can tell?

Elizabeth Johanna, she is
Though call her Hanna, I do
She is nice, sweet and caring
And great company too!

Racefan with his huge profile
It stretches on for about a mile
I find his comments amusing
He’s sporting, doesn’t mind losing.

In Ather City there are
A whole bucket of friends
We usually team up
And fight loads of fiends (When the story goes that way :P)

Gambi is a superb writer
His writing’s real good
I drink it up like wine
And chomp it down like food.

Xandrya’s characters do not
Usually interact with mine
Yet I enjoy every post,
Every para, every line.

SpiritfChaos (missing o though)
Maker of that great Af-Gee
That he knows what he is doing
Even a blind man can see

Coolo’s guy has a clever way
Of killing people, no kidding
His posts are like refreshments
Between long bouts of reading

BC, so cynical, yet so fun
His comments are awesome
Some say he is good, some, bad,
I am part of the first some.

Bluji makes competitions
Normally, but he can
RP almost as well as that
I might become a fan.

Squid’s games, so many,
I have joined ’most all of em
Although they often end fast
Each of them is a gem

random turtle is random
There is not a doubt in that
After all, he is a random turtle
Not a cow, or a goat, or a rat.

Ebilwulf, that’s Lanarus’s pet
He is the brawn with him as the brain
He is jolly, and merry, at least to me
I will lol@you if you say he’s a pain

Minn or Minna, both are the same
But trust me, he wants one more
She makes RPs, and stuff
And he’s ‘Physics’ to the core

[I have probably missed most of the people who are really good friends. I do care about you. I just don’t have enough time.]

My most favorite animation (or was, when I was weird):


Recently broke textile, w00t!

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